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Artist: Robert Duncan (1 comments) Dec 2013 With Dear Husband at 70th BDay party (5 comments) (2 comments) October 2014 Linda and Fred (2 comments) Signed picture by photo artist Tim Abshire in Nebraska Oct.2014 12/18/15 The first moments with my suprise baby Yorkie puppy Sammy - (5 comments) 4/11/16 Our baby Yorkie, Sammy, is 6 months old and 5 # Such a joy in my life and my recovery (2 comments) Saturday morning off to a good start with food tracked and walk planned Starting Saturday with good tracking and planning. Have a lovely weekend. (1 comments) Little blue engine said "I think I can-- think I can" Mascot for my therapeutic 5K WALK with 2 cane 6 mo.after I went home from hospital from spinal surgery I I completed Therapuetic 5K with 2 canes (2 comments) Linda and Dear Husband June 26.2016 (3 comments) Family - Linda, Dear Husband and Daughter 06/19/16 Still my favorite picture of the two of us 4/2011 (2 comments) Sammy pup - 1 yr old & 9 lb - gifted to me by dear husband 12/118/15 when home from spinal surgery. Dear Husband had successful knee replacement surgery 2/26/17 (2 comments) Wedding piture 4/21/1978 My sweet daughter learning to snowshoe in the winter of '16-'17 (1 comments) October 2016 Husband and I at Arches National Park, Utah (1 comments) April 28th, 201 House wrens have built a nest right outside our front door in the poinsettia wreath (1 comments) June 2016 Daughter and hubby and I Saturday - happy day with daughter home for visit - 36 and loves to spoil her Momma! My Sammy Puppy - Yorkie - 1.5yr old My sweet daughter by her icon - red stilletto - holding her dear service animal - I am sooo blessed Poinsettias and candles are major Christmas symbols in my life..enjoyed ALL year long! (1 comments) Yorkies in Baby Carriage by Greg Olsen (2 comments) 2/19/13 Polar Bear in Teaddybear Winter 5%Challenge 2013 Mother's Day from DH Red Rose for his love for me and pink/blue as the "Mother of his children" (1 comments) Anniversary Flowers picked from 'Wedding Bush' and placed in the Anniversary vase (3 comments) 8/2012 Memory Garden (4 comments) My life represented: a Mother who loves lavendar and violets reads the Word and walks in prayer. (5 comments) I Love Christmas all year long. (3 comments)

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