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My son and I 2016 (1 comments) My nephew and I (1 comments) Surfside beach, TX 2016 (1 comments) My nephew and I Working Jaxson and I Lilah my granddaughter 7/4/16 My grand daughter 1st time she fell asleep on me My best friends St. Patrick''s Day 2016 June 2016 (1 comments) (1 comments) Galveston, TX My nephew and I My daughter and I at her baby shower - Jan. 2016 Best friends 2014 My sister and I - Nov 2015 My Son and I - July 2016 My kitty - Barbie 😻 Renaissance Festival 2016 I started over this week. I want to lose this 40 pounds by my 44th bday on 7/28/18. I'm committed and driven! I'm focusing on my faith, my blessings, my strengths and my own accountability. #newbeginnings #smiling #workit #faith August 2017! Want to lose those huge cheeks! 😜🤣 Went on a walk with my bff to the state forest down the street earlier today. It was hot, but oh so beautiful. And, we saw a cute bunny rabbit. #dayone #feelinggood #newbeginnings #cardio #1000degrees #lol #runkeeper Have a blessed Sunday! Maybe you all burn many calories and eat the good foods. ☀️💗👍🏻 Go slay! 🚴🏻‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🦋👑⭐️☀️♥️ Went to HEB (my happy place) and got some good stuff today. I ate a Yummy peach and this for lunch before my bff and I go for a long walk at a local park and melt away. 97 degrees feels like 105! I found a swing on my walk today! It was so hot so we only did 1 mile (106 degrees with no joke). I''ve learned my lesson and going to go early in the morning or closer to sun down in the evening in order to still do cardio outside. I''m feeling good already! Tomorrow marks WEEK 1 of exercise and eating much better. 🙌🏻💗👍🏻 Put your big girl boots on Snapchat fun My granddaughter My nephew and I 2017 My friends cool horse: 8/2017 My dog Cammie & I Christmas 2016 Good morning! ☀️☕️ How are you?? 😊 Beautiful sky on my walk this evening. Much cooler 84 degrees thanks to the rain. I love it! #walking #getmoving #everystepcounts Hey! You can do this! Eat right and get moving and remember that every single healthy decision you make counts towards your goal of healthiness & happiness. 🙌🏻🦋♥️☀️💪🏻🌈⚓️✝️ You can do this! Remember that every single healthy decision you make counts towards your goal of healthiness & happiness. 🙌🏻🦋💪🏻💯 I did this tonight for 1st time. My legs are so sore! It's free on my uverse cable interactive. I'm going to do the yoga one in the morning. #fitness Good advice! #motivation #inspire #loveyourself #lovelife So true! Hahahaha! 😂😊😜 #fitness #cardio #icandothis #dontgiveup Remember: I ordered this for $4 and free shipping a week ago and got it today. 🙏🏻Woohoo!!! I'm headed to the park now to walk.☀️ #icandothis #determined 100 degrees. So, I stayed on the path in the shade. I got dizzy, but happy I pushed myself. Plus, I found a swing so that was cool! #icandothis #itshotouthere #fitness 💖 Look st my adorable cat. 😻 Feeling good and proud. Little by little, I WILL get there. ⭐️ #fitness #icandothis Hahaha! Same. 😂 #icandothis #fitness #beastmode #workworkwork I walked around my apt. complex twice and I did the treadmill at the gym tonight on the P8 setting - which is the "cardio" preset. It stayed around 3.5 mph. I don't know how to enter that on my exercise log here. It was 17 min per mile and 1 mile and 20 minutes. I see the treadmill list, but what is % of incline, etc.? Thank you for any help. 😬👍🏻 Remember: My car - Harvey 8/28/17 Lost a few pounds thanks to mean Harvey Much worse than Alison. We were saved! Harvey 8/28/17 Good to know #eatwell My favorite scripture! My son, me & my daugther - July 4, 2014 4-19-14 Travis's 16th birthday - October 2012 Travis and I - March 2012 Travis and I - June 2012 Kristen and I - May 2012 7-9-10 (5 comments) My son and I at the Conoco Phillips Rodeo Run 5k. Yep, he's as tall as me now. 1-28-09 (1 comments) Jeni and I - Our first 5K! - 1/31/09 - BFF! (1 comments) Parasailing in CABO 7/4/07 Jeni and I in Acapulco - Oct. 03 - A good goal picture! Would love to be at this weight again! 132! Me & Travis in 1997 - would LOVE to be this size again and it was right after I had him! (1 comments) That's me on the end! 1-11-10 issue of People Magazine (18 comments)

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