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celebrated Miss Pearl’s FOURTH b-day today! (8 comments) My 52 year old niece! She is unstoppable! (2 comments) got my first badge for the 5% Winter Challenge (4 comments) My dipping powder shellac manicure is almost FOUR weeks old...worth the few extra $. (4 comments) This is what sets me dear man is making bread regularly. I only give in to temptation the first’s the smell of baking bread that does it! After that I do not touch the stuff. This is what sets me dear man is making bread regularly. I only give in to temptation the first’s the smell of baking bread that does it! After that I do not touch the stuff. (1 comments) Look at this sweet little bouquet...on sale at Whole Foods this week. (1 comments) Here’s my other one...on sale at Whole Foods this week. Here’s my other one...on sale at Whole Foods this week. (1 comments)’s my latest non-food/wine reward! (3 comments) Miss Pearl’s penguin family. (2 comments) Like my new glasses? Are they too big for my face? I’m having second thoughts and have 30 days to decide. (1 comments) went to the gym before picking Pearl up at noon today. (2 comments) Look what my dear man and I made tonight...lots of veggies, brown rice, and a bit of leftover pork...yum! (2 comments) is going to the gym first, getting my nails done, then returning my new glasses...just not working out for me. Made high fiber chocolate muffins with Miss Pearl today. (1 comments) Amazing fresh local flounder and delish Whole Foods broccoli for dinner last night. (2 comments) Another healthy dinner...3oz steak, green beans and beets. Down a pound this morning. (1 comments) On a roll of healthy meals! (1 comments) Me (in the red) with just 5 of my surviving 9 siblings at our family get together yesterday. (2 comments) will be 66 tomorrow...woooo-hoooo! (4 comments) ...this is the new birthday! (10 comments) Happy Valentine’s Day! (2 comments) Another on-plan dinner last night, after a few wobbly nights for my birthday (2 comments) Another healthy breakfast! (1 comments) Look who was strutting around my house today! (1 comments) is playing with Miss Pearl today! (3 comments) is heading to the warm water pool with my dear man before we pick Miss Pearl up at noon at preschool. (3 comments) Have a super Saturday! (2 comments) saw this yesterday: (1 comments) (1 comments) lOVES my DIL, who turned 45 yesterday! (2 comments) Gotta keep our kids moving, moving, moving! (2 comments) Loved the Chihuly exhibit at the NY Botanical got 14j steps despite the loooooong car ride! (1 comments) Birthday girl Mimi and her brothers. Lovely evening! Poor GD, Lucy... not feeling well! (1 comments) is celebrating my dear man's birthday today! (3 comments) My amazing DIL and beloved beautiful Pearl. (1 comments) had a wonderful beach day with the kids yesterday! (1 comments) Happy toes in my happy place! (1 comments) is happy as a clam on Meads Bay beach again! (2 comments) is packing for our first vacation in a year and a half! (5 comments) is playing with Pearl today...she helped make her lunch yesterday! Happy Tuesday! (1 comments) Oh, did I forget to mention my dear man and I met FIFTY YEARS ago today, when we were in high school? (1 comments) ...hoooooray! Mommy is coming home today at noon..we are packing up! (2 comments) ...three nights and four days with the kids so far...I am exhausted but happy! (3 comments) is going for another massage today and a walk later. Happy Tuesday? (6 comments) back in school! My beloved house cleaner coming in to shovel up the! (2 comments) Today is our family's big day. Keeping busy, breathing deeply, and staying positive! Have a great week. (1 comments) Up WAY to early this morning....did get to see the sun rise...cleaned house and did some yoga. DS's surgery tomorrow. (1 comments) I am no longer obese! (1 comments) ....Have a peaceful Sunday, my friends! babysitting! (1 comments) had a FABULOUS sisters' weekend! (1 comments) ...we ran into my fave family out to breakfast on our way to Newport