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(1 comments) (1 comments) week 23 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 12/20/2014 If it is to be, it is up to me! Rough night's sleep. Despite that, I feel organized and ready to get the new day started! Lots of boxes to lift and lug! (2 comments) Officially home owners! (7 comments) Lovely fall for a lunch time walk. Feeling re-energized for an afternoon of teaching! Excited to have our first healthy meal on our new dining room table! A healthy lifestyle gets to enjoy the great outdoors! Today I celebrate my 31st Birthday! Happy and healthy are my goals. (8 comments) Eggless Omelet and homemade breakfast "sausage" both vegan! (3 comments) Spaghetti squash with an avocado "cream" sauce and a homemade honey oat roll on the side! (1 comments) Went for a jog this morning! Didn't break any speed records, but went further than ever before! (2 comments) Breakfast tracked! Artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, vegan bacon bits and rice cheese on a homemade pizza crust! Made on a new baking stone. Lunch! (3 comments) Dinner:baked potato with rice "cheese", Greek yogurt, vegan bacon bits, green onions, chives and a dash of cayenne! (2 comments) Lunch! Avocado Reuben, apple and bell pepper. Yum! Introduced hubs to sauerkraut today...he's a fan! Not the prettiest, but tofu and quinoa stir fry with pineapple, asparagus, tomato, carrot and bell pepper! (4 comments) Brinner: Tofu Scramble (feta, asparagus, mushrooms, chives, spinach), homemade vegan sausage and grapes (1 comments) Lunch: homemade vegan biscuits #minimalistbaker homemade vegan sausage patty, Amy's vegetarian baked beans Orange Broccoli over brown rice with tea on the side! Snow Day! Merry Christmas! (2 comments) Pizza in the making! Nomnomnom Fruit Salad made for my by my hubby. I was in a funk and he thought a healthy breakfast would help. It did! (3 comments) Happy New Year! Ringing in the year in a healthier way. The BEST Cauliflower wings ever (and we've tried a lot). 1/2 Buffalo 1/2 Salt and Vinegar. Courtesy of #hotforfood Check them out on YouTube! (1 comments) New Year's Day breakfast! (1 comments) Spaghetti squash with tofurkey Italian "sausage" and rice cheeze on top! (2 comments) Just pulled homemade English muffin loaves from the oven! (6 comments) English muffin pizzas on homemade English muffins! Tofu scramble with chipotle salsa and eggplant "bacon" (1 comments) Tried out the new spiralizer! Zucchini pasta with vegan sausage for an early dinner tonight! Making sushi for lunch! Food prep Sunday! Bread is rising, veggies are cut and just pulled these morning glory muffins out of the oven! Taking these with fruit salad for lunch this week! (4 comments) Hubby made us some crunchy whole grain bread. Should make some tasty panini sandwiches later this week! (1 comments) Husband/Wife Cook Off we each made our own version of a twice baked potato (skins didn't survive). Just a little bit of fun on snow day! (1 comments) Tofurkey Brat, homemade bread and zucchini fries! Pizza, pizza! (1 comments) 15 bean soup in the crock pot for dinner and granola bars coming out of the oven! Picture of those coming soon! Apple raspberry granola bars! No refined flour OR sugar! (1 comments) In a happy place today! Loading up on fuel for the week! Vegan curried potatoes and chickpeas with spinach on a bed of jasmine rice! Trying out the new share feature on my fitbit app! Chia seed pudding with blueberries, blackberries and a homemade oatmeal bar! Decompressing from a challenging day with music, cozy flannel, and a cup of chamomile tea while watching snow fall outside my window! Planted some herbs last weekend and found these sweet little gnomes tonight while shopping around! (1 comments) Brunner! (1 comments) Completed Leslie Sansone' so 30 day walk! (3 comments) General Tso's tofu over brown jasmine rice with a side of pineapple and a pot of tea! Coloring! (3 comments) Vegan nachos! (1 comments) day 90 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 2/8/2016 Orange Cauliflower with quinoa! Roasted veggie Valentine's pizza! (4 comments) Date with hub and pleased with my outfit! (2 comments) Lifestyle Changes add up! (4 comments) Played/hiked/explored outside for two hours today! This is my goal! I will love to have this physique again...it will happen. (2 