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my westies, kirby joe & la la la (3 comments) nothing's cuter than a westie butt !! LOL (10 comments) Kirby Joe as a puppy (6 comments) Kirby Joe & La La La as puppies (8 comments) kirby joe in his tractor (5 comments) 10/05/10 kirby driving "his" old tractor (4 comments) Kirby Joe & La La La after getting groomed (3 comments) 10/05/10 kirby driving "his" old tractor.... he's showing his westitude !!!! (7 comments) Got Icing ???? (6 comments) Kirby's 7th Birthday (4 comments) OK, It's Only An Inch.... But We Finally Got SNOW !!!! (4 comments) We Enjoyed Our Inch Of SNOW !!!!! (3 comments) Praying for Alabama La La La's 7th birthday (2 comments) Kirby (1 comments) La La La smelling new camera (4 comments) Kirby was so happy to see Joseph, he smiled at him. taken by joseph's droid (5 comments) Kirby & La La La with new friend baby black angus calf Midnight (5 comments) kirby and la la la kissing midnight to make her feel better with her broken leg (6 comments) kirby enjoying his 8th birthday (4 comments) (3 comments) Marleigh Skye on Easter -my son took with his cell phone (4 comments) Marleigh Skye (4 comments) Marleigh Skye at 3 months old still so tiny she was wearing dress i handmade for a doll 15 years ago (3 comments) marleigh skye 3lbs, 5 oz (4 comments) Marleigh Skye and daddy with Kirby & La La La (5 comments) Marleigh & daddy (7 comments) Marleigh Skye in her first pageant tutu dress (4 comments) Marleigh Skye tutu cute (3 comments) Marleigh's pageant dress (2 comments) Marleigh 9 months (2 comments) Marleigh won her first pageant (5 comments) Marleigh after winning pageant showing off her crown (3 comments) La La La's 8th birthday (6 comments) marleigh & daddy on father's day (2 comments) marleigh, daddy & la la la on father's day (2 comments) marleigh's 1st time in the pool (3 comments) marleigh with la la la (2 comments) Marleigh with her minnie mouse birthday cake (4 comments) Marleigh after eating her birthday smash cake (4 comments) Marleigh checking out the Mayberry Sheriff's car the bride & groom left the church in (3 comments) Marleigh with her mom (1 comments) Marleigh's dress she wore to her cousin's wedding (2 comments) Marleigh sitting on our neice's wedding gown (1 comments) Marleigh (3 comments) Marleigh's 1st ponytail (3 comments) Marleigh & La La La kissing hello (6 comments) Marleigh says "Roll Tide" !!!! (6 comments) Marleigh after riding in the mud on her wheeler (2 comments) Marleigh kissed by Kirby (5 comments)

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