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Me and My Husband - 2009 (1 comments) Rainbow taken by my daughter while on vacation in Miami My grandson's First Birthday!! (1 comments) My Two Grandsons (2 comments) This is my first grandson, Foster. He is 2 years old. Isn't he a cutie?? My newest grandson, Josiah. He is 3 months old. He is so cute! Pumpkin Patch My newest grandson on his 1st Christmas 2010. My first grandson on Christmas 2010. (1 comments) My youngest grandson. He is 18 months old and so darn cute! My first grandson. He is 3 years old. I never knew such love until I held him. I love both of my grandsons VERY much! My handsome grandson, Foster. My other handsome grandson, Josiah Our three precious grandchildren Our newest grand child and our first granddaughter. Born August 1,2012 weighing 7lbs 6ozs. A few of my favorite things that will get and keep me motivated! Three of my grandchildren! My fourth motivating and inspiring person. My fourth grandchild, granddaughter, born on 11/22/13 Me and my husband with our 4th grandchild. He is wonderful and supports me in everyway! (1 comments) Love my new water cup my daughter brought me back from Georgia!! Big dill pickle for an afternoon snack!! Breakfast this morning. Oatmeal with peanut butter, a little too much, but I'll know better next time. Very Yummy!!! (3 comments) Not healthy I know. But all stuffed up with pollen allergies. Need some of this! (2 comments) Great blood sugar reading this morning. But gotta get some breakfast before it goes too low. (2 comments) This should get me going. Oatmeal, peanut butter and banana! Yummy breakfast! (1 comments) My own personal incline machine!! My driveway going up!! (3 comments) My driveway going down! Quite a workout walking up and down. (1 comments) Fruit in my salad for dinner!! Can't wait ! (4 comments) Bagel and cream cheese Got my Fitbit Zip in the mail today!! (12 comments) Breakfast (1 comments) It's a gloomy day but I decided to get the new Fitbit out for my first real walk in a long time. I know it's not much, but I've basically been a coach potato for a long time due to arthritis. So, I'll take this!! Watch for bigger and better numbers coming soon!! (2 comments) Lunch! Rotisserie chicken on bed of salad. Small spreading of Panara Bread Tangerine Honey Dressing. Love that dressing!! Yes, it is!! (2 comments) (1 comments) My breakfast and my breakfast partner this morning. Babysitting my granddaughter! Best mornings are mornings with her! (5 comments) So discouraging!!! 😠😞 (10 comments) LOVE this Greek yogurt! Add a little granola....yum yum!! Just right to satisfy my sweet tooth. (7 comments) Enough said.... (4 comments) So good to see Spring at my house!! The azaleas are blooming! (6 comments) I'm overwhelmed!! (17 comments) I don't and can't run per doctor. But this is how I feel about just walking right now!! Not giving up though!! (6 comments) Well after finding out my knees are shot with arthritis, I had to lower my daily goal to 2500 steps! I met it today walking circles in my house and in the backyard. I know it's not much but I'll take it for now. Knees only hurting a little too!! I can do this!! (5 comments) Got this from Pinterest. Love it and all of us should remember this! Have a great Wednesday! (7 comments) My lunch and my meds for ear infection. Lunch was very good!! (3 comments) This handsome little man is just one of my 4 grandchildren. He's visiting us today cause he's a little under the weather. But, he did decorate some planters for me to use for my flower garden. Love him! They keep me going (4 comments) Does bathing your little dog count as exercise?? It sure tired her out!! LOL. 😄 (4 comments) One small step, turns into two and two will eventually turn into victory! (1 comments) Finally got me some cottage cheese and fresh veggies!! Can't wait to eat this lunch!! (8 comments) Monthly weigh in yesterday morning. 9 lbs gone!! Yippee! (9 comments) My four inspirations!! My beautiful grands!! (9 comments) Trying to keep my eyes of my goals! (2 comments) (5 comments) First time over 3,000 since the bad knees diagnosis! Little progress!! (5 comments) Broccoli stir fry for dinner! Yummy! (4 comments) YES! Never forget this!! (6 comments) Had to take hubby to Veterans Hospital for Drs appt. We had to wait 3 hours past appt time to be seen, but something good did come out of it for me! (4 comments) Now I know why my knees hurt! It's not a lot, but a lot for me and my knees. Oh well, knees will feel better tomorrow after resting them. Glad I got the extra steps. (3 comments) Took me two months, but me and my bad knees did this!! 