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Saw this today on Facebook. I really like this one! (4 comments) (13 comments) (9 comments) We're kinda far away, but you can see I met my spark/facebook friend, Jean, and her brother, Carl, today! Em wanted to be in the pic too! (3 comments) Philippians 4:13 (1 comments) I made this for my page on Facebook: Baby Steps to a Brand New Me...this is my motto! Morning motivation for you all! Have a great day! I made this dumbbell my best friend today, instead of my worst enemy because look at those biceps!!!!! Need to do triceps work this weekend to help get rid of my "bat wings".... Made a collage comparing Fall pics and Spring pics...Emilie has sure grown a lot! No more baby face! Sorry I didn't post this sooner! Hope this inspires someone this evening! (3 comments) You better believe I enjoyed the splash pad today after the was cold, but it was refreshing!!! I can't remember if I shared this on here or just on Facebook. (1 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) This is what 130 lbs gone looks like. (7 comments) Keep calm and GO BLUE!!!! (1 comments) I hope this shows up better on my status; the blog pic is hard to see!!! She's a beauty! This.... (2 comments) Grain and dairy free pizza: Daiya dairy free cheese, roma tomato, tiny bit of fresh spinach, bacon, baby bella mushrooms, Italian olives and a special grain and dairy free full!! (3 comments) You can't taste the pumpkin cuz I didn't add much to the batter. Pumpkin Ginger's a variation of the "pizza crust" recipe from last Saturday.... (1 comments) My boys are on the left and middle. Half day today-Friday....this is my mood...boys are fighting again, my legs are sore, I have a headache, it's not suppertime, is it time for church yet? I ate a fruit or vegetable that I don't normally an artichoke a fruit or vegetable??? It was so good! Healthy snack. Real food. So good! (1 comments) New shoes, new socks, new leggings for under my skirts.... (2 comments) Here's one of the new long sleeve shirts for under my t-shirts...greenish blue...other one is purple. I ate this a couple hours's a BLEAT salad (bacon, lettuce, egg, avocado, tomato) with pepper to taste and a celery stick on the delish! (1 comments) It LOOKS and SMELLS good! I have to let it cool to see if it TASTES good.... (1 comments) I'm not doing a thing til I absolutely have to....I'm in's cold...I've already taken a walk....ST rest later...gonna blast music now. Ready to get my workout started!! But I might go for a walk/jog outdoors instead of using the treadmill...just afraid I'm gonna re-injure my leg again and I know I can handle it outdoors. (1 comments) I miss him so much! 6 yrs on 11/21..... (1 comments) One pic a year (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 left to right) (2 comments) Back bend this morning... (4 comments) It made 3 trays!! Red potatoes, carrots, parsnips and radishes, sprinkled with chia seeds, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper and basil... (2 comments) Nice and toasty for our Christmas light-up parade this evening. It was the first year that it wasn't freezing in a while!!! He won't get out of his cage to take a doggie/mama selfie so here's his pic....he's too tired to wake up for me....and practically deaf, so me saying his name repeatedly did not wake him up either!!! Trying to get warm.... That face you make when you've shoveled for a total of 6 and a quarter hours since Friday and realize you will be out shoveling again in only 3 days!!!! (1 comments) I'm down and I'm not getting back up until I have to make supper!!!!! I got a free air walker today from a friend! The Lord knew I wanted one since I was a teenager after my parents sold the one I had!!! (1 comments) Waiting for 2 o'clock like....I'm bored out of my mind!!!!!!! The gift is a family secret which will be told at a later date...I was very surprised!!!! (3 comments) I don't know the public school curriculum for Kindergartners but my 5 yr old is homeschooled and she's reading!!!! She knows over 50 words already. (1 comments)

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