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Me at work 190.5 lbs. (3/15/14) Family Christmas Pics (192 lbs) (1 comments) My two Kiddos On our way to Indy to celebrate our 12th anniversary a week early. (190.6 lbs) My kiddos! (2 comments) Weight: 185 Connor and Vada My Kiddos! (1 comments) Wind in my hair! (Weight 185) Me before our beach vacation started (185 lb) My loves! Me and my Girlie (185 lbs) is looking forward to restarting Aug 30th! Going to be doing a 30 day Challenge thing so this should be fun! OMG! Started my 3o day challenge and I found out I can't do a sit-up anymore!! Gotta get myself into shape quick. Weight 193 my family My kiddos! Me before family pictures (193 lbs) Love the filter on this pic. Weight 194 I feel pretty! Love Black and White My Lularoe Dress I bought. July 2017 Weight 200 Me a little before December My Family November 2017 I felt Connor and Vada (Almost 5 Months old) Vada in the new sling I bought. Hoping to do some walking with her in it! (1 comments) My kids! Vada and Connor. (1 comments) Mommy and Vada 2 Weeks Old (1 comments) Weight 163.6 @ 7/20/13 (1 comments) First Family Photo (Vada 1 Day Old) (2 comments) Just messing around w/ the camera. May 31st Weight 180 (36 weeks pregnant) Aug 29th @ 181 lbs (15 lbs lost) ALso the Day I started my 42 week challenge!! (1 comments) Only before pic I have 187.6 lbs (June 19th 4 weeks into my goal) (1 comments) Found out I have a slight astigmatism so have to wear glasses (well only when I drive and stuff but it is nice seeing all the Weight 186 After I dyed my hair (about a month ago) Me starting over...173.8 (gotta love the "myspace" Me and my son Connor at my brother's wedding (Jan. 15th, 2011 Weight 172) My Family! 12/28/10 Buddha/Chris, Me, Madison, and Connor (Weight: 170.8) (2 comments) Just messing around with the camera! (1 comments) Taken before Family Pictures 12/28/10 Weight: 169.6 The Hubby and I. Taken a month or so ago. Neat that is was my 3 3/4 year old son who took this pic. (2 comments) 2/4 pictures from our Photo Booth pictures we did at the mall....I look like crap but we had fun so that is all that (2 comments) Connor (son). Buddha/Chris (nephew), ME, and Madison (niece)

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