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2/13/12, 40 lbs down, my eyes looking wider and collar bones peaking out! (2 comments) I look swollen! Christmas 2009, around 185 (1 comments) I made my friend (Kaity10) go "running" with me during a storm! She's pretending to be happy. (1 comments) After my run...the light green parts are dry! I started at 195, but have yet to find a real before picture. This was about a month after I started I look like a sweaty dork, but I don't care! I've got guns! October 2012 Another great day! Hoping to see some grass soon! (1 comments) Bluetooth headphones died on the treadmill today but I kept going! 30 minute walk outside with the dog, 35 minute interval run on the treadmill, can't wait to be in good enough shape to run outside! 10,000 steps just in my workout! Yayay!!! (1 comments) Warm up! Can I just say how much I love all the flair?! So cute! Oh and I guess it was a good day too hahaha Cute clothes make me work harder. (1 comments) As of today, 50 down, 50 to go. A shirt from the summer, I now use to sleep in and it is literally falling off. The v-neck is all the way over in my armpit! I'm afraid I'm going to get tangled up in it in my sleep haha! I'm sure it's stretched out a bit over time, but I think the loss of inches play a big part too. (4 comments) So much homework, no time to workout so I made a makeshift desk at the treadmill hahaha. I promise it's not as dirty as it looks, and it smells like fresh laundry! (1 comments) Dinner tonight! Buffalo "chicken" pizza (405 calories for the whole thing!) and roasted brussell sprouts and asparagus. Except I have almost no brussell sprouts left because I kept eating a few every time I walked by hahaha (2 comments) Walking at a slow pace so I can get some homework done, but I'm still getting my steps in! Also I discovered last night that I can change the color of the display on my treadmill, so tonight we are rocking purple! (1 comments) Late breakfast/early lunch. I'm not sure what it is yet, but it looks pretty good! I know someone who was excited to see snow on our walk tonight. It wasn't me. Made a poor choice today. At 66 degrees I thought I would break out the sandals and head to the trail for the first time this year. Had to stop a quarter mile in when I realized it was completely covered and would take me a day to get down and back. No time to run home for proper footwear before work so we walked to the old track (also snowy) and walked around the field. I'm disappointed but Poppi didn't seem to mind as she ran huge circles at full speed haha. Tomorrow I will be wearing SNEAKERS (2 comments) Bad day. Not feeling well and frustrated because the weight isn't coming off, I decided not to count today and was not good at all. Even though it's obviously not good to binge, today is a reminder of how much I've grown. I'm not beating myself up, didn't even have to tell myself not to. I know I'm in control, I will get back on track tomorrow and always have wayyy more good days than bad. Tomorrow I will go have my thyroid levels checked and keep pushing. (3 comments) Thinking there's something wrong with my Fitbit app... All of my active minute totals all the way back to October when I got it are suddenly huge! As great as this would be, it is so not true! (2 comments) (1 comments) Went shopping for some summer clothes yesterday. I know it runs large because I'm not truly a size small but no matter how big it runs, there's no way this shirt would've fit me a few months ago. Singing in June 2009 with the Jazz Band at 180ish (I think) 7/2010 around 185. I'm good at faking skinny! (1 comments) (1 comments)

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