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Have a very lovely day. (1 comments) Something's in the air today ... (2 comments) Only if WV went completely dark forever would the weather channel report anything about this state. And even then they wud only say, "There is a strange black area showing up between Kentucky & PA." (1 comments) (2 comments) I tend to lean towards QUANTITY, at times, over quality, but if that Chicken is only 400 calories, I say, "Scotty, Beam Me Up TO KENTUCKY FRIED HEAVEN!" :-) (1 comments) So how was your weekend? :-) (2 comments) OK, IF we really are what we eat, then today I have become Chinese. (1 comments) :-) (2 comments) day 75 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 3/12/2015 Well, blow me down - Today was a real SUNSHINE DAY!!! ;-) (1 comments) Happy Saint Patrick's Day! BTW, anyone seen my bathroom scale? (4 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) The Doctor was puzzled; 'I'm very sorry Mr. O'Donnell, but I can't diagnose your trouble. I think it must be drink.' Says O'Donnell: Don't worry about it Dr Cullen, I'll come back when you're sober. OK, time to get serious and start lifting some iron! I'm ready!!! :-) Going to the Auction tonight. Hope I don't buy anything! :-) (1 comments) Didn't buy anything at auction. Huge fan of Carnival Glass, but it all went way too high. (1 comments) I always celebrate it on the 21st instead of the 20th. I prefer odd numbers, thank ya very much :-) (2 comments) Amazing but true - Even stretching can be an awesome workout! (3 comments) Hey, whatever works ... :-) (5 comments) Going outta town for 2 or 3 days. Taking laptop with me, but it hasn't been running properly lately. I wud HATE to lose my spark streak - Like, "kill my laptop if that happens",kind of HATE it :-( (3 comments) Got my computer back running, but, hey, I can still moan :-) (1 comments) Living A More Colorful Life! :-) (2 comments) Just feeling a bit outta kilter this week fer some reason .... and, thus, a bit behind on everything. :-) (2 comments) It's Never Too Late To Go Fly A Kite! Just Go Do It! :-) (4 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Spring cleaning ... and feeling like I need a therapist. HELP!!!! :-) (1 comments) OK, still spring cleaning - and although I'm NOT a hoarder, I do watch an episode of the TV show, Extreme Hoarding, each morning in order to inspire me to get RID of more and more of my useless stuff! (4 comments) Taking a break from spring cleaning today. I need a long drive and some time away from my STUFF. :-) Plus we just ran out of toilet paper. Wally World here I come. :-) (1 comments) Bit windy here today! Like almost tornado like windy. Some days, when it seems I can't get anything done, I wonder where does all my time go ;-) (2 comments) Been at the same spring cleaning task fer over a week now - my closet!!! :-( (3 comments) OK, it isn't snowing here but we are having one heck of a COLD snap! Burrrrrrr!!! (2 comments) Spark has had some problems lately with pages not opening and logging off you have to go to your spark page to do it - blah, blah blah - So FIX it already! (1 comments) Spring cleaning is so draining on the body and mind .... (3 comments) Still HURRYING to get done spring cleaning .... at the same slow pace each day :-) (2 comments) Nearly froze my arse off washing windows today. So what have you done to make yourself feel proud? Huh? :-) (2 comments) Some days the woolly mammoth just ain't enuff - and you gotta have them carbs! (1 comments) Be as cool as a cucumber today - It might just scare people - Or, at least, make em' think twice ;-) (4 comments) Hey, if you need it, I got it! AND .... you can have all my stuff fer just 25 Cents Yes, ALL of it, every single bit of it, fer just 25 Cents! Come Now and get it! :-) (2 comments) Did all that I could in one day. Tomorrow I start again. And then, out of no where, an asthma attack takes over my life. Dang! Hope to catch up with everyone tomorrow ---- IF ----- I can catch my breath :-( (7 comments) Yipeeee, I can finally breathe again! Thanks for all the well wishes while I was catching my breath. :-) (2 comments) Lot of catching up to do in Spark World - It's been one crazy BUSY week .... and it ain't letting up fer the weekend :-( One of these a'day may not keep the Doc away - but I love em just the same! (2 comments) Shopped for a dress to wear to a wedding today. Didn't find anything, but - DANG - dressing room mirrors sure do SUCK the HAPPY right outta of ya!!! (3 comments) Got all my garden planted and also my flowers. Today, I am doing NOTHING! :-) (3 comments) I'll be Bluegrass dancin' my little butt off at "DELFEST" this whole weekend! Yippeeeee!!! Be back Monday ya'll. :-) (4 comments) I understand his meaning. Thankful that such MEN lived! God