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On my work grind! The Brookes-es - August 23rd, 2014 Goal pic - from April 2012. (1 comments) day 3 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/6/2016 The Mister and Me: Overlooking Lake Tahoe, August 2013 The Mister and Me: Chicago - June, 2013 So, this happened on New Year's Eve... how's that for added motivation?! (3 comments) Just me! NYC, Spring 2013 If sweat is fat crying, I'm making it my mission to create fat tragedies every flippin' day. (3 comments) 2/23/2013 vs. 3/27/2013 - Cut most carbs & all processed stuff, added more exercise! (2 comments) April 2011 @ Ocean's Ten in South Beach (1 comments) August 2010 - Still on track! (7 comments) This, dear friends, is a 5/6. From Express. From COLLEGE. And it FITS! (7 comments) "I have one thing to say: YOU BETTA WORK!" (Thank you, RuPaul!) (14 comments) My new hat... and my new jawline. Eff yes. (6 comments) Shut UP! I have never had visible arm muscle. EVER. I have a lot left to do, but YAY!!! 6.11.10 (13 comments) 5.26.10 - Taken in the bathroom of a hospital where I was on a sales call... don't judge me! LOL (14 comments) A comparison of my face's shape - 9/2009 and 5/2010 (12 comments) I survived my first workout after turning 30! ;o) (9 comments) 5.12.10: I'm using a scarf as a belt bc I'm in-between belt sizes. As Tim Gunn says, "Make it work!" (14 comments) Taken April 22nd... this shirt hasn't fit in a CRAZY long time! (20 comments) April 21st, 2010 - Seeing some changes! (8 comments) My progress so far... 13.2 lbs and 13.5 inches down overall! (13 comments) A collarbone - I haz one! (7 comments) Blonder... and Anti-BLAH like WHOA. (20 comments) Morning of 3/10. Why does my nightie matter? B/c my belly used to press at its front! NOT ANYMORE!! (4 comments) Taken 2.21.2010 - down 4.8 lbs... not bad for a chubster, huh?! (2 comments) Heeeeere's Meli! Taken 2.19.10 - get ready to meet the healthier girl hiding in there!! (4 comments) These are a size 12 from Express... they didn't fit a month ago... but they do now! (6 comments) This was 2006... going in for the kill! (8 comments) 2006 - Nobody survives the Cuban Deathlock! Muahahaha!!! (4 comments) 2006 - Laying out a foe with a sick suplex... (2 comments) 2006 - Envision a soccer ball on your opponent's back... now... KICK! 2006 - Ignore the fact that I'm choking someone... this is the butt I'm working to get back! (2 comments) 2006 - A dropkick in the name of justice! (1 comments) Yep -- that's me! (1 comments) BREAKING NEWS: You can NOT drink away weight with orange coladas... not even in Key West! (1 comments) At my first NC State Fair: In my defense, the turkey leg? Healthiest food option available. FACT. (1 comments) Tom & me on the Biltmore Estate, V Day 2010. Yet another photographic wake-up call! This was in May or June of '07... back around the weight I'd like to be at! (2 comments) This was back in July of 2007: my goal. No number attached; I just want to look like that again!! (6 comments) Just me... back at my ideal weight. I know I'll get there again!!! (2 comments) Maintenance on the dance floor... (We go to a lot of weddings! LOL) Diet Cherry Coke... I kissed it goodbye. Literally. (2 comments) My wonderful Tom and me in San Mateo, CA at our friends' wedding... June '08 At that wedding with my amazing guy... not a bad pic, but I'll be happier when my face thins out! (4 comments) In San Fransisco -- I'm in the pink. Tipsy in the middle... June '08 @ Bar None, San Fransisco Hee hee... it says BONG! (3 comments) On Market St. in San Fran. Oy -- those arms!!! :oS A far too wide me in Sausilito... dig the store's name! ;o)

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