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Counting down the days to my next trip to visit DD, SIL & GD Sierra! (2 comments) SOOOO grateful to have found SparkPeople! My Life is, and has been, infinitely better being a part of the Spark community. THANK YOU!!! (1 comments) A very tired, serious GD Sierra & Grandma (that's me!) (2 comments) I've been on Spark for a long time... my little GD Kaile now looks like THIS!!! (and she's sweet and kind, and as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out!) (1 comments) Tabitha says, "it's okay Mommy, I gotcha!" (2 comments) HALLOWEEN 2016 (1 comments) I had a GREAT 60th Birthday today with family and friends! Best present ever: DD, SIL & my sweet DGD Sierra flew in for my special day!!! (2 comments) DD Aubrey & GD Sierra Ready for their first bike ride together! is recovering TOO slowly from the bronchitis and sinus infection... Doctor expects it will be another month. Well, you know what they say, what doesn't kill you... (1 comments) Royal Palms Park, near my home, on the Pacific Ocean side. (1 comments) An amazing Rest Day at a park by the LA Harbor. (3 comments) My Mantra (5 comments) View down my street toward the Port of Los Angeles (1 comments) Zoom view of Port of Los Angeles (where I live) My room overlooking the pool in Palm Springs. (1 comments) SO grateful to have the resources to go away for a few days... in Palm Springs again. (3 comments) GD Kaile 2016 Soccer Tourney Champions (with her Mom) GD Kaile's soccer tourney 2016 Opposite view of GD Kaile's soccer tourney Adoption Day for Tabitha... we "rescued" her, but she saved us right back! (9 comments) A 2015 Christmas present to myself: no more borrowing DH's jackets! (2 comments) Our sweet Tabitha with DH Blackie keeping DH company. (2 comments) DH preparing for one of his many surgeries and procedures. Guess who's coming to visit?! (1 comments) GD Sierra with DD & SIL visiting his family in Puerto Rico, Sep 2015 (2 comments) DD & GD Sierra Sep 2015 (3 comments) GD Sierra (eight months old) and me, December 2015 (2 comments) DD & GD Sierra, enjoying her first trip up into the Colorado mountains. (2 comments) GD Sierra at restaurant - getting big! (3 comments) I recognize THAT pouty face... just like DD and MINE too! (1 comments) GD Sierra learning to navigate the stairs (1 comments) GD Sierra Easter 2016 (4 comments) I think GD Sierra wants to come home with me! (1 comments) Mommy's yummy homemade butternut squash! (2 comments) GD Sierra loving that psghetti! (1 comments) DD & SIL & GD Super Bowl 2016 Denver won! (1 comments) My baby had a baby! Sierra - 03/31/2015 (8 comments) Sierra Elizabeth, born March 31st, at four hours old! (6 comments) Sierra's first bath tuckered her out... still in hospital, about 36 hours old. (2 comments) Sierra's Homecoming Cuddle with Grandma (two days old) (2 comments) Grandma and Sierra (four days old) (2 comments) Sierra at two weeks old, on Grandma's bed, with her furry protectors (3 comments) Soon-to-be Mom Aubrey with her MIL (on right) & me, her Mom (on left) at CA Baby Shower (3 comments) Takeoff from Denver, CO Landing at Los Angeles, CA Our bridge (photo from website). (2 comments) Scott at St Baldricks (2004 Publicity Photo) DD & me ~ Shaved for St Baldrick's fundraiser! (4 comments) Tabitha settled in immediately... Waiting for Grandpa (DH) to come home. (2 comments) Tabitha waiting for me to finish Sparking (1 comments) Tabitha watching DH's dialysis machine work (3 comments) Tabitha chilling with DH (2 comments) Our new family member (Scott's "kitten in the tree") (3 comments) Our spoiled baby Tabitha deciding what to do about new kitty Blackie (1 comments) Our two fur babies (1 comments) My SD Nic with her DD, our GD Kaile (12 mos) (4 comments) Kaile getting to know her Aunt Aubrey, newly returned from college in Wisconsin (2005) (2 comments) Our precious GD Kaile (3 comments) GD Kaile as Baby & at her 1st Communion (2 comments) GD Kaile with my MIL (2 comments) My beautiful Kaile (about 7 years old) (1 comments) Kaile and Andre Jr my two grandkids June 2015 (1 comments) GD Kaile & GS Andre June 2016 Me on Weigh-in Days (3 comments) My sweet Scottie with me in West Germany (1981 - 15 mos) (3 comments) Scott & his "new" brothers in California 1983 (1 comments) Big brother Scott with baby Aubrey and me (1985) (1 comments) Now I'M the shortest one in the room! Scott & Aubs & me (2000) (2 comments) DS Scott & DD Aubrey 2005 My kids & me at my 50th birthday (3 comments) In 2006, with our "new" used car. Look at me acting like I can walk! (DD pulled my walker away) (4 comments) DH with his Mom, celebrating their birthdays MIL's Birthday My wonderful DD and I on bachlorette cruise (2007) (1 comments) Aubrey & Bridesmaids ready for the Big Day! (1 comments) A Very Proud Big Brother Scott was Lil' Sis Aubrey's "Father" (3 comments) With Lambie, Kaile's ready to be Flower Girl! (3 comments) Big Brother DS Scott ready to walk Little Sister DD Aubrey down the aisle (4 comments) Daughter Aubrey's Wedding on the cliffs above the Pacific (3 comments) DD Aubs & my new SIL My beloved DH and me (Yikes... I'm a MIL!) (3 comments) Presenting Mr & Mrs...! Point Vincente CA (3 comments) The Wedding Cake with my Nana's topper from her 1914 wedding (4 comments) Father-Daughter Dance "I Loved Her First" (1 comments) The wonderful day coming to an end... Kaile & Lambie (4 comments) DH and me with Kaile on Mother's Day 2008 (2 comments) Scott while at Fire Academy (1 comments) DS Scott with friends Summer 2007 (2 comments) DS Scott's Urn (1 comments) Scott loved hiking, camping, climbing... cliff sleeping! (1 comments) Where Scott's ashes are scattered - the mountains above Santa Barbara (5 comments) Memorial at the base of the tree where Scott died February 2008 (8 comments) Wish I could send you our sunshine... Happy Holidays! (1 comments) Favorite Meme!

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