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My amazing Husband! I Love you Baby! (2 comments) Momma and her girlies They are growing SO fast! (2 comments) is still here although not as active as I wish I could be! :) Got to get myself together! Disneyland is coming soon! :) YEAH! In June! Im sooo feeling back in the groove!!!! Its felt awesome to log everything, including my take out food! (1 comments) I love how God always knows what is happening in my life and mind. My devotional was SO perfect this morning. And sooo what i needed to read! Still working out and trying to eat right! I guess little changes really do make a difference as I'm down 4 pounds in the past 9 days! Wahoo! Urgh..... a little to much sun this weekend, but I'm off to hike regardless! Ouch!!!!!!!! NC Zoo in February almost a week has gone by and I'm still working and watching! Praying you have a very blessed week all! Wow! I actually was able to walk in the hills yesterday and all although my leg felt like jelly afterward, out felt so good!!!!!!!!! Hoping too continue to make good choices on vacation. So proud of myself! Hiked to almost the top of Franklin Mountain! For a chick with a huge fear of heights, that's pretty darn good!!!!! BBQ chips were probably not the best choice for dinner at 10 pm last night. Urgh Traveling is so hard! Off to visit The Hoover Dam! Wow what a glorious vacation! Although we've had a fabulous time, I am ready for home! We leave this afternoon! (1 comments) Starting another fabulous day! Sun is out and feeling rested FINALLY! Now off to plan and make a healthy and happy day! Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! Arizona Cousins! My girls and their only cousin on daddy's side of the family! So happy to be home and to get back into our normal routine! Had a great time but MAN I'm exhausted! Happy Resurrection Day 2016! Me at my heaviest weight: 213.4. WILL BE CHANGING THIS SOON!!!!!!!! April 4, 2016 - the day I truly decided I have GOT to do this! Weight: 213.6 Good morning to all of my sweet Spark friends!!!! Make today a beautiful one! I've already gotten my 12,000 steps for the day and it is only 3 pm. Still have lots to do and ballet class this evening! Wahoo!!! Me and the girls at the zoo! (2 comments) Zoo time withmy kiddos! (1 comments) 5 miles on the beach! Enjoying fellowship with,my church friends and lov8my God's beauty!!!! I swear I belong near the water!!!! (3 comments) Got my 3 Mile Walk in before the sun came up! Nothing like the beach on days like this! (3 comments) Last morning here. So gonna miss it! :( (1 comments) Last minute trip on Mother's Day has made it so I haven't been able to eat so well. But I have been able to get in my walks and longer and Hillier ones. Mom is sick so off to be with her. Home tomorrow. My view this morning was beautiful regardless!! (4 comments) It's been about a month now! 11 pounds down and really feeling great! (1 comments) Me and the girls on Mother's Day 2017 Hard to post but today is the beginning of my new journey! I can do this! Day 2! Here I am! I will make a change this year and become healthy again! My before will be everywhere to inspire me to make it happen with God's help! Have a great day all! (1 comments) This was our day today! My pup loves the snow kiddos do too! Our chickens.... Well not so much! They won't come out of their coup! Snow is hard in NC! Anyone eating for their blood type here??????? Homeschool trip with the kiddos today! Ballet later as well. Long day far from home. Praying I can eat right and stay within my calorie and level ranges. Pray for me! It will be hard! Just did my pics for comparison for January 2018. Excited to post tomorrow. Not a huge change but enough that I'm happy! My awesome Family before Christmas 2009 (1 comments) Goofy and the Portillo Family June 15, 2010 (3 comments) Together with the Mouse Family (5 comments) The Portillo Family (less 16 year old Buba) - End of August 2010 Niagara, Canada (2 comments) LB's Pumpkin Farm in Edwards, NY - End of September 2010 (2 comments) All of my kids together on Christmas Morning 2010 (3 comments) January 2011 - Leah, Jack (Buba) and Gabi (1 comments) Me - 20th High School Reunion (1 comments) My 17 year old and I at my 20th HS Reunion My new baby - Mister Jingles (2 comments) My Three Wonderful Kids! (2 comments) Me before the fat is gone! January 3, 2012 (1 comments) (1 comments) Me - November 2012 (1 comments) Portillo Family - November 2012 (2 comments) My three babies! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Happy Angel Leah November 17, 2013 Leah School Kindergarten Gabby School 2nd Grade Me and the Girls My beautiful baby girls! My Three Amazing Kids! Leah's First Birthday Pictures - December 2008 Gabi on her 3rd Birthday! Dec 6th The Portillo Kids on Christmas Eve 2008 All she wanted was a Candy Cane for Christmas! She got more but got the cane too! Leah on Christmas morning (1 comments) The Portillo Family October 2008 Jack Gabi Leah (2 comments) Portillo Kids after the Pumpkin Patch Leah's 9 Month Picutres (1 comments) Happy 4th of July from our kids Jack, 13 - Gabi, 2 - Leah - 4 months Not long after Leah's birth

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