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is pleased with 1600 calories yesterday but fitness was a challenge again with only 68 min. Have to push that the rest of July. Fun day though! Time with friends is good. Farm tour was wonderful! (4 comments) is pleased with today's weigh in. Strenuous day in the yard yesterday, a 1600 calorie day. 255 fitness minutes and GGS is coming over today! It's all good. :) (2 comments) took it easier yesterday, time with GGS and maintainence at 1850 calories and only 130 fitness minutes. Good day. Our sand box IS a box! Smiles! (2 comments) is having to be cautious with the heat; most fit. min. (165) indoors yesterday. Happy with 1650 cal. and staying in today. Fresh start on yoga goal today. Getting face shape back. WooHoo! (6 comments) JOYINKY stayed the same on a gain week averaging 1615 cal/day, missing 4 days of aerobic ex. and 2 yoga but meeting all other goals. Tells me a lot;need to work on the fitness part more. Next weigh in (5 comments) (4 comments) (10 comments) had a great day yesterday! Groomed Sugar, 2.5 hour _YES_ Workout!, So, 225 fitness min. with walking, gardening and hooping. One jealous cat. ;) (10 comments) had a heavy housework day yesterday; included furniture moving. Only 2688 steps, but 200 fitness minutes and hoop streak intact too. On 1600 calories, still a good day! Although S&X don't like it! (6 comments) Hi from the trail! June 1, 2016 and all is well. Thrilled to be back at it! (2 comments) Good Health and Better Times with Grandkids are great motivators! Life is great! (19 comments) GS's 21st birthday! Same GS is on the left in the two photo's above. Time flys!! (8 comments) (12 comments) I want to be back here in March 2016!! (7 comments) April 2015 All the color is gone! (9 comments) (9 comments) Have Hoop Will Travel, spring 2014 (9 comments) Sugar stealing a kiss from my GGS. 11/20/15 (8 comments) Grandkids came to visit in July. We had a great time hooping it up!! (8 comments) (12 comments) Arboretum Trail, June 14, 2014, Shirt: "Walk with a friend!" (7 comments) "Sometimes your joy is the source of your smille, . . . (3 comments) 2001 at a shower for my daughter; expecting my DGD. (5 comments) 8/29/14 HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY KENDALL!! (6 comments) This little guy turned 13 this month! I've gotten younger and smaller ;) (3 comments) This picture is with MD DGD in 2003; she's also featured in today's blog. My how we've all changed! (2 comments) Hooping is just plain fun! Makes me feel like a kid! (8 comments) Slow and steady wins the race! (13 comments) (9 comments) July 12, 2011 Was thinking of my Sparkfriends; great time! Health is wealth! (6 comments) Spring Break-2012-Mountain Trail, TN (12 comments) Hooping, Yoga, walking Sugar and lots of gardening are keeping me in good shape! (8 comments) You can be a kid again! 2011 (8 comments) (8 comments) Going out with friends is great! (14 comments) Beautiful Morning "field walk" August 2010 (7 comments) PURE JOY! No cats allowed! (7 comments) 9/1-XENA is FOUR today!! Tell me time doesn't fly!! (7 comments) SUGAR NOW (6 comments) SUGAR THEN, adoption day, January 2009 (4 comments)

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