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Dayum, it was a COLD race on 1/1/11. Lookit that awesome medal and fleece hoodie, though! (2 comments) Little black dress. :) Pic from the Murder Mystery dinner at Thayer's 1/21/11 (5 comments) PRing at the Cellcom Half Marathon in Green Bay on 5/15/11. 1:57:30ish Finishers! Hez and I after the Disney Marathon. First Full of 2012! Aaron and I at the Lighthouse 10 miler in Racine, 2011 Aaron and I finishing his first Half Marathon. July 4, 2011 After the Medtronic 10 Miler. With my little buddy, Rodney. Both feet up! Marathon Finishers :) HEZLIZZIE and I in Jacksonville. (4 comments) PRing the 10K. :) Marathon finisher! (2 comments) This is why I don't eat chickens or their eggs. Meet Tara from Chicken Run Rescue! (2 comments) My sweet Nettie. Passed away this year at nearly 3 yrs. old. (4 comments) Frannie and Mattie. My first pair of girls. RIP sweeties. My Mollycat. :) Not staged, she tucked herself in! (3 comments) Nettie, Sully, Sophie and my Mae. All gone, never forgotten, always loved. (1 comments) I torment my cat. (2 comments) Mattie, Bev, Nettie, Sophie and Fran – my first crew of kiddos. My beautiful darling <3 rat, Mae. Handsome hunk Herman. Goodbye sweet man. (1 comments) My silly Oy. He's such a character. RIP (1 comments) One of my Nettie as an old lady. Suzie and Jennabean. Such sweet, lovely 'gouti faces. Jack with HIS peach. (RIP) (2 comments) Painting I did. This rattie looks like Herman. :) (3 comments) Sully, looking like I'm scolding him. (1 comments) Olllld painting I did of my Aunt's corgi, Edward. Old painting of my ex-MIL's cat, Ed. (1 comments) In my old size 10 "skinny" pants. I couldn't zip these when I started Sparking! (5 comments) Old "skinny" pants. Lookit how big they are in the bootie! (2 comments) My sweetie... looking like he's going to EAT JACK. (2 comments) Aaron and I before our race - Fearless 5K on Halloween. (4 comments) Aaron and I in Jamaica! (2 comments) Love this one. HEZLIZZIE, MELISSR and I. (3 comments) Before, at my heaviest weight ... and now. Same dress, different girl! (2 comments) Finish line of my first ten mile race. 3/17/10. Time 1:39 (2 comments) Running the Hippie Chick with HEZLIZZIE in Portland. (3 comments) I totally love this one. I look so focused - and what a beautiful day to run! (1 comments) Daniel and Prairie Teal'c, Prairie and Daniel (4 comments) Big ole' Teal'cy! Sam waves hi. She's got such a sweet face. Jacky! He was just insanely cute. (RIP) Prairie Dog (RIP) (1 comments) Janet. She's nearly identical in looks to Sam but a totally different personality. Both humid/hot and SOAKED to the skin at my recent Half on 7/4/2010. PR'd it anyway, though! (2 comments) Eddie, Jakey, Suzie and I. RIP sweeties. (3 comments) The logo I use on my hand-knit and crochet items. Drawn/colored by yours truly. :) (5 comments) Eddie and Jakey (1 comments) New baby Jack (4 comments)

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