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4-17-12 Space Shuttle Discovery over DC area 12-29-11 Hawaii sunrise 12-31-11 Celebrating 20 Happy New Years (1 comments) 12-31-12 New Year's Eve at Kennedy Center in DC (1 comments) 10-2-12 Cousin's grandkids - just have to laugh! 1-15-09: In my 100 workouts shirt from Curves (1 comments) 7-31-09: Celebrating July (vanilla) & Aug (choc) birthdays with family while in NH (1 comments) Camp on Lake Winnipesaukee (1 comments) 6-6-09: My Dad (left) with buddies from his WW II Bomb Group at a reunion in Calif 9-27-09: My godson - at the party after his baptism. Check out the tie (on his bib). (3 comments) 11-3-2009: Me walking thru Hyde Park in London on our way home. 12-12-09 Laying a wreath at Arlingon Nat'l Cemetery (1 comments) 12-12-09 hillside at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery decorated with wreaths 12-31-10: Celebrating the New Year with hubby from the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts 1-8-11: Beautiful beet & goat cheese salad at Bistro Lepic (1 comments) 7-1-07: Tossing a coin in the Trevi Fountain. That fat arm got me started on Spark! Hubby in duster with 1911 Chase car. Flower girls & bride (his niece) waiting to get in. (8/18/07) Bride (hubby's niece) and groom at their sunny, WINDY wedding ceremony by the Lake. (8/18/07) 11-11-2005: Me with my Dad in his WW II Air Force uniform (I was slimmer then) Looking down an intermediate (blue) slope at Telluride Posing with the Tree Spirit on the Enchanted Forest trail at Telluride, CO - Jan 2008 Hubby and I with our 1909 Buick in Ocala, FL Feb '08 (1 comments) Enjoying the Cherry Blossoms at Hains Point in DC March 2008 Jefferson Memorial & Tidal Basin seen thru cherry blossoms (blue is the paddle boats) Me in Berlin posing with one of many Berlin Bears (all are painted differently) May 08 Me at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin May 08 My niece & her new hubby. Her mom (my sister) & her dad in foreground. 10-11-08: On the way to my niece's wedding My Dad, bride's only living grandparent, is seated at the beginning of the ceremony 10-2007: My niece, who was my flower girl is now the bride! With our husbands at her reception. Oct 2008: Baby in a pumpkin - he is 3 mos old (cousin's grandson)

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