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Family photo spring 2012 At about 28 weeks, hoping to lose this baby weight easily but I know it's going to take hard work! Ready to see this transition again, in between picture one and two (5 comments) Feeling great at 197 - So now I have 20-30#'s to go - that is to be determined! (6 comments) 3/02/10 - 202#'s smiling my way into 199.5!! (1 comments) 3/02/10 - 202#'s ready to say good bye to 200s!! (4 comments) PROGRESS...PROGRESS...PROGRESS... (5 comments) Getting ready to leave 200ville, adios for good!! :-) (1 comments) In my new workout shirt love it! BIKINI or BUST 2010 - The curvier Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are my bikini motivators! (1 comments) Goal Jeans!! 217.5# (1 comments) Sept. '08 About the same weight - 220ish (2 comments) March '04 - Both of us need to get some weight off. Paul did it, I have had some hurdles! :-) March '04 - this is where I began my slooow journey of weight loss - about 245-250 here (1 comments) This picture and this trip was when I said enough - I am sick of all of this - About 242# 9/27/09 BTW, these shorts don't begin to fit me now!! Were a little loose then but now they are gone!! Same trip - using it to compare how this dress fit me in September '09 at 242# vs the next pic Same dress as lighthouse pic but now I am 25#'s lighter!! 6/05/09 My 10 yr anniversary w/ my hubby About 238 here spring 2009 Post Thanksgiving - 224# (1 comments) June 2006, My husband Paul & I on vacation in upstate NY. I was about 220 (1 comments) 227# In My Christmas Goal Jeans!!- 219.5# 12/17/09 Also new haircut!! Love it :-) (4 comments) This is me at my FUTURE 160# goal - used weightmirror.com (2 comments) Goal Jeans - side view A week later in goal jeans but 217.5# - 12/23/09 Side view - 217.5# (3 comments) Back View - 217.5# - glad to see my shapely-ness coming back. Haven't seen much of it in 14 years! So baggy these were barely staying on! Woo Hoo! 202#s (1 comments)

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