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(5 comments) NYE 2013, Starting Weight 217.8 (3 comments) Best day of my life! 9/5/2015 (4 comments) Meal planning & shopping today. Meal prepping tomorrow. Then killing it this week! (1 comments) weekend food blog done. Thanks TORI_2_POINT_0 for calling me out! Weekend Food Blog Finally Up! Thanks Julia! Weekend Food Blog and Weigh in At the Mayan pyramids in Mexico 2016. Finally checking it off my bucket list Just me March 2017 Weekend food blog and weigh in posted! Weekly lesson learned this past week: Already working on my meal plan for next week. Woo hoo! This week, egg and ham breakfast sandwiches, honey lime chicken with roasted veggies and cilantro lime quinoa and Shepard's pie with sweet potato topping. Yummy! March 2012 (-20lbs) (4 comments) Beautiful birthday arrangement from my wonderful boyfriend Rich. Feeling very loved today! (3 comments) Rich and I at a wedding. October 14, 2011 (10 comments) I want one!!! (-17.8 lbs) (2 comments) 9/22/11 (-16 lbs) (5 comments) Me & CBC AKA: Cute Boy Crush Sept 2011 (2 comments) March 2011 (-10 lbs) (3 comments) My Graduation - Feb 27, 2011 (4 comments) Milwaukee Art Museum 2011 (1 comments) Me and the Fonz! (2 comments) New Years Eve Dress Dec. 31, 2010. OMG, I have a waist! (10 comments) Just me. (3 comments) I <3 Jamaica (2 comments) In Jamaican November 2010 (5 comments) Parasailing in Jamaica - Nov 2010 (1 comments) Jamaica 2010 with my hair blowing in the breeze. (1 comments) This was my daily view in Jamaica (2 comments) My poor baby Becca wanted to go to Jamaica too! (4 comments) 7/11/10 (220lbs) (5 comments) -15 lbs. July 2010 (2 comments) In the dells June 2010 (2 comments) 3/31/10 (218 lbs) (2 comments) Me on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale Oct. 2009 (5 comments) me and my BFF in Florida (2 comments) Sunrise in Ft. Lauderdale (3 comments) one of the few full body shots that I don't hate (7 comments) Halloween 2009 (5 comments) My new living room and my other BFF, Preston Avatar at 170. My goal weight. She's smoking hot. I hope I actually do look like this. Avatar at 190. Looks pretty accurate. Looks like me in 9th grade. I love wonder woman. I had a wonder woman bathing suit when I was little. (1 comments) August 2009. Me and my best guy pal Preston at a Sox game to raise money for Diabetes. (1 comments) My new dining room. (1 comments) My new kitchen & my crazy roommate. (1 comments) My lanterns. The pic in the background was a gift from a friend. (2 comments) Me in Hawaii Jan. 2009 (1 comments) Horseback riding in Hawaii (1 comments) Rainbow in Hawaii. We saw a rainbow almost every day. just one beautiful pic in kauai (1 comments) Rebecca Anne. My little furry baby face. (9 comments) Little me in 1984. How cute am I? (1 comments)

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