Bless Them!!! Back from bluegrass festival. Twas fun! But flowers and garden all need watered right NOW ... and tons more JOBS lie before me. Oh, and I lost my spark streak cuz I wasn't here. :-) (1 comments) Gotta love the 3rd Guy! :-) (2 comments) Sometimes I feel like I'm a NUT CASE surrounded by bloody cannibals! (1 comments) Wishing Everyone A Lovely, Peaceful Day (1 comments) Tired of the cold, the wind, the rain and the constant threat of rain when it isn't raining. Going somewhere else today. Don't know where and surely don't care. (1 comments) Does this collar make me look fat? :-) (1 comments) What's Up With All The Pollen Sticking Around Fer Sooooo Long This Spring?!!! Dang!!! Plant A Garden To Get You Fed, But First You Build This Garden Shed. Trust me ...it makes weeding a whole lot more fun :-) Ponderin' Life's Changes. Spark Mail's format changed, but we still got some really messed-up goodies and emoticons! Just another day being me ;-) I only drink for the sake of recycling - Just doin' my little part to save Mother Earth. :-) (4 comments) Decisions, decisions - But there comes a time when, if ya want to keep moving forward, a path must be chosen (3 comments) Ya know how things can go at times, Well, this is one of those times. Hope to catch up with all my spark buds soon. :-) (3 comments) PART ONE: Maybe it was the hat I chose, but for a brief moment today I actually thought I looked like Taylor Swift PART 2: But then I passed a dang mirror!!! Still, I am pretty darn cute - don't ya think? (2 comments) Car making a noise? Things are goin' the way ya planned? Just turn up the volume. www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvaEJzoaYZk (3 comments) Inspired by Spark Buddy - and have now decided to challenge myself to EXERCISE every day for 30 days - starting July 1s't. Have you got a 30-day challenge in mind for July? I'd love some company :-) (6 comments) And the soviets said we would be weakened from within... www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuQ-3wxPCtM (1 comments) God, I Miss Lassie!!!! (2 comments) Thinking about doing this again, starting Monday - At least for 5 days. Sometimes you just feel a need to detox the system. Keep getting ALERTS that ANOTHER bad storm comin' our way. Like, "duh" how bout sending an ALERT when someone sees the SUN comin'! (2 comments) Bout to pour down rain AGAIN- but the garden has to be weeded! Hey, least I won't have to take a shower afterwards. :-) (3 comments) Roarrrrrrr! (2 comments) Standing on the shore at night and with a full moon ---- ohhhh how I need that moment to be my reality.... (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Check out this blog and link provided there. It is short but to the point. http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_j
will be back in a week ..... or two at the most ... (1 comments) It's HOT. It's DUSTY! It's Back BREAKING. It's Hay Season. AND - I HATE it! (1 comments) Another lovely day in hay field PARADISE Ready to get down? www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnQ89jZvZD0 (1 comments) (1 comments) Making a fresh start ... (1 comments) Guys! I miss ya! Working in hay fields for the last 3 days. Will catch up with ya soon as I can :-) (5 comments) Away from SP for several days now. Husband is dealing with a major health issue. Hope to be back soon. (6 comments) Spark Buds, I miss you like crazy! A bit on overload still, but I will be back soon - I hope! Lots to catch up on. Love Ya!!! (5 comments) Almost back to SP. Almost back to rebuilding myself. 2015 has been a very bad year - and this has been a very difficult month. Nonetheless, I will right my course very soon. I miss all of you.... (5 comments) I am getting CLOSER to being back with ya'll. Just a few days away - I hope :-) (2 comments) Finally! Back here where I belong! :-) (3 comments) It's a beautiful day outside and that is where I am headed. :-) (2 comments) Just hiked 300 Miles this morning while trying to catch up with Queen Moxie. Now, gonna RUN a Marathon with Phoenix Rising this afternoon. It's a pretty good day. ;-) (2 comments) Greetings from Mt. Everest, Spark Buddies! Enjoying the heck outta my morning climb! Wish You were here :-) (3 comments) Hiked through the Amazon Rain Forest this mornin. No need to be Naked - and I sure as heck wasn't Afraid :-) (3 comments) Happy Valentine's Day - tomorrow. ;-) I miss you guys and hope to back soon. Goodness knows, I NEED to be back yesterday. By the way, you do remember me - Right? ;-( (5 comments) Counting my calories. Wishing for Spring to spring! And hoping to blog again soon. :-) Bet you think I look a lot like Meryl Streep, but maybe it's Meryl who looks a lot like me ;-) (14 comments) (3 comments)

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