😄 (5 comments) Trying my hardest! (2 comments) Breakfast this morning! Also had half a banana! Good fuel! (2 comments) (1 comments) Exactly what happened when I quit smoking 5 years ago! Wish it would happen with getting healthy! (4 comments) LOL!! (1 comments) Whew, glad that's over!! LOL (7 comments) (2 comments) Lunch. Half a ham sandwich, celery with peanut butter for some crunch and grapes for dessert! (2 comments) (3 comments) Dinner tonight! Homemade vegetable soup and a salad! So yummy!! (2 comments) Make healthier decisions! (3 comments) Absolutely! (4 comments) Found this at grocery today. 5 tbsp have 50 cals It's to mix with your scrambled eggs, omelets, frittatas. This one has yellow pepper, Jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro (3 comments) My favorite new "go to" when I have a sweet tooth attack. 10 Green seedless grapes mixed with 1 tbsp of whipped topping! YUMMY! (7 comments) Told you I'd let you know!! This stuff is AWESOME!! Find what works for YOU! TGIF!! The day is get to keep my 23 mo old granddaughter!! I love her!! TGIF!! The day I get to keep my 23 mo old granddaughter!! I love her!! (4 comments) I babysit this sweet baby girl on Fridays, my granddaughter! She counts as my exercise! Ha! Love her!! (2 comments) By Healthyplace.com Facebook page! We are need to remind ourselves this everyday! (3 comments) (6 comments) Mother/Daughter Pedicure Saturday!! Cause here in Alabama in November we can still wear flip flops!! Wanting some cooler weather here, please! (6 comments) Happy Veterans Day!! (1 comments) Happy Veterans Day!! The hardest thing for me to do!! (2 comments) Happy Saturday! Daughter put up our Christmas tree today because our son and his family coming from out of state for Thanksgiving. We want see them again before Christmas. She did a great job! (2 comments) I usually don't put our tree up until after Thanksgiving. But, this year my daughter came and put it up since our son and family are coming from out of state for Thanksgiving this year but we won't see them for Christmas. So kinda celebrating both with them next week. She did a great job on the tree but never fear, I cleaned house while she decorated so I got some exercise in too. (3 comments) (1 comments) Snowman wreath my daughter in law made me! He's so cute! I love him! Any suggestions for a name? (4 comments) Beautiful healthy salad my husband fixed me for dinner! (1 comments) Me and my fur baby love broccoli. My husband won't even look at it!! LOL. That's ok. Me and her will be healthy! (3 comments) This was me and my brain last night! . Ugh! (7 comments) (4 comments) My first spaghetti squash! Cooked in the digital pressure cooker I got as a gift from my sister at my birthday in Sept. YUMMY GOOD!!! And so easy and ready in 4 minutes!! (6 comments) Do what works for you! I will! (3 comments) To everyone!! We CAN do it in 2016!!! (3 comments) Yippee for me! (3 comments) Look what me and my grandson made this morning!! Omelet muffins, egg, sausage, onion, cheese and bell pepper! He loved them! (9 comments) My fitness equipment! Just starting a routine so using my resistance band and two cans of veggies! At least I'm doing something! LOL! (4 comments) Best gift I ever got! My sister gave me this electric pressure cooker for an I Love You gift!! It's a life saver and changer! Homemade veggie soup less than 25 mins! (2 comments) It's hard not to count the days though! (2 comments) Never, ever give up! Keep going! (2 comments) Strive for progress, not perfection! (4 comments) Just sayin'. 😄 (2 comments) Low carb Italian sausage and spinach soup I made for tonight's dinner!! Soooo good! (7 comments) (2 comments) Working on all of this!! (2 comments) (1 comments) Just small little steps..... Here we go! Happy Monday! (2 comments) Keep going! Never give up! Let's love ourselves! (3 comments) I did it!! I signed up for my Y membership last night. And....today I went and did 1 1/2 miles on the bike in 15 mins. I also met some ladies that I will be taking the arthritis exercise in the pool with. I had a great time! I know I didn't do much but it's a lot for me right now. (6 comments) On the bike again today! Did a little better than yesterday. Small