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Summer time, during my walks. I cover my head, and ears from flies. (1 comments) (2 comments) 145 pounds. 53 pounds lighter. (12 comments) Our sweet little raptor, Barnabus. (6 comments) Me Gloria at 5 feet tall. My heaviest 198 pounds, maybe even more? size 22 waist. (2 comments) This is me at 197 pounds, with the white top. Me at 190 pounds. (1 comments) Barnabus like flying on the corner counter. (2 comments) Me 30 pounds lighter, at 167. Getting ready for my daily walk. (3 comments) 44 pounds lighter. 154 pounds (7 comments) My daughter, and momies little boy. Playing on there favorite tree log. A young humming bird, Summer 2009 (2 comments) My daughter with Ita & Chupa, we had just moved to Illinois from California. (1 comments) Tree full of Cardnials. January 2010 (2 comments) Winter birds, resting. January 2010 A Cool Fall night. Garden of the Gods, this is the Devils Tower. (2 comments) Garden of the Gods In Southern Illinois. (1 comments) Found a Luna Moth at a gas station. They sleep during the day & fly at night, Luna flew off at night (6 comments) I put the Luna Moth in a pot, so she can fly at night. It was 9:00 pm when she flew off. Summer 09 little momas boy at two days old, moma cat left him. He's now a big boy. (6 comments) momies boy (2 comments) momies boy. (1 comments) Mommies boy sleeping in his favorite box. (1 comments) mommies boy, waiting for momy to take him to bed. (1 comments) one of my ducks, the mommy is the wihte one at the end of the porch. They have all flow away. My favorite Duck, he was the last one to fly after 1 1/2 years of living here. Our silly willy, went out to poop during winter. He is now 2 1/2 years old. (2 comments) Little female kittens in the barn, Dama & Stripey. (2 comments) Dama & Stripey, all grown up looking for tweedies. (2 comments) Moma Catz & Fluffy, her son. (5 comments) Fluffy, he is such a sweet cat! (2 comments) Stripey playing around. back yard, on a nice spring day. (2 comments)

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