for sisters' weekend! (3 comments) ...with just SOME of my siblings at my sister's house! (1 comments) ...having fun with my sisters! (2 comments) Is so happy...picking little sis at the airport...she, big sis and I are going to Newport for the weekend! (5 comments) ...this will be a huge day for my family. (5 comments) wishes all a happy and healthy 2017...from my family to yours. (4 comments) is going to our HUGE family party today...just 75-80 of us (I was one of 14). (4 comments) is celebrating Miss Pearl's 3rd birthday today! (4 comments) continues's little Will on date night with his mom: (2 comments) ...9 days to moving to babysit this morning. (2 comments) My amazing DIL and our wee ones. (4 comments) is feeling better...finally got some sleep...looking forward to a fun weekend. (2 comments) ...we have our first Monarch hatching! (4 comments) NOTHING makes me happier than getting my entire little family together! (5 comments) ...happy birthday to my DD, Mimi...29! She is one-of-a- kind and I am so grateful she came into my life. (3 comments) Sleepover at Grammy and Papa's house last night. (1 comments) have and to hold, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, ....48 years today! (4 comments) Errands, babysitting, out for my dear man's b-day dinner (both feeling lucky that he made it thus far!) ...another fun day! (2 comments) ...sick William (picture from last week) here again today...sort of nice being stuck at rushing around. Happy Friday! (4 comments) ...celebrating our amazing and full of love first grandchild, Lucy's, SEVENTH birthday today! (4 comments) My grandkids love each other so much! (2 comments) had a wonderful, if tiring, day at the zoo yesterday! (2 comments) is home from one of our best trips ever...lots of incredible adventures in Spain. (4 comments) ...touring Portugal now...perfect many hills! (2 comments) is off to the pool, then clean my house after two days of fun with the kidlets. Happy Thursday! (2 comments) is playing with Miss Pearl this rainy day! (4 comments) is committing to a blog later today...have a grrrrreat weekend! (2 comments) FIL is finally at peace. (6 comments) is playing with Miss Pearl today...a little over two and her language is exploding daily! (5 comments) had a delighful day yesterday at my big family party...full of love and laughter. (2 comments) is heading out to our BIG family holiday party today. (2 comments) is playing with William and Pearl today....Lucy will be here afer school. (1 comments) had some tiny elves over today to decorate my tree and do gingerbread houses. (5 comments) ...happy 2nd birthday to my little imp, Pearl. (5 comments) Wishes all my American friends a delicious Thanksgiving from my family to yours. (3 comments) is celebrating William's fifth b-day today! (1 comments) is playing with Pearl today...and looking forward to a cooking class this evening. (4 comments)'s my favorite family! (1 comments) ...Happy Halloweeeeeeeen! (1 comments) ...Lucy loved this Minion scarecrow. (1 comments) Hope you all are having a marvelous Sunday! (3 comments) ...loves my days alone with Miss Pearl...she is a living doll. (4 comments) Has a jam packed weekend about you? (2 comments) enjoyed a wonderful family reunion with about 75 of my closest family on a spectacular September Sunday! (1 comments) Enjoyed dinner with all nine of my siblings last night. (2 comments) enjoyed a lovely visit with my young SIl and her kids...she was home caring for my FIL while we went away. (3 comments) Heading home from my two weeks at Jasmine Villa. (7 comments) Is having a blast with my sisters in Anguilla. (5 comments) ...view from my pool at Jasmine Villa... (2 comments) is getting all dolled up for a fancypants baby shower in Newport today. (6 comments) is attending Lucy's very first dance recital this afternoon...can't believe she is almost done with kindergarten...too fast, too fast! (2 comments) Is getting a bonus babysitting day! Life is full of ups and downs, is it not? (1 comments) wonders what I have done to