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Michael & Taylar--She does not have on her 5 inch heels in this picture! (12 comments) Michael & Taylar with the Ring Bearer & Flower Girl (11 comments) Sorry it is sideways---Hasn't Reagann grown! (6 comments) My Aunt, my sister, and my mom at the reception. (2 comments) Friends from school---Mr. Goodyear(science) and Mr. Hall(gym) and their spouses. (2 comments) Reagann would not cooperate for pictures--as you can see, the oldest is the shortest. (2 comments) This picture is a little clearer than the phone picture. (5 comments) See how much she has grown---Christmas 2012 (1 comments) (1 comments) Reagann's Birthday Cake (12 comments) Hens and Chicks I bloomed! (3 comments) Behind Bars! (1 comments) Spring My fountain would not work. Bummer! (18 comments) This is my flowering houseplant---have no idea of the name----pretty! (4 comments) Reagann playing with a Tree ornament. (4 comments) Playing with legos---Dec. 27, 2110 (3 comments) Howard with an armfull---Reagann, pillow, blanket and 4 dolls. (3 comments) Metal art tree sculpture at the Smithsonian (3 comments) Sept. 2010 (6 comments) My impatiens have filled in--June '10 (2 comments) Sept. 2010 (4 comments) MY NEW DINING SET (11 comments) Beth's wedding cake---June '10 (19 comments) See how she grows---and notice all her curls---15 months old (8 comments) Don't you love the colors? (10 comments) Hopefully, our future home (11 comments) These lights blink to music---hopefully the video blog will work. (11 comments) My Family! (5 comments) My son's family! (3 comments) Joy, she keeps stealing my orange bear! (2 comments) Fascination! (4 comments) Reagann's first birthday! (3 comments) OUR PRECIOUS LADY PHOENIX---WE WILL MISS HER DEARLY (4 comments) Kathy and Cathy on the horses---Howard sitting in front of us (2 comments) (2 comments) Me on May 20 (8 comments) tHE GREY HAIRED LADIES---LOL---AND BOTH IN ORANGE! (3 comments) THIS IS MY SPARK FRIEND, KATHY, WHO MET ME AT THE AIRPORT---MADE WAITING FOR LINDIE'S ARRIVAL NICE! The 4 Musketeers at Hershey's Chocolate World---we all ate tooo much chocolate that day! (8 comments) This is where we all stayed---so much fun connecting with Spark friends! (3 comments)

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