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Did you know Minnie loves fries?? (1 comments) Halloween Flower Have to start them early...LOL Day at the Office New tattoo that I got on Friday....what ya think? (5 comments) 01/22/2010 progress pic 01/22/10 progress pic 01/22/10 Progress pic (2 comments) 08/11/2009 (1 comments) Lil lady at her first "photo shoot" ...LOL (3 comments) First "photo shoot" (5 comments) ok ok..last one from her first shoot...she was 7 weeks (2 comments) (1 comments) Halloween "costume" (2 comments) One of her Christmas outfit's(minus the Santa hat) (1 comments) I see you Daddy....what are you doing? Taking Pictures again?!?!?! Her shirt says, "if you think im cute, you should see my MOM!" LOL Holding my lil lady before she heads out with Mom (1 comments) Is she this small or am I this big?!?!?!?! LOL (1 comments) My lil princess holding her bottle before she is 3 months old..She doesnt like our hands on it..LOL Look Daddy....I put my pacifier in WHILE I was sleeping The Best Man!! LOL - trying on a tux for my brother's wedding Oct 21, 2009 (3 comments) My lil princess (2 comments) 4-D Ultrasound Pic - She is in deep thought on this one....lol 4-D Ultrasound Pic - WOOW!! She looks like the wife!! (1 comments) 4-D Ultrasound Pic 4-D Ultrasound Pic - thinking again.....she has a lot on her mind...lol 4-D Ultrasound Pic - She smiled for Daddy!!! (3 comments) Cruise Cabin - 2008 April 15, 2009 After workout pics April 15, 2009 After workout pics April 15, 2009 After workout pics April 15, 2009 After workout pics After visiting Jamaica, I had to rep for Marley - 2008 Cruise 2008 After Captain's Ball - Cruise 2008 (1 comments) i think this one is from 2009 Not a good picture, but this is the size Im trying to get back too, 2001(I Think) Black Party March 2008 February 2008.....I think around 290lbs February 2008 February 2008 again Cruise.....2006, I think 2006 Cruise again Clemson University's Death Valley

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