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Curtis and I headed our for a Football Party! :) 8/30/08 Curtis and I at his brother's wedding in May '08. (My Goal!!) Curt and I on Vday '09! Me at my heaviest.... 210... Curtis and I at Kentucky Kingdom 7/3/09...215lbs Kat and I at the waterpark! 7/3/09.. 215lbs Me at my heaviest. 225lbs! (1 comments) Us out for our 2 year anniversary! 206lbs... 4/24/10 Sarge at 2010 Waggin' Trail! :0) Me! January 2011 @ 215lbs! (1 comments) 3/19/11 @ 208lbs Oaks May 6, 2011 (1 comments) OAKS 2011 (1 comments) OAKS 2011 Me in the Ocean! Sandestin, FL @ 190lbs 8/25/11 Enjoying a cocktail at Sunset! Florida! 8/24/11 Me in Florida! 190lbs 8/24/11 Ryan! YUM!! (3 comments) Feeling Fun and Flirty!!! 5/28/12 @ 192lbs 8/20/12 193lbs Vacation- Destin, Florida- 10/8/12 Happy Halloween!! (1 comments) Where's Waldo?? Novemeber 29, 2006-- The day my honey pie proposed! 5/15/07- Run for the Rawhide 5K (Me w/ Maria and Sarge) On my way to the Bristol!! YUM! 7/7/07 Curtis and I at a Reds game 11/28/07- New Hair!! WOOHOO!! Louisville Losers Christmas Dinner 2007 Louisville Losers Ice Skating! 1-11-08 Jen & Curtis- Engagement photo taken in Downtown Louisville- 3/2/08 (1 comments) Bachelorette Party!!! 4/18/08 Heather and I @ my bachelorette party! Mr. and Mrs. Priddy - 4/26/08 My dad waiting to walk me down the aisle! 4/26/08 The husband and I on our wedding day! 4/26/08 (My goal: 160) (2 comments) The Louisville Losers at the 2008 Waggin' Trail 5K!! Looking hot in our life jackets! hehe... Going out to dinner in Jamaica! New hair! HOTT!!! ;-) My sis, my mom and me! 6/15/08

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