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(2 comments) (1 comments) Plateau broken - Onward and DOWNWARD (on the scale, that is!) is calling all San Antonio Spark Team members to action! Check out the team page for new challenges, activities, and a meet up! Wake Up San Antonio! Me and the handsome hubs on New Year's Eve 2014 My husband, my dad, and me Christmas 2014 (1 comments) Charles and me Christmas day 2014 Gorgeous 15 month old granddaughter Robyn and I Christmas 2014 (1 comments) Goofing as reindeer and singing Rudolf with grandson David, age 5 celebrated her 5 year Spark anniversary yesterday. Actually, I forgot and was just reminded. But it also reminds me that so many of you have been with me all this time, so I celebrate and thank YOU! (4 comments) is hoping other ladies of size and of limited physical ability will be inspired by my yoga photo. We can do this! (4 comments) As of today, I have lost exactly half of the weight I want to lose. 76 pounds down, 76 to go. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! (3 comments) Plateau broken, but weight coming off so much slower than before. Still, BMI was 56.8 - Now 40.7 and 77.4 pounds gone! (1 comments) Not carrying around bricks from my past any more. Building this new life and new, healthy body out of today's materials! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Easter Sunday 2012 with my wonderful husband Charles (GPA-HONEY) (5 comments) This is what I think my soul looks like...fierce, proud, strong...but soft and loving, too! (1 comments) 13.1 Miles on January 12, 2013. A year of training for this walk! (1 comments) She may be a Candy Cane Pixie, but she is one tough little warrior woman! San Antonio Spark/ Jingle Bell 5K 12-4-10 San Antonio Spark Leadership Team (4 comments) Crossing the finish line Jingle Bell 5K 12-4-10 Part Hobbit, Part Dwarf, MJ-SHE-BEAST is 100% EPIC WARRIOR! (3 comments) Up on that platform, crying but triumphant! The day before I turned 51 years old at the end of my zip line adventure! (2 comments) This is my mantra. MJ-SHE-BEAST never gives up and never gives in! "Yum, I think I have more bean and bacon soup on my face than in me!" My Oldest Grandson Ian (school pic Oct 2010) David after demolishing his birthday cake (10/24/10) Me and David at his 1st birthday party My Daddy My Mom with my "adopted" son Joseph (1 comments) Christmas 2009 with my new grandson David and my daughter Carly (1 comments) Christmas half a lifetime ago. I'm going to get that body back! (3 comments) The day my grandson David was born. October 27, 2009 One of the best reasons I have to get healthy and be around for a long time, my grandson, David! (5 comments) At my parents' 50th wedding anniversary June 2009 (1 comments) Handsome husband with newborn Grandson David (2 comments) Oldest grandson Ian Aspiring to the imperfect perfection of this statue My idol...Bette Midler, funny, talented, and quirky-pretty with a REAL body! (1 comments) My mom and David eating a "gummy pizza" (gummy bears left in hot car too long!) (1 comments)

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