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Same weight in both pics, same shirt, One year apart! Don't rely on the scale! (2 comments) New Swimsuit! June 2012 From where I started my journey to where I am today! 6/12 (3 comments) My Favorite After Workout Shake! YUM!! Current Progress on my guns! Loving the Progress! 6/12 (1 comments) (2 comments) 10/20/10 definition is totally coming through! 5/2010 starting to work on building these babies up! (3 comments) Totally Made My Day!! How Cool is that? I love Twitter!! Feeling Amazing! 3/24/11 144.6 (2 comments) Getting it all toned in! Loving it! 3/27/11 144.6 (5 comments) New hair! 3/23/11 (3 comments) (13 comments) Salina and I, at my goodbye lunch the day before I left Tucson! 4/22/11 (2 comments) HAHA! I'm standing on my Daughter's Memory Game, OOPS!! 2/26/11 (3 comments) 12/24/2010 146lbs, size 6 jean, Med shirt (7 comments) I've lost 62 lbs since joining Spark in 08, a total of 86 from my heaviest weight in 02! Working it! 12/30/10 (1 comments) Date on Pic is wrong, this was July 6, 2010 151lbs (4 comments) 12/25/2002 230lbs....NEVER AGAIN!! (2 comments) 7/17/2010 151lbs....Happy and Fit! (1 comments) Holding up a pair of size 18 jeans...wearing a size 8/6 now! 7/2010 (4 comments) On the beach with my girl, San Deigo CA, 155 lbs, 5/29/2010 Enjoying an evening walk after a very long day! (2 comments) Ready for my walk in the sun!! (8 comments) TINK9305 (AMY) and I at the Tucson SparkRally, sporting our Spark shirts!! (1 comments) My Vision Poster...I posted this on my Pantry door of my kitchen...I think it turned out awesome and am so proud of it when I look at it! (5 comments) 3/18/2010 (3 comments) Current Pic...2/20/2010...158lbs (2 comments) Current Pic Side view...2/20/2010 (4 comments) Getting my workout on! (1 comments) After a good workout! (1 comments) Spreading the Spark today on my Errands! My free shirt from ordering The Spark Book! 1/2010 (4 comments) Came across some old pics yesterday, this was my heaviest ever, Dec. 2002, about 230 lbs (3 comments) Highest Known Weight, summer 2002, aprox 230 lbs (1 comments) Me and my little sister, Pt Loma, CA....March 08, size 18 April McDonalds for a friend's large.... (1 comments) My best Friend Lola and me Gee...I've gotten more sun in WA then I have in AZ!! (1 comments) Best Friends... Enjoying a well deserved Glass of wine on Mother's Day... (1 comments) New clothes....Mother's Day 09 (1 comments) Size 12, 1/23/09 (1 comments) U can see my face in this 12, 1/23/09, Jeans in pic are 14's...need to buy some 12 my size 12 jeans...2/09 (1 comments) Down a size, 20 pounds lighter, ready to keep going...Nov. 08 Side Profile Belly is going away...still have more work to do...Nov. 08 Dec. 08, 25 pounds lighter, size 14 and the new jeans are still to big!!

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