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I've Got Your Back or... (5 comments) Louie's Christmas Gift (4 comments) (9 comments) Lily in Guest Sink (4 comments) 4 Berry Salad. (6 comments) Louie relaxing (3 comments) Does this box make me look fat? (5 comments) My walk this morning (2 comments) Another pic from this morning (2 comments) My early morning walk view of the sunrise. Too busy to walk after lunch so I need to jump on the treadmill now. Again I say...Why won't I stop eating in the evening!! Dummy! (4 comments) This little guy, a white igret, kept me company for a bit on my short afternoon walk :) (2 comments) Backyard Tabebuia tree (Goden Trumpet) starting to bloom (5 comments) Fall Cat (3 comments) Louie - Get off... (6 comments) Sweet Lily (most of the time) :) (7 comments) Louie - RIP Nov 28, 2016 (6 comments) Lily Prefers the Box (2 comments) How does Louie Open the Door? (6 comments) Please let me in Mom - I REALLY want to come in this time! (2 comments) Louie-Hiding ?? under sofa during thunderstorm. (6 comments) Sandhill Crane Family with Baby Lily's Favorite Window Looking Out Over Back Yard (5 comments) day 325 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 10/28/2015 (2 comments) (2 comments) My first fur baby - Tara :) (9 comments) Tag - You're it Lily! (3 comments) I'm so handsome on my new rug (7 comments) Hoodlums eating all the bird seed (8 comments) I didn't do it mom. (7 comments) Sandhill Cranes - Always with mate or family (5 comments) Mom, please turn the water on (6 comments) Why are the blinds closed (1 comments) Is she getting the message yet . . . OPEN THEM (5 comments) (1 comments) Olivia - 5 months (1 comments) Maybe I can distract her from that stupid Laptop - I'm know I'm cuter! (1 comments) I'll just rest my head a bit (4 comments) Louie loves Lily's new bed (3 comments) Louie loves HIS new bed also (2 comments) I'm a pretty girl. (6 comments) Olivia - One month (2 comments) Great niece Olivia- 4 weeks (5 comments) Butterfly in back yard on Duranta (1 comments) No one I know - Just cute (5 comments) Beautiful day at the beach (1 comments) Praying Boy and Dog (3 comments) White Egret at Siesta Key (1 comments) Smokey-Boy in his prime- RIP 1/15/2011 (8 comments) Lily in platter (4 comments) Louie's favorite watering hole (3 comments) Miss Lily's Lovely Tail (2 comments) She's looking for trouble (3 comments) Uh-Huh . . . I do too fit! (2 comments) Louie and Lily have taken over the dining table (7 comments) Lily in the sink (14 comments) Smokey-Boy when he was still healthy (5 comments) Sushi- Thrived for around 23 years- RIP - 7/6/04 (11 comments)

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