steps!! Whew! (6 comments) Yep! I read somewhere that ordering a Cobb salad was a good choice at a restaurant if you live by low carb. This is a turkey Cobb from a local deli. Best salad I ever had!! So fresh.and good! AND, I got two meals out of it!! (5 comments) Never, ever!! My essential oil diffuser necklace! Woke up with a stopped up head and sore throat. A little drop of peppermint oil and I feel so much better! Crazy, but it really works! Love my necklace and oils!! (6 comments) Woke up with a stopped head and sore throat. Used my essential oil diffuser necklace and a drop of peppermint. I feel much better! Crazy, but it works! (2 comments) My trip to the Y today!! Little improvement and I'll take it! (4 comments) 24 minutes, 2 miles plus 515 steps today at the Y! Feeling a little under the weather, but still went. Glad I did! (2 comments) (1 comments) What a great idea! Write a bunch of exercises on a Popsicle stick and when you get a chance, grab one and do it. Then move it to the Done cup! (1 comments) My workout at YWCA this morning!! 27 minutes and 2.50 miles. Hoping I can hit 30 minutes soon. Concentrating on time right now and not distance. (3 comments) Another SP award for me! Yippee! (1 comments) Exactly!! (2 comments) Hard to do, but we CAN do it!! I've found this out by joining the YWCA. Definitely not my comfort zone, but the more I go, the better I feel! Sweet granddaughter! Who wouldn't love to keep this precious baby?! (5 comments) Made this tonight for dinner with a salad! Sooo good! First time to eat asparagus this way. (7 comments) Finally got to my 30 minutes of exercise at YWCA!! Even surpassed it. Did 35 minutes of non stop exercise! Yippee!!! Everyone enjoy your weekend! My new Skechers and I love them! They are great for me at the gym and love the colors on them! And, that memory foam insole really works! Most comfortable shoes I own!! (5 comments) Low carb breakfast today! Bacon and the egg muffins I made yesterday. Made 12 of them for the week. Everyone have a great and blessed Sunday! (7 comments) 37 minutes on the recumbent bike today and 3 miles! I'm getting there, little by little!! (1 comments) Up to 40 minutes and almost 3.75miles! Can't believe how far I've come in just 3 weeks! (6 comments) Always remember! I started my arthritis aerobics pool class today and had so much fun. People there made me feel special! (5 comments) On my test day, I had an Atkins meal for lunch! Crust less chicken pot pie!! VERY YUMMY!! (3 comments) Be positive to have a positive life! (1 comments) (3 comments) Burger I made tonight with all the works wrapped in lettuce (no bun). Best. Burger. Ever! Didn't even miss the bun! Side of cauliflower too! A delicious dinner. So good I almost forgot to take a pic of it :). (12 comments) Growing my own romaine lettuce from the bottoms of romaine I bough in the store! They grow in water and grow fast! Trying to save some $$$. (15 comments) To all my SP friends! (3 comments) So cold in so many places I thought we could use a cup of low carb, low fat, vegan, clean, no calories (or whatever you want it to be) hot chocolate!! LOL (3 comments) Happy Valentines to everyone! Sp Was good to me today...20 points on the wheel...great Valentines surprise! Going to the gym later today! Everyone enjoy! Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Sp Was good to me today...20 points on the wheel...great Valentines surprise! Going to the gym later today! Everyone enjoy! (1 comments) Happy Valentines Day to everyone! SP was good to me today...20 points on the wheel...great Valentines surprise! Going to the gym later today! Everyone enjoy! Lunch today! Tuna salad on a bed of lettuce, tomato, and cucumbers! (3 comments) LOL! I really did not eat a pizza! Just reminded me of some of the silly excuses we can come up with sometimes! (7 comments) No one can do it for you! YOU can do this! Yes, you can!! 40 minute on the bikes done!! So sweaty my glasses sliding off my nose!! LOL! Feels good!! (4 comments) Grateful for all things!! Yesterday's lunch with my arthritis aerobics pool class! We had a great time and celebrated one member's 78th birthday!! If she can do it, we all can! (5 comments) Not this time!! NO! Not feeling so good today & did not feel like cooking. Went to Arby's for this great salad for me and fish sandwich for the hubby! I was tempted to get something else, but stayed strong! (3 comments) Something to