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Spring 2011 picture. With my son @ new start point. I had regained 20lbs, but Ive already lost some! (3 comments) Bay 2 Breakers 100th anniversary 12k, May 15th 2011: team Sparkpeople was there! 100th anniversary bay to breakers start line! Starting another year of healthy living! a 12k is about 7.46 miles. This is the 7 mile marker. I was happy to see it, for lots of reasons! I released my album! You can get it free here: (look for "Paula Kitterman") (3 comments) 8/10: Me & my current bike! I'm on it all the time, & the trunk holds groceries and more with ease! (7 comments) 9/09: Me and my old bike; got it for a great deal, but the frame broke! Was about 34 lbs down here. (1 comments) Here I am! More than 50 pounds down, november 17th, 2009. I weighed in around 188 that day (unofficial, friday we see where we really stand!) (7 comments) This is the progress of my start weight of 244 to 181 (official tomorrow I cant remember it- 181.5 I think) (10 comments) Me, January 2010, in the 170's (5 comments) At the Marin ferry terminal with my friend patternpop who came up from San Diego (1 comments) On the Bay, San Fransisco side by Port of San Fran (1 comments) My little guy last year, I just came across this pic... I luv him, he is so funny. Its a long story (4 comments) This is me in the SAME JEANS! From apprx 270 down to 170's. I gained a lil back, but Im losing it! (16 comments) This is me August 15, 2009.I've lost 15 pounds with SparkPeople here. (1 comments) July 18, 2009- This is an official before photo from day 2 of Spark People This is me as of July 18, 2009. This is another of the official before pics from when I was 244 lbs. Me in 2008 when I was pregnant with my son... I love that little guy! Thats RaisinBran! (2 comments) Me and my son. I made a spark recipe for whole wheat and oat bluberry muffins. They came out YUM! (10 comments) At my Moms house playing with my son. I pushed and pulled him around in the toy bin, he loved it! Me and my cute little guy.. Can you believe it, I have a son with blue eyes! (12 comments) Muffin mania!My sweet potato muffins

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