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Israel, 2008. I was/am so ashamed of this picture. What a porker! At the peak of my weight. (2 comments) I found another shot of me at probably my highest adult weight. I pity the poor camel! (1 comments) My first trip with AA. One foot in the Northern and one in the Southern Hemisphere. Quito, Ecuador (1 comments) With Carolyn Griffin at the Cliffs of Mohr, Ireland, 2001. (1 comments) The Blue Mosque, Istanbul. 2002 (1 comments) The cutest picture in the history of Photography! 2001 at the Kuranda Zoo in Queensland Australia (4 comments) Just a small piece for me! Vienna Austria, 2002 (2 comments) ME and Jean, tickling the elephant's foot! Beijing, china 2004. (1 comments) Climbing the Great Wall. It may not look like it but my lungs were ready to explode! (1 comments) Getting ready for a zip line tour in Costa Rica. (2 comments) Curacao, 2006. Those guys are hungry! (3 comments) Curacao. Good thing the camera worked as I'll never do that again!! (5 comments) Swimming with the Dolphins, Nassau, Bahamas. (3 comments) Everglades, Florida. Aren't I the brave one?! I had the guy take the band off his mouth! (2 comments) After a Koala, I certainly needed a Panda! China, 2005 (3 comments) A future Iditerod champ at Jeff King's kennels, Denali Alaska. (1 comments) Where's the butter?! Peggy's Cove Canada (3 comments) With High School friend, Linda, in Charleston, SC. (1 comments) Iguassu Falls, Argentina side. (1 comments) One of Carl Sandburg's goats, Asheville NC. (1 comments) Taken 4 months to the day after my knee replacement surgery. Quite a climb! Macchu Picchu, Peru (2 comments) With my friend Terry, Zacopane, Poland 2009 (1 comments) National Parks Tour with Edith, 2009 (1 comments) Feeding "Estrella", a 14 week old white tiger her afternoon bottle! Natural Bridge Zoo, VA. 2009 (4 comments) Pyramids, Egypt, 2009 (1 comments) At the Treasury in Petra Jordan. Where is Indiana Jones?! (1 comments) My first elephant ride! I'm with one of my travel buddies, Jean, in Jaipur, India. (3 comments) Italy, April, 2010, about 2 weeks after beginning SP (1 comments) St. Croix, July, 2010. Down about 20+ pounds. (1 comments) After a 30 pound loss. The Elizabethan Gardens, Roanoke Island NC. (1 comments) With the "Yule Lads" (descendants of the trolls!) who wander the village & play pranks at Christmas Greenland...dressed for the bugs! (2 comments) At the Blue Lagoon, Iceland. Taken by my friend Deb. (1 comments) I need to work on those saggy thighs! Deb grabbed the shot before I could cover up! Flirting with Deb's camera! Blue Lagoon, Iceland (1 comments) Westman Islands, Iceland. Posted to compliment the windy Cliffs of the Aran Islands. A hair raising day at the Cliffs on the Aran Islands, Ireland. (2 comments) I actually detect a waistline! Me and Edith in Hawaii 3/12 (1 comments) Lion Encounter, Zimbabwe. A captive breeding program where you get to walk with the lions! I actually got to scratch her tummy and hold her paw! What a treat! All systems "GO" to zip line from Zambia to Zimbabwe! (1 comments) The ride lasted about 30 seconds and went across the gorge at Victoria Falls! What a thrill! (2 comments) Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town South Africa Flipping (and catching!!) a Blini on the Volga River, Russia. (1 comments) Cathedral of the Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg, Russia, Sept 2012 (3 comments) Taking my "Polar Plunge" in Antarctica. You have to in up to your chin to officially qualify. Burrr! Paris 2013 (2 comments) Along the Seine 2013 Pisa 2013 (1 comments) Kotor Montenegro, a beautiful port at the end of Fjords. My cousin and I at the High Tea at the Peabody Hotel, Memphis Dubrovnik Croatia 2013 Split Croatia 2013 Opatija Slovenia, 2013 Possibly the most beautiful senery I've ever seen. The Alps in the background 2014 Hitting the "Big Double 6's!" (1 comments) Easter Island 2014 Trying to blend in with the Maoi! Easter Island 2014. With a Maoi. Tierra del Fuego Chile, 2014 The clouds finally cleared enough for a picture! We hiked about 2 miles in gale force winds to get to this glacier. And then we had to hike back! Cape Horn 2014 A huge storm blew apart the Monument the night before. Lucky to land at all. Not ever Cape Horn Monument that blew apart in a huge storm the night before we landed. Zip lining with Anita and her family Edith and I at the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville 2015 Segway Tour of Raleigh with Margaret, Anita and Betsy. In front of the Governor's Mansion. 2015In the Amazon jungle. I hit the target with the blow gun! And get a load of that "jungle hair"!! The grubs we ate in the jungle. They tasted like bacon wrapped scallops and were delicious! (1 comments) With a Giant Tortise in the Galapagos 2015 "Our" sea lion in the Galapagos. He "played" with us for about 10 minutes! So special! 2015 at the equator Alaska 2016 My first Float plane ride. We flew out to the Glacier.

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