think about! Be patient! It takes time! Hardest thing for me to do! (1 comments) Ha! Too cute not to share! (2 comments) Yep!! As a diabetic, I try to stay low carb as much as possible. I've been craving pancakes though. I found a low carb recipe using coconut flour and tried it out this morning with SF syrup. So good and cured my craving for sure! Yay!! (11 comments) Tonight's dinner! A soup I came up with! It's was soooo good and still some left for another day in the freezer. Hubby loved it too! (3 comments) LET'S DO IT!! (3 comments) Awake at 3:00 a.m. again! This pattern has got to stop! LOL! So many things to think about! Today is my daughters 31st birthday! I love her so much! (1 comments) Happy Birthday to my daughter, Mandy, today! I love her so much! She is not just my daughter, but my best friend! She keeps me going! (6 comments) (3 comments) Hang in there! (3 comments) Fresh batch of low carb egg muffins I made for an easy and handy breakfast! So good and so easy to make! (4 comments) It sure does! Spring is springing at my house!! (2 comments) Even with bum knees! I'm kinda proud of myself!! (8 comments) This was lunch today since I just can't bring myself to get out of bed. Very tasty and filling too. This flavor my fave! (1 comments) My horse liniment I'm using on my knees! Mighty strong smell for about 10 mins, but it does help me. (4 comments) Another month to get healthy!! Your choice! (1 comments) Rest if you must, but never give up! I decided to go ahead and make dinner for tonight. My first attempt at "Crack Slaw" a low carb favorite among low carbers. I was skeptic, but it's really good. Had to take a test bite! :). (6 comments) Low carb pizza on low carb flat out bread! Very good. This was last nights dinner. Hubby loved it too!! (2 comments) If someone told me 3 months ago that I could get a spark trophy for this, I would have laughed and said, "yeah, right,". Love Spark People and all my Sparkie friends!! (5 comments) (5 comments) Made this low carb bread (2.5 carbs for all) with almond flour, flaxseed, coconut oil, egg, baking soda and salt! 90 secs in microwave. Sliced in half to make a turkey sandwich. Wasn't too bad with mayo, turkey and cheese. Very filling for sure!! (4 comments) It certainly is!! (7 comments) Lunch today. Tuna fish on salad, laughing cow cheese on celery, 12 almonds and Atkins snack bar. (3 comments) (2 comments) Cloudy but warm day here today. Made a short grocery run and resting knees. Babysitting granddaughter tomorrow and she has therapy too. Will be a very busy day!! Enjoy your Thursday! Tonight's dinner. Philly cheese steak without the bun and roasted radishes. Yep, radishes! Read where low carbers roast them to use like potatoes. Again, I was skeptic, but they were REALLY good!!! (5 comments) Waving my wand over all of you! :) (5 comments) Could not do this without all of you! Just wanted to say "thank you." HUGS!! I could not do any of this without all of my Spark friends! Just want to say "thank you." HUGS! (2 comments) Truth!! (4 comments) Dinner tonight. Ham, salad, cucumbers and onions, turnip greens and roasted radishes! (1 comments) This is my future I guess. Went to orthopaedic doctor yesterday. Surgery scheduled for Apr 28th on right knee if I don't chicken out!! Such a hard decision. If anyone has any words of wisdom, I'd love to hear them. (8 comments) Make it a way of life! 25 points on the wheel today!! Yippee! Thank you all for your encouragement in my knee replacement. Means so much! Leaving now for arthritis aerobics class! Have a great day!! Believe, patience, don't give up! (3 comments) Dinner tonight! Amazing! Hubby was even impressed!! :). (3 comments) Top O the Mornin' to you!! Happy St Patrick's Day!! Don't forget to wear green today! I'm going to a diabetic education class this morning. Never too old to learn! Have a great day, everyone! (1 comments) Don't forget to wear green today so you don't get pinched! Wear something green to workout. :) (1 comments) Babysitting this sweet baby girl today! Found out at diabetic class yesterday that I'm not eating enough. Never thought that would happen! Adding some healthy carbs hoping to see the scale move! (4 comments) Woke up feeling confused and overwhelmed. Diabetic issues and knee replacement issues has my mind spinning. Think I'll spend the day looking at my beautiful pink azalea bush in my front yard. (6 comments) Having some diabetic