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My girls. Xena and Sugar, almost inseparable. (5 comments) , it's still bitter cold; she's not out long! Now have a scanner. Can share older pictures. From 2000: (4 comments) is back under goal! Active day yesterday leaves "time for Joy" today. Yoga/abs this morning and maybe a walk outside. Early dinner with a friend this afternoon. Yesterday about wore me out, fun! (6 comments) (2 comments) Messy, but fun! slept in and slept well; really needed that. Looking forward to some spring weather! 50's-70's through next week! WooHoo! GGS comes today! (1 comments) is looking forward to a beautiful day. Planning on working on GGS's play area. After all, he helped me inside yesterday! (2 comments) , yardwork wore me out yesterday. Shooting for a good walk today instead. Super pleased with the new sandbox! Lid fits over the biggest toys! :) (2 comments) is taking it easy today and going to DGD's pageant this afternoon. (4 comments) is really enjoying working in the yard! GGS will get to try out the new sandbox today. I intend to plant a rescued rosebush and do more clean-up. (3 comments) is into her fitness season, yard and garden time! Weighed in a little under goal this morning, it's doing what I love to do and being accountable to you! Thanks for helping me through the winter!! (3 comments) Good Health and Better Times with Grandkids are great motivators! Life is great! (20 comments) BFF's (12 comments) One of our favorite walking paths. (7 comments) committed to a healthier lifestyle 15 years ago and is an 11 year maintainer today. Life is good. (8 comments) is frustrated. Tried and tried to post a Sugar/Xena photo blog last night; foiled by the "no html" message. None found. Tried again this morning; still can't get it to work! :( (9 comments) had a great day yesterday! Groomed Sugar, 2.5 hour _YES_ Workout!, So, 225 fitness min. with walking, gardening and hooping. One jealous cat. ;) (10 comments) (12 comments) April 2015 All the color is gone! (9 comments) (9 comments) Have Hoop Will Travel, spring 2014 (9 comments) Sugar stealing a kiss from my GGS. 11/20/15 (9 comments) Grandkids came to visit in July. We had a great time hooping it up!! (8 comments) (12 comments) Arboretum Trail, June 14, 2014, Shirt: "Walk with a friend!" (7 comments) "Sometimes your joy is the source of your smille, . . . (3 comments) 2001 at a shower for my daughter; expecting my DGD. (5 comments) 8/29/01 Expected GD arrived! Yet another good reason for me to get in shape! (7 comments) This picture is with MD DGD in 2003; she's also featured in today's blog. My how we've all changed! (2 comments) Slow and steady wins the race! (13 comments) (9 comments) July 12, 2011 Was thinking of my Sparkfriends; great time! Health is wealth! (6 comments) Spring Break-2012-Mountain Trail, TN (12 comments) Hooping, Yoga, walking Sugar and lots of gardening are keeping me in good shape! (8 comments) Going out with friends is great! (14 comments) SUGAR NOW (6 comments) SUGAR THEN, adoption day, January 2009 (5 comments)

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