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is easing back, hooped 20 minutes yesterday. Picture is 3 years ago just before my body failed me. Still mending. 8/10/17-day 10 of a new streak. (4 comments) hooped again last night, keeping it at 20 minutes for Aug. Walk around the out of control garden found some treasures among the weeds. (5 comments) has 3 days, hooping 20 min. DGD helped me with the house yesteday. This is how a dancer cleans a refrigerator: had another fun day with GGS yesterday. What can I say? Yogurt is his favorite food but is not for eating with your hands, playing made a mess. He's washable. Hooping continues without soreness. (4 comments) is pooped! Long day with GGS (3) and I never got to check in here this morning. But, my, we had fun! I'd promised we'd make Rice Crispy Treats! Most went home with Mommy. ;) (3 comments) was singing in the rain yesterday. He keeps me young! Smiles! and GGS were singing in the rain yesterday! He keeps me young! (4 comments) Center: GGS Adults: Grandson and Uncle; Granddaughter and Mom that are in my 1995 picture. (3 comments) 1995 "Sometimes your joy is the source of your smille, . . . (4 comments) April 2015 All the color is gone! Last picture taken before I got ill in 2015. (10 comments) 2017 still on the mend; but making definite progress. Been a challenging 2 years. (5 comments) grateful for the rain last night and the promise of more. Got Sugar groomed yesterday! BIG job done, wore us both out! Still needs nails done, we ran out of steam. Smiles. (6 comments) had a really good day yesterday, got my mojo back and only one of us was tired. Smiles. (5 comments) had a great summer day yesterday in every way. (7 comments) had a rough morning; felt like food poisoning. But feeling better now and going to take it easy today. Just ate 1/2 my normal breakfast; seem OK. Time will tell. Fun day yesterday! (9 comments) Walking tour of "Old Friend's Farm" Easter weekend 2017. (2 comments) wishing everyone a Happy Easter! My younger brother and I Easter weekend, 2017. (3 comments) Good Health and Better Times with Grandkids are great motivators! Life is great! (21 comments) , it's still bitter cold; she's not out long! Now have a scanner. Can share older pictures. From 2000: (4 comments) One of our favorite walking paths. (7 comments) committed to a healthier lifestyle 15 years ago and is an 11 year maintainer today. Life is good. (8 comments) Have Hoop Will Travel, spring 2014 (9 comments) Grandkids came to visit in July. We had a great time hooping it up!! (8 comments) (9 comments) BFF's, GGS and Sugar (15 comments) is frustrated. Tried and tried to post a Sugar/Xena photo blog last night; foiled by the "no html" message. None found. Tried again this morning; still can't get it to work! :( (9 comments) had a great day yesterday! Groomed Sugar, 2.5 hour _YES_ Workout!, So, 225 fitness min. with walking, gardening and hooping. One jealous cat. ;) (10 comments) (12 comments) Sugar stealing a kiss from my GGS. 11/20/15 (9 comments) (12 comments) Arboretum Trail, June 14, 2014, Shirt: "Walk with a friend!" (7 comments) 2001 at a shower for my daughter; expecting my DGD. (5 comments) Yes, I am officially the shortest person in my family. This is the DGD born in 2001. (4 comments) 8/29/01 Expected GD arrived! Yet another good reason for me to get in shape! (7 comments) This picture is with MD DGD in 2003; she's also featured in today's blog. My how we've all changed! (2 comments) Slow and steady wins the race! (14 comments) (9 comments) July 12, 2011 Was thinking of my Sparkfriends; great time! Health is wealth! (6 comments) Spring Break-2012-Mountain Trail, TN (12 comments) Hooping, Yoga, walking Sugar and lots of gardening are keeping me in good shape! (8 comments) Going out with friends is great! (14 comments) SUGAR NOW (6 comments) SUGAR THEN, adoption day, January 2009 (5 comments)

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