issues and too much stink in' think in' about knee replacement surgery. Need something calming today. This is the beautiful azalea in my front yard. (5 comments) Four things I struggle with everyday and one I'm VERY proud of as of this morning! Yes, it's worth it!! (8 comments) My lunch today! (1 comments) Happy First Day of Spring, everyone!! These are in my neighbors yard! Love this time of year except for all the pollen!! (3 comments) Me and my beautiful daughter at the YMCA working out! I've lost 35lbs, but I'm not gonna feel good about myself in pictures until that crappy double chin is gone!! (5 comments) I have the hardest time drinking enough water everyday. This past weekend, I made a conscious effort to up my water intake. 2 more lbs gone this morning!! Yippee!! (5 comments) I really ate so much crap tonight!! It's so embarrassing! I'm so mad at myself! Now my tummy hurts, not to mention my blood sugar is really high!! Never again!! Wish I could figure out why this happen! So good for months, and then blow it!! Tomorrow first thing, back on plan!! This is so not worth it!!! Yuck!! (12 comments) (2 comments) CONFESSION TIME: went on a binge last night and ate a bunch of stuff I shouldn't have. My tummy hurt after and my blood sugar went way to high! Today is a new day! Back to my commitment!! (6 comments) Dinner tonight! Baked chicken half breast, Brussels sprouts, tomato and cottage cheese. So good and so filling. 2 hours after eating, my blood sugar was 78. Can't ask for better than that! (5 comments) Almond flour blueberry muffins I made today. They are good, but I didn't have quite all the ingredients it called for so I improvised. Next time I'll make by the recipe! Still ate able though and good for you!! (1 comments) I love the song and video of Overcomer by Mandisa! I know it's an old song and I don't care if you listen to Christian music or not. But if watching this video and listening to the words doesn't give you the motivation to dig deep during your workout, nothing will! Awesome artist and song! (4 comments) Dinner tonight. Cabbage, veggie and chicken soup and a half of cheese quesadilla made with low carb tortilla. (3 comments) HaHa! Must admit I love a Cadbury egg! But not having any this year!! (1 comments) To all my Spark peeps! He has risen!! (2 comments) Happy Easter to all! Hope all of you have a wonderful, healthy day! Needed a smile today :) so sharing this one! Remember though, it's not nice to judge others by their appearance! (2 comments) Easter dinner. Little ham and potato salad and lots of green beans. Also ate a tiny sliver of lemon pie but it was way too sweet. Eww! Funny how once you rid your body of the sweet stuff, it doesn't really taste good if you try to eat it. (3 comments) I think SP needs to add slicing (or butchering in my case LOL) a ham to the exercise database. Due to his health, my hubby was unable to slice it this year so this was my first time to try! It got done but it wasn't pretty! Got a good arm workout though. LOL. :) (4 comments) Love yourself!! (1 comments) My Mia! She went to the groomer yesterday and to the vet for an ugly eye problem! The meds are working! Looks much better this morning. I'm glad cause no improvement meant surgery and she's 16 years old. Love her and my cat, Tammy, so much!! (8 comments) Leftover Easter ham on skinny rye with tomato slices for lunch! Love a tomato on a sandwich!! (6 comments) Don't give up! (3 comments) Be happy! Lunch today was leftovers from last nights dinner. Baked chicken and fresh yellow squash seasoned and cooked in foil with the chicken! YUM!! (2 comments) Just Try!! (2 comments) My lunch smoothie!! Wasn't really very hungry, so made a great smoothie with almond milk, blueberries, strawberries and half a banana!! So good!! (2 comments) Yippee! (3 comments) Yay!! I love SPARKPEOPLE!! (4 comments) Lunch today! Half a turkey sandwich on rye, tomato and cottage cheese and cantaloupes with my lemon water!! (5 comments) Getting my water in earlier this afternoon. This was my third refill for the day!! (2 comments) Never give up!! You know you want to see yourself through this!! You'll feel GREAT! Eat your breakfast my SP peeps! (1 comments) Good to know! (4 comments) Lunch today!! (1 comments) Make it count!! (2 comments) (1 comments) Love yourself! (1 comments) This was lunch!! Really healthy and good! Dinner went haywire. First time in 4 months I really ate what