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William is a pharmacy student at Washington State Unviversity. (3 comments) Grandpa Plank with our youngest grandson, Asher. (2 comments) Courtney is a special granddaughter. (2 comments) Four of our grandchildren with mom and dad. (1 comments) Emily is a senior in high school and completing two years of college in June. WooHoo! (1 comments) (2 comments) I pray that I may be an example to others of a better way of living. (1 comments) Today I will know that the only price for serenity is having the courage to look within. (1 comments) is 1300 days sober today! WOOHOO! (1 comments) Kellen is ready to play ball. (1 comments) Kettlebell workout today. (1 comments) Commit to be fit. (3 comments) is blessed with Quigley and Amelia, children with fur. (1 comments) is Letting Go and letting God deal with a family sitatuion. iStrength comes from facing struggles head on. My very first rose grown by me in my garden. What a symbol of recovery and rebirth. Another rose in my Victory Garden....recovery is a process! (1 comments) Uncle William and Asher (1 comments) Asher loves his Mickey Mouse hat and diaper cover! (3 comments) iHappy Father's Day! is grateful for her Higher Power! A dream is a wish your heart makes! (1 comments) Asher loves flip flops too! Roll on, Columbia, roll on. Happy Fourth of July Live in the present. Commit to be fit. If you want to get somwhere you have to know where you want to go and how to get there. Then never give up. (1 comments) Mu husband learned to fist bump in Jamaica. We had a marvelous vacation. (1 comments) Jamaican jerk chicken is incredibly spicy and delicious. This man prepared and served it with flair. Success in life as in chess is determined by the choices we make. (1 comments) Celebrate World Kindess Day! (3 comments) Our personal journey is ons step at a time! (1 comments) Your struggle is your strength. This is my first waterfall picture from my first REAL hike. God's creation is a joy to behold. (1 comments) Wishing you a joyous Christmas season. Feliz Navidad! (1 comments) Step Twelve rocks! Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others. (2 comments) Love one another as I have loved you. (1 comments) Love isn't love until you give it away. (1 comments) Embrace change. LIve. Laugh. Love. (1 comments) I am back to my natural hair It feels good to be back. (3 comments) I love this because we really have the power within us to succeed with the help of our Higher Power (2 comments) (3 comments) Live in the present . Never give up! I love ⚾️ and I am proud to be ⚾️ Grandma! Each personal journey begins with just one step. Our personal begins with the first step. Our personal journey begins with the first step . I love this version of the Serenity Prayer. (1 comments) There is a river that flows from deep within. (2 comments) (1 comments) Spread the Spark! Behold the turtle who only makes progress when he sticks his neck out. I have just returned from a beautiful two week vacation in Runaway Bay, Jamaica! So happy to be back sparking ! (3 comments) (2 comments) Believe in yourself! (1 comments) With two grandchildren now in the doctorate program at the school of pharmacy at WSU, I am truly a Cougar Grandma and Mom! Go Cougs! I love my Fitbit Charge HR. I also like Fitbit humor . (1 comments) I love my Fitbit Charge HR. I also like Fitbit humor . I love my Fitbit Charge HR. I also enjoy Fitbit humor. Follow your heart is advice I give to my family and friends and practice myself . My Higher Power directs my heart in the right direction . (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) This is my koi pond that I love so much and talk about a lot! (2 comments) We are so happy to have arrived in Cancun, Mexico and are ready to go to Akumal. (7 comments) Oh how I love dining at Don Pablo's, my all time favorite restaurant in Akumal. (6 comments) This is me at the beginning of my a whopping 236 pounds heading to Akumal . (6 comments) Getting ready to my earplugs need adjusting....gotta have music! (2 comments) This is where I snorkel in Akumal. This is a very special place for me. (3 comments) The swimming pool is such a wonderful place to enjoy the beauty and warmth of the tropical sun. (2 comments) Akumal is our paradise on earth. We travel once a year to this beautiful place. (2 comments) This is our water feature in front of our house. it is a koi pond and my sanctuary. (4 comments) There is nothing quite like the ocean. It brings me such peace to enjoy its majesty and beauty. (3 comments) This is one of many villas at the Bahia Prncipe in Akumal, Mexico. This is an old photo of our granchildren. Pictured are nine; we currently have twelve. (2 comments) William is our grandson that was an outstanding quarterback. Courtney and William are two wonderful grandchildren. Playing the piano stirs my soul! (3 comments) Four of our fourteen grandchildren and me. (1 comments) Jacob now has 72 high school career touchdowns; RAL High School record is 50. Record setter. (2 comments) I love Christmas so much! Jesus is the reason for the season. (2 comments) I love playing the piano and being part of a gospel blue grass band, Heartbeats for Jesus. (4 comments) Chloe is called "Bruiser" by her soccer coach. Like her brothers she loves sports. Lacey is our great granddaugher. (2 comments) This is Lane, our freshman grandson, who made the varsity baseball team. This is Lane sliding into second base. He is an inspiring Christian athlete and wonderful grandson. (1 comments)

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