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The city by the bay... Coit Tower...San Francisco! Our stateroom Our stateroom and balcony Ship pic Front of the ship Ship floor plans The happy couple Returning from a very nice dinner...and hubby bought me a rose (o: Our 1st NCL towel animal...bunny? Me with a sculpture in front of the Seven Seas dining room Awwww.... Topolobampo, Mexico Blurry pic of a church in Los Mochis, Mexico Our favorite towel animal...senor elefante! NCL's Norwegian Sun Boardwalk of La Paz, Mexico Love those palm trees! Towel dog..with hubby's sunglasses! Me and my California Suncake protein/energy bar...yes, I actually packed them! Me in the Observation Lounge (top deck 15) with a VERY strong coffee drink w/alochol.. Hubby in front of the Seven Seas dining room Hubby and I in front of the Seven Seas dining room The weaver place in La Paz, Mexcio The ceramic place in La Paz, Mexico A blurry Puerto Vallarta...and military presence! Picture with a goat...anyone? Pirate ship! Walking/jogging tracks... Back from the gym/fitness center....water bottle and iPod in hand (1 comments) This is where I spent a LOT of my time (to balance out all that eating/drinking!). Blurry ship atrium Testing out the timer on the camera! Puerto Vallarta purchases Towel bat??? Me...auditing the shipboard bill! Going from 180.4 to 140 lbs. and more importantly, changing my LIFESTYLE Our baby...Gus the PUG! (3 comments) Gus LOVES to snooze! (2 comments) Another close up (1 comments) Always on the lookout for FOOD (1 comments) Our pug Gus wants to eat the Jenny Craig turkey burger! (1 comments) So funny when Gus lies with 3 legs 1 side and 1 on the other... (1 comments) Gus and his freiind Log Dog... (4 comments) Santa Gus! (1 comments) Zihuataneo, Mexico. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Here I am in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. (1 comments)

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