I shouldn't plus too much of it!! Lesson very well learned. I'm sick to my stomach now!! Bad, bad, girl!!! :( (6 comments) (11 comments) My cat just took a selfie by herself! I don't know if she's really smart or just got lucky! LOL!! (4 comments) Almond milk, half a banana, peanut butter, sugar free chocolate syrup and ice! So much better at approx 180 cals than milkshake I had last night at 660 cals! (2 comments) I have been wanting one of these ever since they came out. I've read reviews, some good some bad, and I couldn't see paying $15 for it. Today at Publix, found this on the clearance rack. I hope it does well but if not $3 won't make or break me. (11 comments) Be YOU!! Love yourself! (3 comments) Just had my annual mammogram! A little reminder to get yours if you're due for one! Very important! (2 comments) I can't wait to see! Shine brightly!! Success! (1 comments) Almost forgot to take a pic. Whole wheat fettuccine noodles, organic 4 cheese sauce and 3 meatballs! So good! (1 comments) (2 comments) Believe in yourself! I believe in all of you!! (4 comments) Babysitting this angel today! Exercise will be done! LOL. Waiting to hear about my lab results today! TGIF!! Have a healthy day to all! (1 comments) Walt Disney was a wise man! (2 comments) (3 comments) Absolutely! (2 comments) So true!! (2 comments) Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach! (7 comments) Keep going no matter what!! Couldn't wait to get to the pool today! Felt amazing! Got the flowers at the parents grave sites yesterday. I think they are very pretty! Happy Healthy Monday, everyone!! (1 comments) Protein shake I made for lunch with half a fresh orange! Tastes just like a dreamsicle! Wow, it's good!! (8 comments) Yep! (1 comments) (1 comments) Never quit! (3 comments) Don't lose sight of your dream! Yes, you are!! (5 comments) This is my happy place! Love this arthritis aerobics class! This was before class but usually about 35 in the class! We have fun and get a great workout! I'm going to really miss it until my knee heals! (5 comments) Progress is progress!! (5 comments) Not going to regret my total knee replacement surgery once I've recovered! Tomorrow (Thursday) is the big day! If you're a praying person, please say a prayer for me. Hugs!! (12 comments) Total knee replacement right knee done 4/28. Home and doing PT now! (16 comments) Helping mama recuperate from surgery! (7 comments) Look what I got for Mother's Day? Beautiful!! I'm so blessed in so many ways! Happy Monday, everyone from the knee replacement department! Stay strong! (2 comments) With a bad knee! (3 comments) Two weeks tomorrow since surgery. Got my staples out today, all 32 of them, down to steri strips now and an X-ray of my brand new knee! (5 comments) My staples are out and the doctor was super satisfied with my progress with my total knee replacement! Not feeling so good today. I'm a little nauseated and so tired. But I know it will get better. (5 comments) I am progressing well with my knee. Last week we received very upsetting news on my granddaughter that I keep on Fris. She was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. We are devastated! Please pray for her! (4 comments) I am still alive! I'm still doing well with recovery of my knee. Last week we received devastating news on our granddaughter. The granddaughter I usually keep on Fridays. She has been diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. We are all heartbroken and the news has consumed us. I'm asking for prayers for my sweet Violet. Pray for a miracle for her please! (11 comments) Can't wait to get off this walker and onto a cane. Then I can drive! Hopefully just a couple more weeks! PT today! And Happy Birthday to the best husband, my husband, today. I love you, John! (6 comments) So I can donate the money to Rett Syndrome research! (2 comments) Yes, we can!! (4 comments) So ready to have this over! (1 comments) Oops!! Wrong date on other picture. This one is right! Knee surgery fog! Ha! (3 comments) Haven't been too active due to knee surgery and news about my granddaughters diagnosis, but still hanging in with SP. Hoping to get back to the gym and pool end of next week. Fingers crossed! (5 comments) My knee is improving. Three more PT visits and then I can't finish rehab at the pool and the Y. Still have swelling and ice is a dear friend of mine now. Hoping to be able to drive next week too. 5 weeks post