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Picture is 3 years ago just before my body failed me. Still mending. 8/10/17-day 10 of a new streak. (4 comments) 9/22/17 When he's active; you better believe---I'm active!! (3 comments) (9 comments) is staying home this rainy day; need recovery from a busy, fun week! Great family visit at DS's new house yesterday. 24 hours new and still empty. Smiles. (3 comments) is doing well, those phone call walks really give me a push. Not to 10,000 as an average but getting closer. (3 comments) Nothing sparks excitement like a box being delivered! Doesn't matter what's in it! (Dog Food)Smiles. (3 comments) After unpacking the box he becomes a helper and a ham! (3 comments) had a wonderful day yesterday! Alas, still battling a crummy cough this morning but did sleep well. :) (4 comments) is feeling good. We kept the play low key yesterday. Good day with GGS yesterday. Slept in this morning until 9:30! (4 comments) is enjoying GGS and I both feeling good again! (4 comments) is looking forward to a fun weekend! (6 comments) 1995 "Sometimes your joy is the source of your smille, . . . (4 comments) April 2015 All the color is gone! Last picture taken before I got ill in 2015. (10 comments) 2017 still on the mend; but making definite progress. Been a challenging 2 years. (5 comments) DD and DS May 2017. GGS's 3rd Birthday Fun day! (9 comments) Walking tour of "Old Friend's Farm" Easter weekend 2017. (2 comments) wishing everyone a Happy Easter! My younger brother and I Easter weekend, 2017. (3 comments) Good Health and Better Times with Grandkids are great motivators! Life is great! (21 comments) , it's still bitter cold; she's not out long! Now have a scanner. Can share older pictures. From 2000: (4 comments) One of our favorite walking paths. (7 comments) This little blessing turns 16 this month! Sept. 12, 2017, Life is good. (8 comments) Have Hoop Will Travel, spring 2014 (9 comments) Grandkids came to visit in July. We had a great time hooping it up!! (8 comments) (9 comments) BFF's, GGS and Sugar (16 comments) is frustrated. Tried and tried to post a Sugar/Xena photo blog last night; foiled by the "no html" message. None found. Tried again this morning; still can't get it to work! :( (9 comments) had a great day yesterday! Groomed Sugar, 2.5 hour _YES_ Workout!, So, 225 fitness min. with walking, gardening and hooping. One jealous cat. ;) (10 comments) (12 comments) Sugar stealing a kiss from my GGS. 11/20/15 (9 comments) (12 comments) Arboretum Trail, June 14, 2014, Shirt: "Walk with a friend!" (7 comments) 2001 at a shower for my daughter; expecting my DGD. (5 comments) Yes, I am officially the shortest person in my family. This is the DGD born in 2001. (4 comments) 8/29/01 - GD arrived! Celebrating Sweet 16 this week! Smiles. (7 comments) This picture is with MD DGD in 2003; she's also featured in today's blog. My how we've all changed! (2 comments) Slow and steady wins the race! (14 comments) (9 comments) July 12, 2011 Was thinking of my Sparkfriends; great time! Health is wealth! (6 comments) Spring Break-2012-Mountain Trail, TN (12 comments) Hooping, Yoga, walking Sugar and lots of gardening are keeping me in good shape! (8 comments) Going out with friends is great! (14 comments) SUGAR NOW (6 comments) SUGAR THEN, adoption day, January 2009 (5 comments)

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