deserve such joy. (7 comments) Just arrived at our hotel in Budapest...David asked for an upgrade (on our already free room) and we got 'the apartment'! (5 comments) Loooooves Prague....full of flowers and gorgeous buildings. (6 comments) did not sleep well but did get to sleep to the pool. Have Friday! (5 comments) is babysitting again today and already have 5500 steps on my fitbit as I took Miss Pearl for our first walk of the day. Have a wonderful Wednesday! (4 comments) slept a bit better....out to lunch with my retired teachers' group. Have a great week! (2 comments) Slept terribly, going to gym for a bit and then the pool to exercise my aches away. Happy Friday! (1 comments) Babysitting again today...make it a wonderful Wednesday! (1 comments) is taking Lucy and William to the pool today as they have no school! Happy Friday! (3 comments) just kissed the kidlets goodbye after three days and a night~whew! (3 comments) is playing with baby Pearl this morning. (6 comments) is babysitting three days this week with an overnight on Wednesday. Have a grrrreat week! (3 comments) Is super excited...going to see Cinderella with Lucy and some of her title girlfriends today! (5 comments) wishes all a peaceful relaxing Sunday! (4 comments) Helped Miss Lucy get ready for wacky Wednesday this morning. (2 comments) Woke up to three more fluffy inches of snow...pretty! (1 comments) Kept the kidlets overnight as they had a frozen pipe over at their house...I'm exhausted! Happy Sunday! (2 comments) ...oh, my, more snow least I have my adorable kidlets for part of the day! (2 comments) ZERO F* here in RI this morning...Jack Frost visited my sunporch/playroom overnight and painted the windows beautifully! (7 comments) Thnx all for the birthday wishes and goodies! Happy Valentine's Day! (3 comments) is celebrating my 63rd birthday today! (10 comments) Having fun with the kidlets again today. Pearl has me wrapped around her tiny chubby finger! (3 comments) Wishes all a happy peaceful Sunday. (5 comments) Is babysitting! (3 comments) will be out for a brisk (short!) walk or two this chilly day. (5 comments) is babysitting today...enjoyed showing Pear off at the market. (3 comments) Is bringing myslef back to mindful eating. Happy Monday. (2 comments) December 2014 (10 comments) is so happy Christmas is finally here! xoxo (4 comments) Wishes all who celebrate the merriest of Christmases! Remember what's important. (4 comments) ...hip much better, on a five day prednisone pack....almost all about you? (5 comments) Pearl at 6 months (2 comments) My favorite family 6-14 (8 comments) Pearl at 6 months (2 comments) Lucy and Pearl 6/2014 (5 comments) (4 comments) Precious little Pearl at 9 weeks. (3 comments) (1 comments) Lucy's first bath at Grammy's @ 8 months (26 comments) Lucy's first birthday (5 comments) William Jack, 9lbs 6 oz, born Nov 19, 2010 (6 comments) William bonding with his dad @ 4 weeks (3 comments) Lucy,2, William, almost 9 months (2 comments) Grandbaby heaven! (8 comments) Grandson William at at 1! (5 comments) William at 17 months William Lucy and Sophia 2012 (7 comments) Son and wondeful DIL's wedding 9/07 (2 comments) Lucy and her dad, my son (7 comments) my son, wonderful DIL and lovely Lucy at 6 months (9 comments) Santa Lucy at 6 months (22 comments) I'm heading back to my happy place on July 8th this year! (13 comments) Welcome to my second home, sparkfriends! (4 comments) 8/09 - down 25 pounds- I WILL get back here! (10 comments) Grammy and Grampy with Lucy (13 comments) Lucy falling in love with her mom (5 comments) NOW I see why my husband loves this bathing suit! (2008) (16 comments) DD Mimi in Anguilla June, 2009 (2 comments) (10 comments) sunset in Anguilla (7 comments) maybe 2003? I want to get back to this. (4 comments) I thought I was fat!!! at about 125 lbs in 1969. (15 comments) Mimi and I (3 comments) David and I in Anguilla 11/08 (4 comments) Just SOME of my family of origin - 7 boys and 7 girls (13 comments)

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