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On top of Glastonbury Tor. (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Made it to the top of the mountain! February 2010 (1 comments) Whee!!! February 2010 Happy St. Pat's Day (3 comments) Happy in Montreal July 2010 (2 comments) Family at swimming pool in my apartment complex My sister, my mother and me :) (1 comments) Absolutely! day 26 of my streak for "Exercise at least 30 minutes a day." earned 1/20/2015 day 14 of my streak for "Exercise at least 30 minutes a day." earned 6/4/2015 day 30 of my streak for "Exercise at least 30 minutes a day." earned 6/20/2015 day 30 of my streak for "Exercise at least 30 minutes a day." earned 6/20/2015 Oh for the day that I can have a bite of cake and still keep the weight! Farewell to a wonderful summer in England 2009. Sandy and Dave (2 comments) No worries Standing in Massacre Cave, Isle of Eigg, Scotland Me thinking about fairytales Wedding 1998 Hiking Kitchen Mesa April 2009 Me at Mesa Verde April 2009 With grandchildren making (ulp) cake 4th of July fireworks Pretending to push Ken over the edge of Picacho. March 2009. Looking over the valley from Picacho Slide Rock Park AZ March 2009 In Sedona March 1 2009. Very warm!! (2 comments) Sunset over mountains, view out the back of our townhouse (3 comments) Cooling water at Slide Rock State Park (1 comments) Oak Canyon AZ Wearing matching t-shirts, we say "farewell" but hopefully not for another 40 years! From right to left, Ken, Dave and myself in my favorite purple coat. Feb 4 hike uphill above Bear Wallow trail; Dave looking out at Atalaya Trail in the distance Rob and Lisa on our reservoir hike January 27 2009 First hike of the new year, January 2009. Bundled up because it was COLD! I love the ocean--Bermuda December 2008 Dh says that seeing a full rainbow like this is unusual. Saw this one on the first day of 2009! We loved the clean white buildings in Bermuda! I think that this is John Smith's beach--got confused after taking over 150 photos! Wouldn't it be nice to just lounge and listen to the ocean roar anytime we wanted? I can't take enough photos of ocean--to "tide" me over when i get back to the desert Swimming pool at Fairmont--and yes I went in, December 27, 2008! Me in Bermuda, late December 2008 Autumn hiking--late October 2008 near Santa Fe (I'm the one in the blue hat) Visiting dh in New Mexico, June 2008. My darling grandchildren, Spring 2008 (1 comments) My husband and I at Red Rock in September 2007 (1 comments) My daughter's wedding, August 2002 (1 comments)

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