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Home from a very wonderful women's retreat. (4 comments) Came home from work to two sleeping, snoring fur babies, curled up with each other on my bed. (1 comments) I made monster bark. It has eyeballs. (1 comments) my mom let the cat out of the bag at church today and they announced it was my birthday on Wednesday. Sometimes I wish I had dagger eyes like the Judge in Roger Rabbit. (2 comments) The kitties are taking a St. Paddy's Day nap before the corned beef & cabbage tonight! (1 comments) My allergy shots and daily medications are no match for the seasonal tree-flower-plant-gasm. The struggle is real! I can't stop sneezing!!! (1 comments) pranked at work! My computer screen, my phone, my keyboard, and my calculator all covered in cats! (4 comments) Walked into my office to find this! Gifts from the boss! (For both of us admin profs!) (4 comments) Beach house for a work conference! Oct. 2016 (2 comments) May 2016 My BFF's wedding! (1 comments) My first snow! Jan. 2017 (1 comments) Spent the weekend in the snow! Brewing my own kombucha! Easy, delicious, good for your gut. Just me. 1/25/13 Me, the beginning of 2013. (1 comments) Aaaaaand today's my birthday. (3 comments) I could use some sleep. Instead, here's a terrifying photo of what I'm sure is Baby Mothman here to kill me. (1 comments) Want to snuggle kitties today. Alas, I need to leave the house. (1 comments) Pranked at work! Where are all the computer monitors?? :-D (2 comments) Found this bad boy hiding at the bottom of my plant. (4 comments) Well, that's just FREAKING PEACHY. (6 comments) This one SLAYS me!!! Hahaha! (1 comments) day 250 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/29/2015 (1 comments) day 257 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 7/5/2015 (1 comments) (1 comments) Ah, that's much better. (1 comments) Me, on a jetty, on the beach, in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Copyright © 2011 Allen Piercy (3 comments) On the Carnival Splendor at Sunset. Copyright © 2011 Allen Piercy, Lighting by Steven Salito (13 comments) Cabo San Lucas on the beach (with the Splendor in the background). Copyright © 2011 Allen Piercy (1 comments) Me in my tealiness at my baby brother's wedding. (1 comments) Crossing the Finish at the Iron Girl 5k at 55:10. 11/6/11 (2 comments) ComicCon 2011- Futurama Brain Slug got me! (Or maybe I'd been up since 4am with 2 hours of sleep) (3 comments) Halloween 2011: Jilted Bride. "That J@ck@$$ left me at the altar!" (5 comments) Double-Barrel Nerf Shotgun FOR THE WIN! (2 comments) And here I am being a fat kid at Pink's in Hollywood. (2 comments) Aw, darnit... I was the fat bride's maid after all! July '09 (3 comments) My big ol' booty walking into Shakespeare's Garden in San Francisco. (1 comments) Stand Up Paddleboarding with San Diego Spark Team 7/21/12 My first indoor rock climbing experience. Fun times! (2 comments) Moonlight Kayaking on Mission Bay (3 comments) Halloween 2010 Discorama Mama! (3 comments) Theatre Dept. Graduation! June '10 (1 comments) Red Appears to be My Color! June '10 (2 comments) Another Fat Bride's Maid... May '10 One of my Graduation portraits (1 comments) Bachelorette Party for my Bestie! May '10 Irish Cider at an Irish Pub in Ireland!!! (1 comments) Me at the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland Hanging out inside Blarney Castle, Ireland. (4 comments) Japanese Garden, in Ireland! (2 comments) Me and a Phone Booth, London, England (2 comments) Another Grad Portrait (2 comments) Jocelyn (Wolfkitty) and I at SparkCon09 (3 comments) In beautiful sunny San Diego at SparkCon09 (2 comments) Waiting for my Long Island Iced Tea w/ the "homies" (1 comments) I was fairly thin once... in 2006. Same pants as the next photo! (2 comments) Above Rainbow Falls in Hilo, Hawaii. My pants look painted on. Same pants from before. April '07 (1 comments) I think I'm crushing the hippo with my fat @$$! (2 comments) Hiking in Torrey Pines w/ SD Sparkers! (2 comments) In a cave w/ Leah in the Torrey Pines Bluff. (7 comments) Torrey Pines beach! The Fat Kid emerges from the waves! Me as a Renaissance Maiden! Halloween '08 (1 comments) Yup. That's how I roll. (1 comments) Addicted to Tattoos. (2 comments) Fat Kid want s'more! (1 comments) Mad skills... even for a chunky coach. '06 (1 comments) Flexibility is decent, at least. (2 comments) I think I'm the hippo ballerina from Fantasia. (3 comments) HAHAHA, oh man... That's fabulous. (3 comments) And don't you forget it! (4 comments)

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