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Emily My youngest son, Alan and my mother-in-law in 2003 I'm almost BACK!!! Oct 19, 2008 I finally found a flamingo taller than me!!! Spencer, Bobby & Kaitlyn at Putt-putt! We had a time! Our Omaha Steak order has arrived... This is Pensacola Beach in 1974-it sure doesn't look like this now! Pancho the Pirate didn't like being dressed up! Minnie is the sweet one! Les Alan Long (my youngest son) June 30,1983-November 13, 2003. I love you & I miss you-Mom Ready for Hollywood?!? This is about 45 pounds away! This bridge had NO guard rails at all! Don't go, don't go!!!! I love the Autumn colors! Can someone else post pix from the Northeast? these guys were under hypnosis thinking they were giving birth...hillarious!!! (1 comments) This was Saturday night at Bobby's work Christmas Party Spencer & Kaitlyn last Christmas-my heartbeats! Hi guys! Pancho & Minnie (my "kids") I LOVE to swim with the dolphins!!! My son and his "Baby" My Grandkids Charlie Daniels Salute to the Troops Concert This is me with my nephew Landon Talk about Happy!!! Miss that Beach!!! after veining part of the head and "color washing" the whole inside Emily has lashes now and fixing to have hair! I love hummingbirds too-this is Fairy Fairy these are my terrrific 2 Grandkids, my precious son and my wonderful daughter-in-law! My blessings! The love of my life and I at Bigfoot's in Memphis-home of the 7.5 pound Burger!!! NO-we did NOT eat My flamingo seems to experiencing some turbulance! Wonder how long it will take to walk off 1 pound of that burger?!?!? LOL!!! This was one of my good days!

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