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Little Sophie having a bit of a bath Beauty Sophie (1 comments) Winter hiking in Garibaldi Park In the Tombstone Mountains in theYukon. Skiing up Hollyburn near Vancouver, January 2007 (2 comments) Friends on Hollyburn - look at that view! (1 comments) Breakfast of champions! Egg, tomato, greens, mustard on a toasted English muffin. Yum! (2 comments) The only 'before' I could find, summer 2006 - I'm bustin' out at about 160lbs. Giving speeches with my 2 sisters. I'm on the right, about 140lbs. May 2007 Our new cat, Boris. So lovely! (1 comments) Aerial view of our furbabies (1 comments) Me and my bf before my HM and his first ever race, 8km. I'm about 139lbs here, Oct 2007 A professional headshot taken nearly 5 years ago when I was dancing. Weight unknown but maybe 135? Finally broke the 2-hour barrier, Ucluelet HM June 2007. 138lbs Royal Victoria Half Marathon, Oct 2007. 138lbs and 1:48 time! Hiking Meg is Happy Meg! July 2008 Hiking High Falls Creek in the Tantalus range with a friend. July 2008 (2 comments) Boris the Butch on our deck (2 comments) With my good friend Stace; I'm in green. I DO have more than one dress! April 2008 April '09 car camping in Porteau Cove April 22, 2009. 140-ish. My nephew! If he's this cute at 2 months, imagine the lady killer he'll be at 20 years! Me and my nephew Sheldon. March 2009 Atop Merlin Ridge in the Canadian Rockies, September 2009. (3 comments) Starting our trail run along Singing Pass above the Whistler gondola. August 2009 Me with bedhead and someone else's baby. December 2009. Reenacting BC's favourite hobby with the Olympic flame. Feb 2010. An old shot (2005) but an image of where I'd like to get back to, maybe with more muscle definition.

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