op today! Having some swelling issues but no real pain. Just stiffness from swelling. Ice is my new best friend. PT going well. Fingers crossed I'll be released to drive next week and can return to the pool! (7 comments) My knee is improving. Three more PT visits and then I can finish rehab at the pool and the Y. Still have swelling and ice is a dear friend of mine now. Hoping to be able to drive next week too. (3 comments) My 3 year old beautiful granddaughter, May, after her very first dance recital. Her daddy gave her the flowers. She did a great job! Love her so much! (12 comments) YES!! (6 comments) Went to see my 7 year old grandson play in an all star championship baseball game in Georgia this weekend. And, his team WON!! So happy to be able to see it!! (3 comments) My sweet cat, Tammy, must have worried about her feline figure this morning! 😊. She's smart though. Only weighed half of herself! Ha! That's what I need to do!! 😖 (4 comments) Going back to my happy place this morning for first time since my knee surgery...YWCA arthritis pool class! I have really missed it! Can't wait to get back. Dr just said to start out slow! (3 comments) My 3 y/o granddaughter, Maci, wanted to know if she could "kiss my boo boo to make it all better?" You know what this Nana said!! I love you, Maci! (4 comments) Couldn't swim yesterday like I hoped. Boo!!! Heater in pool at YWCA finally gave up and the water was way too cold for me and my new titanium knee! They were installing a new heater when I got there but it will take a good couple of days to warm up! Keeping my fingers crossed for Friday's class! (1 comments) Nope! (3 comments) Went to Doctor. Got bronchitis and sinus infection. Feel miserable! Got antibiotic and steroid pack. Ain't got no time for this! Gotta get better so I can get back to the pool. (17 comments) My pretty Mia! Went to the groomer to be pretty for her 17th birthday!! Happy Birthday, Mia!! I love you!! (6 comments) Hasn't been easy, and I've back stepped a few times, but it keeps me connected to what I actually want to achieve for me! Motivating! (2 comments) Took this yesterday in Montgomery, Alabama! Summer in the South! HOT and HUMIDITY!!! (9 comments) When will it ever stop?! I pray for Dallas! (2 comments) I pray for Dallas, TX! (4 comments) My God, my family, my grandchildren, and the pool makes me happy! I'm happy! (2 comments) My wonderful swim class I love so much!! (1 comments) Last post on my knee replacement. Went to my 12 week post op appt today with ortho surgeon. Said I'm doing great and keep going. Don't go back until Oct. (7 comments) TGIF! Both knees kinda bothering me again. But, got a print from an artist friend of mine that I love. Took it to Hobby Lobby to get it framed after pool this morning. I've found the right place!! (2 comments) (1 comments) That's right!! I love Publix!! For those that don't know, it's a chain of grocery stores. Nearly every week they have bowls of some kind of already prepared fruit for BOGO. This week was fresh fruit mix!! It is sooo good!! (1 comments) A little bit of chicken Parmesan and a lot of veggies! Yum! (1 comments) A SP friend sent me this in the mail!! What a great friend! You're the BEST, Cat! Thank you so much!! Hugs!! (3 comments) Loving this gift a SP friend sent me! Over a hour of this and over 1100 cals is from the pool and the rest is doing laundry, cleaning house, and walking back and forth working on organizing my granddaughter with Rett Syndrome medical records for my daughter! Thank you again, Cat!! (2 comments) Maybe Mars wouldn't be so bad!? (2 comments) Getting motivated again! (1 comments) Important day yesterday. It went better than expected. Another important day tomorrow. Prayers please! (3 comments) Me on the left 7 years ago. On the right is me 2 weeks ago. I can see some difference. I'm not sure a 50lb difference, but that's how much I've lost. Still more to go! (12 comments) Keeping my 2 year old granddaughter. She's not feeling good today. Poor baby! (5 comments) Any small step, is the right step! Zucchini zoodles with spaghetti sauce and mushrooms and Parmesan cheese! So good! (1 comments) Batch of egg, sausage and cheese muffins I made today. Ready for the week! (2 comments) I don't drink alcohol much, but thought this was cute!! (5 comments) This is me right now! (1 comments) Great fun at Grandparents Day yesterday. Today is grandson's football game this morning