comments) Tofu scramble with "facon" for dinner! One pot Mexican quinoa! Brinner! Pancakes and facon Good professional development day at school, healthy dinner eaten, and workout done means I can kick back in my my cozy reading nook! It's all about balance. Woke up early this morning motivated to make sewing machine covers for my mum! Fruit on the side of lunch! I loooove fruit! Sunday prep at our house involves multiple cutting station and out stand mixer! (1 comments) Don't forget to change the clocks, spark friends! Hubs caught me meal planning! (1 comments) Homemade hot dog and hamburger buns! (2 comments) Vegan carrot dogs on homemade buns with vegetarian baked beans! (1 comments) Vegan meal: "crab"cakes with Sriracha tartar and asparagus (3 comments) Sunday Prep: rice for suppers, soy curls marinating, english muffin bread and crescent rolls mixing, veggies cut for lumches and a birthday cake in the oven! (7 comments) Playing with my new phone! (2 comments) Road trip! (1 comments) Seize the tempeh! (2 comments) Surprise anniversary breakfast! Apple pancakes! (2 comments) First grill of the season! Beautiful Maine day. Could barely button these shorts a year ago. Slipped them on while buttoned today! Now to tone my thighs to be a bit more comfortable in public. (5 comments) Cleaned up some of our yard. We have 15 acres and discovered some old dumping sites. We have lots more work to do, but it feels great! Still have a long road ahead, but last year I couldn't even button this shirt! (5 comments) Grilled tempeh, pineapple and tomatoes! Stir fry. It's what's for dinner! Greek pizza spinach, chickpeas, tomatoes and tofu feta! Making sushi! (1 comments) Pulling a bead reward system back out again! I seem to be in need of a little incentive lately! Cozy morning on the couch with hubs! Today's workout brought to me by home improvements! Lol. We dismantled the old fire pit and then built this new one! Lots of rock moving! (1 comments) Just pulled two loaves of artisan bread from the oven, vegetarian chili is in the crockpot. Spent the early morning hours doing some heavy yard work. Hubby is finishing up mowing so I thought I would have a hearty lunch ready for when we finish up! (3 comments) Lunch is served! Vegetarian chili with vegan cheese and homemade vegan sour cream and homemade artisan bread! (1 comments) Vegan French toast and rice paper bacon! First afternoon of summer vacation and the sun is finally shining! (1 comments) Homemade Spring rolls for dinner! Big bowl of salad! Perfect dinner for a humid evening! Getting out for a walk! Gorgeous full moon tonight! Front porch sittin' at it's best... (5 comments) Dinner: homemade ciabatta bread and vegan mozzarella made out of macadamia nuts topped with balsamic dressing avocado and tomatoes with a side of corn and watermelon! YUM! (1 comments) My new healthy lifestyle tool! (3 comments) Accountability post: 3 mile walk this morning and 3 mile bike ride this evening! (2 comments) Hubs made me breakfast! Tofu scramble and toast! (3 comments) Riced cauliflower stir fry with zucchini, onion, carrots, bell pepper and kale! Yummy! (1 comments) Accountability post: 3 miles on the hotel treadmill while hubby is at a meeting! (2 comments) Homemade ciabatta bread, sunflower spread, basil, tomato, sprouts and mashed avocado with corn on the side! Yummy! (3 comments) Participated in a paint party today! (1 comments) A night of primping! I don't do this often, but it feels nice! (1 comments) Breakfast: 206 cal for oatmeal with peaches raisins and chocolate chips! (1 comments) Goal Met! We set a goal this summer when we bought new bikes to be able to bike to the boat landing the next town over. The overall mileage is only just over 12 miles, but on an ATV trail (rougher terrain). Today we accomplished that goal! (1 comments) 9.25 miles of hiking logged today! (1 comments) We hiked 11 miles this day on vacation and even went up inside a lighthouse! (1 comments) Progress pic: April 2014 to August 2016 (3 comments) Sweet and Sour cauliflower! Best I have ever had! (6 comments) Farmers market haul: basil, parsley, carrots, cauliflower, raspberries, beets, Roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cuke, kale and lettuce! (1 comments) Friendly neighborhood: we had just pulled in from the the farmers market and our next door neighbor dropped off