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My daughter Faith (right) her first walk in the forest in Sweden... before the snow! (3 comments) My daughter Faith... her first ever snow angel LOL (2 comments) Faith playing with the family's kids and neighbor. Having heaps of fun despite the language barrier. (2 comments) Good morning November 1st 2009!! (3 comments) Patrik and Faith... She loves having a Father to cuddle SIGH (2 comments) Me...in the kitchen in Sweden Dec 2009. (3 comments) Sooo much freshwater... so different from where I live in Australia! Icicles beside the road. (1 comments) My 4th babybump at 34wks! (2 comments) My man and I... while he is visiting my country! (1 comments) My daughter Faith and Patrik at the snow Sept 2010 Mt Buffalo, Australia. (1 comments) September 2010 The snow in Australia. Mt Buffalo. Our trees are so different to Sweden! (1 comments) Sept 2010 I love the the form and colors on the Eucalyptus trees, in the snow! Sept 2010 The winding road up the mountain to the snow, beautiful waterfalls and streams! Mt Buffalo August 2010 A family of Wallabies! Nawwwwww cute! September 2010 The floods in Victoria, Australia. I'm glad I live on the hill. My hometown! (1 comments) Izabelle...I'm loving all her hair!! (6 comments) Izabelle 20th November 2010 (5 comments) Jess and Faith at yoga camp November 2010 (1 comments) Down to the Murray River, near Shepparton, at yoga camp Nov 2010 (2 comments) Faith dressed up, the kids part at yoga camp Nov 2010 My eldest Jess and my youngest Izzy :) nov 2010 (1 comments) Izabelle and Faith April 2011 (2 comments) My eldest daughter Jess and youngest Faith!! (2 comments) Wrens breeding in your garden means a healthy garden! :-P Sooo cute! (1 comments) My 2nd dauhter Eve playing dress-ups with Faith lol (1 comments) We are having some really beautiful sunsets lately! Sigh!! 27th July 2009 (1 comments) I love playing in the snow I sculptured this snow'wo'man while in Sweden March 2009 (3 comments) My adorable man...Patrik! SIGH!! ;-D (2 comments) Patrik and I in Sweden March 2009 (2 comments) The bush - charcoal ....done about 15 years ago (1 comments) Little princesses - pastel More than 10 yrs ago... I should finish it or do a bigger version.. hmmm (1 comments) Suzi's froggy! Suzi introduced Patrik & I. She asked for a frog so I made her one! LOL (2 comments) Something Australian.... I love the form of the Eucalyptus trees & of course the kookaburra! :-) (1 comments)

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