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80 lbs lost (October 2013) (3 comments) 100 lbs lost (February 2014) (12 comments) (3 comments) 105 lb difference (9 comments) My sweetums is being her normal bossy self...won't smile for the camera...she wanted to sing instead! #birthdayselfie (2 comments) I really need to get a sewing machine! This is the pillow Jonathan made in Life Skills class! I want him to teach me!!! (1 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) Done with walking and upper body ST. Now on to biking! This pic was taken at church today. (5 comments) Guess where I just came from? It was an awesome walk!!! (1 comments) That was a wonderfully refreshing 2.5 mile walk!!! I'm only sweating because I jogged the last minute up the hill to our house! PEARS!!!!!!! This thing was loaded with veggies! Lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, little bit of cheese, little bit of sour cream, little bit of meat with less seasoning than called for, whole wheat tortilla...TACOS!!! (4 comments) Told you it was ginormous!! Still eating it! Of course, I've been busy making the rest of supper too...and Emilie's silky dough. (2 comments) After 135 total minutes strength training in the last 3 days (minus today), I'm still here! Sore, but here! Hey, I can feel ab muscles when I flex, under all the flab. I AM reaching my goals!!! (6 comments) 45 minutes lower body strength training done! And you better believe I'm sweating all over! That was a great workout! Planetshakers "Endless Praise" this one! (1 comments) My morning funny: I don't think all the shampoo/conditioner got washed out of her hair....LOL (2 comments) I might have cried a little at weigh-in! I didn't burn off ANY of Mother's Day's surprise meal and desserts, yet I lost 2 lbs. So those who asked if hubby was trying to sabotage me, think again. (6 comments) Saw this today on Facebook. I really like this one! (4 comments) (4 comments) (13 comments) (7 comments) Thank the Lord the rain went away! I got 7.53 miles done today (2 of them in place inside, 1 in place outside waiting til it was time to go get Jonathan, and the rest on my routes)....feeling better! Wore my swimdress outdoors for walking today because it's SPF 50 and dries fast (so it's great for workouts and other fitness besides swimming). I love this thing! (3 comments) Shoulders/upper arms: white as can be. Elbows to fingers, very dark tan. It's kinda funny! (2 comments) Ahhhhhh!!! I get to actually bake a pizza tonight!!!!!! Can you tell I'm super excited?!!!!!!!!! (2 comments) (8 comments) We're kinda far away, but you can see I met my spark/facebook friend, Jean, and her brother, Carl, today! Em wanted to be in the pic too! (3 comments) I love my hubby's boss! She brought these to work so hubby could give them to me...why yes, yes I will eat all 8 oz of these delicious tomatoes!! Major NSV: I CAN WEAR MY HUSBAND'S SWEATSHIRT!!! GO BLUE!!! BEAT STATE!!! (7 comments) My new Great Wolf Lodge this thing!! (2 comments) My new Christmas shirt.... (1 comments) My shirt.... (1 comments) Philippians 4:13 I made this for my page on Facebook: Baby Steps to a Brand New Me...this is my motto! Here's proof friends! I'm beyond excited!!!! Jesus, I sing for all that You've done for me! #philwickham #thisisamazinggrace Just tried HIIT while walking in place! Whew! Who needs a treadmill?! (1 comments) I feel pretty today, even though I'm super tired from that hour of strength training earlier!!! (1 comments) Morning motivation for you all! Have a great day! I made this dumbbell my best friend today, instead of my worst enemy because look at those biceps!!!!! Need to do triceps work this weekend to help get rid of my "bat wings".... We did school pics this morning and this is my favorite one! Made a collage comparing Fall pics and Spring pics...Emilie has sure grown a lot! No more baby face! Sorry I didn't post this sooner! Hope this inspires someone this evening! (2 comments) You better believe I enjoyed the splash pad today after the was cold, but it was refreshing!!! Btw, this wasn't lunch, but it was drank on my walk earlier...any guesses to what it is???? (1 comments) Forgot to post this earlier on SP (it was posted on FB)...leg workout front of fan, maxed out...drenched in sweat...I'll be walking funny all day! #feeltheburn (1 comments) I can't remember if I shared this on here or just on Facebook. (1 comments) Got me a new shirt last night.... I think I was at least 230 lbs in this pic!!! I'm 197 today!!! 13 years later! (2 comments) This was taken when Emilie was 1 day old. She's changed so much! So have I!! (3 comments) Shopping yesterday was a success! Doll that matches her features, that shirt and maxi skirt, plus 2 more maxi skirts!!! (3 comments) This was my mid-morning snack...filled the plate for under 300 delicious! (1 comments) In case you missed it: accomplishments collage (Sleeping Bear Dunes conquered and rock climbing wall attempted)... (2 comments) My supper. I don't usually use condiments but they sounded good tonight. The chicken is yellow due to ground turmeric. We add it to all our meats. This is what 130 lbs gone looks like. (5 comments) February 2012--biggest weight ever--320 lbs (6 comments)

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