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May 1975 - Graduation Picture! 35 years ago - Oh My! (4 comments) (1 comments) TK Teachers - Team Cristina 5K Ribbon Run (4 comments) Merry Christmas! OH MY...not good at all. This was taken on our first cruise in Nov. 2006! Before joining Spark! (1 comments) And from our second cruise, Nov. 2007! Still on the weight loss journey, & slowly getting there! Shelly and Lisa at the ALABAMA A Day Game! Roll Tide! Greg and Tom at the game. Upside-down Tomato Plants (1 comments) This one's about ready to pick (1 comments) My petunias on front porch (1 comments) My short hair! (3 comments) In Hubby's truck, messing with camera waiting for SAM's to open. (1 comments) (3 comments) One of the dominant hummingbirds. He won't let the others in to share! (2 comments) GS Matt and I at Cathedral Caverns (1 comments) Matt & Adam at Cathedral Caverns (1 comments) Aug. 2, 2008 Pedal Boat Amore sunset ride. Lake at Bridge Street Town Centre. My grandsons, Brayden and Adam. Cousins can be great friends! (1 comments) Amy's boys, Matthew and Adam (1 comments) Into the SPARK journey, and losing! (2 comments) Adam and Nana at the park March 2007 (Beginning of my SPARK journey) Grandsons Adam and Matt with our Greyhound, Maggie. Greg and Shelly-Mobile, Alabama aboard the Carnival Holiday cruise to Cozumel, Mexico Nov. 2007 (1 comments) (1 comments) My oldest daughter, Amy, with GS-Matt and Adam (2 comments) Greg and I with his mom on her 88th birthday! (1 comments) My daughter, Angie, SIL-Jeremy & GS-Brayden. Scout camping trip (1 comments) I'm all for a little SPARKPEOPLE advertising! Shelly and her Mom. Taken at top of Pike's Peak, CO June 2008 Shelly and Greg riding Cog Railway Train to top of Pike's Peak. (1 comments)

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