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AGAIN, Why am I plumeting to my demise Are you sure this is how RHE SITUTION auditioned for JERSEY SHORE? At least I'm not the only turkey in this race Groucho Marx meets Harry Potter Hey Who just wet the bed It's Donald Trumps spare Would you like to come to dinner Burffday Smurffday WHERE'S MY COFFEE Colorin Easter Eggs started fun HEY YOU GUYS I'm staring in THE ELECTRIC COMPANY DEEP THOUGHTS could mean EVIL THOUGHTS I am IRONMAN. I and the suit are one. Is this the way Indiana Jones got started?? I've got papers Governor. I've got papers. HONEY, his snugli' is squishy UM, Ice Cream...BRAIN FREEZE!!!!! Nautilus Abdominal Chair. (1 comments) Posted a photo Posted a photo day 59 of my streak for "Listen to a get-up-and-go song every day 1 time per day" earned 6/13/2017 day 9 of my streak for "Stay within 1 calorie range 1 time per day" earned 6/15/2017 week 21 of my streak for "Use a stress/squeeze ball 7 times per week" earned 6/17/2017 day 63 of my streak for "Don’t eat in front of the TV 1 time per day" earned 6/21/2017 MY MOM ROCKS!!! COLLEGE BOUND I am SO O O O O O O O BIG Interesting. VERY Interesting, but stupid. Rush hour traffic SUCKS! Dang!! All these hotties want my bod. (1 comments) There is no jail that can keep us in. I PROMISE GRUMPY. I won't be bad again. I'm only a bird in a guilded cage. Hey cutie! Don't you think I'm the good lookin' one in the family??? Here comes trouble. If I see just one more stone I'm blowing this popsicle stand. PeeYou! When does this kid get potty trained? (1 comments) And now presenting the CHIP AND DALE Dancers (2 comments) A hard day at the office. LOOK MA! I'm King ah da' mountian. I know we parked the car around here somewhere???

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