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(5 comments) (1 comments) Macye 8/7012 (1 comments) Macye 8/2012 (3 comments) Macye and Robert 7/2012 (5 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) fall 2012 (2 comments) clouds yellow flower (2 comments) brown pot (1 comments) potted plants ornimental grasses , (3 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Robert our daughter and grandchildren and me (3 comments) Rachel, Uriel, Gabba, Alex snow Mount Lemon AZ (1 comments) family (1 comments) Macye 4/2014 (1 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) is enjoying SUNSHINE. (1 comments) is happy to have spent the day with my daughter. is Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. is Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. is Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. is so ready for bed. (1 comments) is going to upload the photos I took today to the computer from the camera. has had a great day. We walked the paths at Agua Caliente Park. is amazed to see snow in Tucson!! (1 comments) is happy to get a workout with my daughter is heading for bed. is going outside to enjoy the sunshine enjoyed a walk with her husband today. is tired and glad to have completed the move . is a tag tired tonight. (1 comments) is reflecting on how nice today was. is visiting my sister in law for a few days. (1 comments) has had a fun day. Had a fun day. is tired and back at the condo. is getting antsy about packing to fly home. (1 comments) is tired after a busy and fun day with our daughter and son-in-law and Grandchildren. (1 comments) is finishing supper (2 comments) is had a really really good nights sleep. Dreaming of warm weather. is going to enjoy the weekend. (1 comments) is going to bed soon is finding all kinds of things to do to avoid working on the taxes (1 comments) is getting close to bed. is going to bed. Good night (1 comments) is very tired and cold. Went picture taking is spending a little time with Hubby. is going to have the best day possible. (1 comments) is saying goodnight. is going over the strong end challenge sheet. is looking forward to getting in to some air conditioning at the fitness center. Just too muggy today. is a tired camper tonight, is worried about one of my cats. At least the good news is, it is not feline luke or feline aids. Being sent to a different doc for more extensive tests. (2 comments) is very sad. Monty's bone marrow is no longer making white or red blood cells. I will miss my alpha fur child. (5 comments) is going to have my morning coffee with my hubby is sitting in front of a fan (2 comments) is getting ready for bed soon. is getting ready for bed soon. is really tired tonight. has gotten in her workout both ST and Cardio today. has been able to turn off the fans for the first time in a very long time. is relaxing. is getting ready for bed soon. is back from the fitness center. is back from the fitness center (1 comments) is going to bed. Good night (1 comments) is going to bed. Good night (1 comments) is taking it easy till bedtime (1 comments) is feeling itchy from working in the garden. is going to bed. Here is a picture from earlier this week. is going to bed. Good night is glad I finished the hedge is we are home and relaxing. is is heading to bed is hubby is pushing for us to go to the fitness center. SAY WHAT!! is gong to the fitness center. is ready to call it a day. (1 comments) is icing my knee. (1 comments) is glad I worked out and surprised how much it took out of me. is planning on relaxing tonight (1 comments) Resting today to get me back to normal is Still taking it easy and babying the knees. is finally feeling better is glad my niece now awake and resting from the seizure yesterday. is glad I went to the Dare to Lose workout tonight is tired and going to bed soon is cold here. back from town, starting more moving sorting. is working on the paperwork for the cats to fly. is ready for bed soon. is unpacking is working on paying bills is unpacking is back from taking Tazz to the vet. Sick kitty day 30 of my streak for "Eat 2 fruits or veggies each day 1 time per day" earned 5/9/2016 is enjoying a cup of coffee is enjoing the morning is settling in for the night. has had a nice day going to have a good day.

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