these bags full of green beans, cuke sand lettuce from her garden! We will freeze the beans, as she dropped off two full bags last week too! We are truly blessed and appreciative! (1 comments) Jackfruit nachos! With a cashew nacho cheese, black bean and corn salsa and tofu sour cream. All homemade! (6 comments) Desert! Spent the day celebrating my father-in-law's 88th Birthday! (1 comments) Buying a car is great incentive to eat healthy dinners at home. To expensive to eat out haha! (2 comments) Ready for my first 5k color run! (1 comments) LOVED my color run experience! (3 comments) Shirataki noodle stir fry and pretzel roll for 228 calories! (1 comments) Sunday prep! We love spending time in the kitchen together! Baked potato with homemade vegan sour cream, coconut bacon bits, fresh chives and corn on the cob on the side! (1 comments) Not particularly flattering, but proof that I ran portions of the 5k....and ENJOYED it! (4 comments) Picnic lunch on Haystack Mountain with my hubby! (2 comments) Candlelit dinner at home! After cooking together we got dolled up to eat! We made Salisbury Seiten Phyllis pouch with rosemary mashed potato! This was our first day of school photo. We are now in week three and finally selling in to our new routine! (2 comments) Dinner out with hubs! Chia French toast from minimalist baker! (2 comments) Vegan Impossible Cheeseburger Pie! (1 comments) Fall fun! Corn maze, farmers market and apple picking all before lunch! Soup and grilled "cheese" to warm us through! Hubby made a cake! Veggie stir fry. Keeping it simple! Perfect start to a busy weekend. Hubby is making pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes! Chickpea scramble! My breakfast buddies! Hubby made me a "bear"y waffle for breakfast this morning! (1 comments) Pear and kale smoothie! Snow Day! Got the tree up! Remembering to slow down during the holidays is tough, but a personal goal! Meet Fret! The sweetest new Sparkman! We picked her up from our local humane society today. (4 comments) We were dismissed from school early due to bad weather! Yay for extra time in the sewing room and snuggles with Fret! Kung Pao cauliflower! We bundled up tight and braved -10 degree (without wind chill) temps to play Christmas carols with a brass choir! Sunday prep check! Is your lunch packed? I have leftover homemade vegan Mac and cheese, veggies with dip and fruit salad! Vacation started at noon and we kicked it off with snowshoeing! Homemade fancy vegan Christmas dinner! Seitan roast stuffed with mushroom stuffing, chili and garlic roasted broccoli and cranberry applesauce! Hubby and I hit the gym this morning! Yesterday we lugged in two tons of pellets! Big tip for those just starting out, if you are craving something...have it. BUT plan for it, pair it with fruit or vegetable, and if you are able recreate a healthier version at home! For example, tonight I really wanted pizza. Smoked tofu bowl! Bentos box lunch is packed for tomorrow! Rice, edamame, cuke with seasoned rice vinegar, blueberries and kiwi! Don't worry, edamame is packed with protein and my snack is almonds! Yesterday was very satisfying! Zoodles with a creamy tomato sauce and garlic bread! Yum! Hubs made dinner! This cute girl makes it tough to get up and moving but I did it anyway! When hubby asks if he can make dinner for you, the answer is always YES! Tonight he treated me to a surprise of spaghetti squash with red lentil "meat"balls Sunday nights we watch a movie together! (2 comments) Journaling in the morning gives me a center and focus for the rest of the day! The tastiest batch if overnight oats EVER! Making the most of my rest day! It was a beautiful afternoon to get out and snowshoe! Took myself to the gym this morning! (4 comments) Tomorrow's packed lunch: rice,stirfry veggies, baked tofu, kiwi, blueberries and a little Sriracha on the side! It smells delicious! Sunday night we watch a movie together. We are having nachos with a homemade cashew based cheese, vegan sour cream and spicy salsa! (1 comments) Snow days are tough! (1 comments) Out for dinner with my handsome hubby! He is my biggest supporter! (1 comments) Lunch! Sweaty selfie! NSV:Same shirt 2017 on the left 2016 on the right. Not a huge difference to anyone but me. I put it here for my own documentation. (4 comments)

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