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My daughter March 28, 2010 Virgina Beach (4 comments) Me March 28, 2010 Virgina Beach!!! (4 comments) Me!!! March 28, 2010 Virgina Beach!!! (2 comments) Me and my grand daughter Summyr at Myrtle Beach 5/1/2010 (10 comments) (2 comments) Miami (Bayside Marketplace) June 27 2010 (3 comments) Me relaxing on deck, the adult only area on the ship 06/29/2010 (2 comments) On deck of the ship smooching!!! )6/28/2010 (4 comments) Myself and my love getting into Cozumel on 06/30/2010 (2 comments) This is a copy of our formal night pic on the ship 06/29/2010 (5 comments) My 50th birthday celebration,!!! August 8 2010 (3 comments) Myself and my love on my birthday!!! 8/8/2010 (1 comments) Part 2 of 50th B-day CANCUN!!! 08/20/2010 this is the GR Solaris Resort (2 comments) Just arrived in Cancun!!! 08/20/2010 (2 comments) Just arrived in Cancun, on the way to the resort!!! Pt 2 of my 50th B-day celebration!!! (2 comments) Me October 2010 (4 comments) My October 2010 cruise!!! (2 comments) Tia and myself on our halloween cruise Oct 2010 (Playing dress up) we had so much fun!!! (2 comments) Me on Isla Pasion Island Cozumel Mx 2010 (2 comments) Me out in the snow 12/26/2010 (2 comments) My grand children at my home on our snow filled Christmas day 2010 (4 comments) Christmas 2010 Our first white one since the 1940's it was beautiful!!!! (3 comments) (2 comments) Me last summer 2010 (2 comments) I'm engaged!!! May 2011 (4 comments) On my cruise on the Fantasy on 05/09/2011 (2 comments) My new hair cut!!! May 21, 2011 (2 comments) My new hair cut back view!!! May 21 2011 (4 comments) (3 comments) Girls cruise trip to the Bahamas May 11, 2011 (The banana boat ride was so much fun!!! (3 comments) Girls cruise trip to the Bahamas May 11, 2011 Rosa's B-day dinner on the ship!!! (2 comments) My grandson's graduation from pre school!!! 2011 (1 comments) Myself and FI in Harlem NYC June 18, 2011 I've gained back almost 20lbs :( (3 comments) Myself and future MIL in New Jersey June 19, 2011 I've gain back almost 20lbs :( (1 comments) my favorite thing onboard is this funship special!!! YUM!!! (2 comments) Horseshoe Bay Bermuda, pink sand beach, October 9, 2011 (6 comments) My future husband gave me a new engagement ring for Christmas!!! 12/27/2011 (3 comments) My bachelorette pary trip!!! Cancun Mx August 2012 (4 comments) Me in Cancun Mx for my bachelorette party!!! August 2012 (1 comments) My girls and Myself "Bachelorette Party Trip" Cancun Mx August 2012 (2 comments) day 3 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/15/2016 day 11 of my streak for "Consume at least 8 cups of water per day." earned 4/20/2016 Greensboro Sparkers Me at my daughter's home on Sept 1, 2009 45lbs lighter!!! (2 comments) Me with Grand sons in 2007 at 195lbs Me with new grand daughter baby Summyr in July 2007 at 195lbs My Roscoe covering his face while he sleeps!!! (2 comments) Me at the local team meet 4-18 2009 (1 comments) Where I am now (5 comments) Top my Daughter and Myself at her baby shower I was 195 pounds ... Bottom Me, Mom, Daughter

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