and college football this evening. Here's a pic from Grandparents Day with Violet! Happy Saturday! (4 comments) My mani-pedi my daughter and sister got me for my birthday! Man, I feel like a woman now! Have a great Sunday!! (4 comments) Here is my granddaughter with Rett syndrome. (5 comments) October Rett Syndrome Awareness Month. Some facts for you. (1 comments) The Gravedigger's Tale at the Alabama Shakespeare's Festival was awesome!! Just one of those days..... (2 comments) Confession time: Been on an emotional eating marathon since the diagnosis of my 3 year old granddaughter with Rett Syndrome! Lost 50lbs, have gained 30 back! With the first of the year, I'm getting back on track!! (5 comments) Starting over....AGAIN!! (6 comments) Absolutely!! (1 comments) I'm 3 year old granddaughter has Rett syndrome. I found out this morning that 3 Rett girls died yesterday! I am starting my year heartbroken. It must stop! Please join me in praying for a CURE!! Cure Rett Syndrome My new workout buddy, Alexa!! I started today with her 7 min workout! I had to make some modifications due to my knee issues, but I worked hard for 7 whole mins! It's a start and Alexa made it fun! If you have Alexa, you should try it!! Love her for so many things!! ❤ (3 comments) Im trying! (2 comments) Yep!! (1 comments) My fat free vanilla yogurt with dried banana chips, nuts, raisins, and a few chocolate and peanut butter chips! Yum!! (2 comments) Love to all my Spark friends! Couldn't keep trying without any of you! (3 comments) Baked chicken, green beans and salad for dinner tonight! Yum! The world would be a better place.... Happy St Patrick's Day! Happy St Patrick's Day! (1 comments) I read this and I need to remember it! Hope it helps you too. Beautiful, yet cloudy, Sunday here. Still a day to be thankful for our blessing! Have a safe and happy Sunday. (1 comments) Trying to NEVER GIVE UP! I fall but so far I'm getting back up. I hope one day I can stay UP! (3 comments) This is Kelly! She ran lap 103 out of 189 for my granddaughter who has Rett syndrome for GP2C Ragnar for Rett! Thank you, Kelly and to all the other runners! #violetsvoice #ragnar4rett #gp2c #curerett #untilshecan (1 comments) Had my routine mammogram yesterday. If you need one, PLEASE call and make an appt. My sister had breast cancer 2 years ago. She almost didn't go that year for hers. Chemo & radiation followed. She would not be with us today if she had not gone. Please do it! (4 comments) (1 comments) I've got 5 tomatoes 🍅 on one of my tomato plants and blooms all over both plants! Hope I can keep them growing!! Love a good home grown healthy fresh tomatoes 🍅 (3 comments) 5 tomatoes 🍅 on my tomato plant. Got 2 huge plants and they are full of blooms! Hope I can keep them from dying! LOL Love home grown healthy fresh tomatoes 🍅 My first tomato 🍅 I harvested this year. The plants have many green ones that I hope will do well. I'm sure proud of this one though. First time I've grown them in pots. My first tomato from my little garden in pots! (1 comments) Enough said! (1 comments) I know it doesn't look that appealing, but oh so good! My breakfast of scrambled egg with onions, red pepper, spinach and cherry tomatoes! Dessert after a chef salad for dinner. Used a new sweetener I got samples of called Sukrin. The strawberries and blueberries with sugar free cool whip! It was excellent! (1 comments) This is my motivation. My 3 yr granddaughter has Rett Syndrome. She will be totally dependent on someone her whole life. I want to live to help take care of her. My lunch! Low carb tortilla, slice of cheese, slice of ham, orange bell pepper strips, onions and cucumbers that's been in vinegar! Roll it up and OMG so relish! Tomato and cottage cheese to go along!! Feel like a wet noodle. Out in the hot sun and humidity for 7 hrs yesterday watching grandson play in baseball tourney. I couldn't get home, shower and burn my clothes fast enough! ;) but so worth it! I had a bad morning today and I saw this and it helped me. Hope it can help someone else too. Hugs! My son, daughter-in-law, and grandson, Foster on Foster's First Birthday 9-12-09 (1 comments) My lovely daughter in her wedding dress (5 comments) Flower from my garden. Isn't it pretty??!! (2 comments) My precious grandson (1 comments) 25th Wedding Anniversary (2 comments) My son and precious grandson (1 comments)

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