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The spouse and me late 2014 celebrating Juneteenth 2015. Remembering those murdered, and grieving, in Charleston, South Carolina. A place my family is from. Setting my intentions for the day. Bonjour! Dobro jutro! Buenos dias! Buongiorno! Good morning! Delicious inspiration from my friend Lynn's home garden. Yummy. LOL! (1 comments) Join the "Meatless Mondays Movement"! In case today is not Monday, get your meatless menu ready now for next Monday! : ) (1 comments) is recovering from snowshoeing & hiking yesterday. It was great, even though snowshoe bindings acted weird. One of my new snowshoes First day snowshoeing, Jan 2016 Frozen fun Almost home from walking & snowshoeing let Monday be a real recovery day, although I planned to get back outside on my snowshoes. Will try to do it first thing Tues morning, before it rains!! Please, no rain... Photo MsBootcamp Washington DC (1 comments) is (doing what I just said; trying to cool off) : ) day 3 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 7/27/2016 day 21 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 8/14/2016 day 30 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 8/23/2016 "MsBootcamp" - me, only virtual! MsBootcamp, circa Jul 2007. MsBootcamp New Year's at the Pool. MsBootcamp early 2012 Blueberries & blackberries, New Year's 2012 It's Me! MsBootcamp (1 comments) Yummy..... 30 lbs to go! (OK, NOT 40!) ~ Mar 1, 2012 (4 comments) It's Me! MsBootcamp 13 Apr 012 (1 comments) Ms. Bootcamp, June 2012. At gym! (4 comments) Back in size 10 slacks; next, back to s.8. 13 Aug 2012. Woo hoo : ) At Chesapeake Bay, Aug 2012. (1 comments) MsBootcamp - Aerial Yoga (10 comments) MsBootcamp, early Oct 2012 Go get some liquid awesome! Living Room Workout! (1 comments) February, each Year- Celebrate Women and Girls in SPORTS! Commit to Your Fitness Garlic, Aglio, Ajo, Ail (1 comments) You Deserve a Compliment Today!! Florence Griffith Joyner, OLYMPIAN WORK OUT TODAY Living My Non-scale Victories (1 comments) Get My Strength Training! Virtual me, only a bit thinner (2 comments) MsBootcamp, 2013 Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (2 comments) SparkPeople Awards Show Work Out Challenge After play, Mother's Day 2014 Blading and bouncing 2014 MsBootcamp and MsBootcamp Jr. MsBootcamp's play mates, May 2014 Cathartic pic! FYI: We like Method brand liquid wood-floor cleaner. Smells like Jergen's lotion! (2 comments) In Switzerland with my classmate Betty (2 comments) Thanks to SparkPeople for adding the photo "rotate" option. Needed it. (1 comments) Pranzo (lunch) with my husband downtown in Roma (Italia). Twice daily dog walks, though I don't always go! : ) Our lemon tree.

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