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today: Back on the wagon. 😏 I try. (3 comments) (1 comments) Today: Treadmill 3.66 mi, weight loss program, 741 kcal in 1 hour (2 comments) Today - weights 36 min (3 comments) Yesterday:444% of the goal. 😁 Glad I started to exercise again! Fell off the wagon, being diagnosed with kidney stone and then with a nodule in my lungs. Nothing to worry about, nothing. They compared with older images, the lung nodule was there also 6 y ago. Kidney is now free. Sometimes these lung nodule/encapsulations just happen. (4 comments) and Happy Thanksgiving everybody! (3 comments) (2 comments) ALL the tristesse, misery, WE WON'T experience! We exercise! I bought this great book today, can't wait to hold it in my hands and exercise with it. ☺️💪 I made Cheddar-Jalapeño- Biscuits. Just 14-15 grams p. piece. (7 comments) Sweat for health. In 34 min 315 kcal burnt on stationary bicycle. (1 comments) Just 18 min cardio today. 149 kcal burnt and ate over my kcal range. 😏 Tomorrow will be better Not a good day. Didn't meet my goal. Tomorrow it's going to be better. (3 comments) Stats: It was a good day. Goodnight friends! ✨ (4 comments) Today stats - 265% of goal done. (2 comments) Bought a new book, it has lots of good advice. Your local library has it, too. //My lunch / dinner after workout: risotto left-over, boiled potato, herring in wine, 55g FETA, tomato/jalapeño-salad, pomegranate juice, green tea. (1 comments) Hubby surprised me with this breakfast: 160g boiled potato, 55g smoked salmon, 2 poached eggs, 2TBS parsley, green olives, 49g raw mushroom, 2 espresso, 1TBS half 'n half, 50 ml milk 1% fat. // And- I'm already at the gym with my accountability Sparkpeople-partner 😉💪 (1 comments) My feet were also happy today in new running shoes 😊(yes, the 2nd pair, thought one needs more than just one pair) For accurate measurement while running I use POLAR sensor. (5 comments) Today cardio: stationary and road bicycle, 71 min total, 17.19 miles, 843 kcal burnt. But I binged on tortilla chips, it was like I could not stop. 😏 Tomorrow I try better. Today stats: 254% of the goal. Total of 99 min. exercise. (1 comments) My feet are happy - in new running shoes 🌞 (5 comments) PROGRESS: 39% body-fat today. (In February it was 53.6%.) 💪✌️ Healthy is up to 24%. Long way to go lol (6 comments) Stationary bike exercise today; the Polar- watch gave me 51 more burn calories. The HR on the bike was much higher than the HR on the watch, I wear chest strap, it should be accurate. I need to learn more.. Was actually an 18 miles-bike ride. No idea why it considers it in the total activity pictogram as a '10 -miles ride. Goal reached 707 % today. Not bad at all. 💪I love my new Polar-watch 😁 Stats: today was the 'weights - day'. Interesting, the difference. Did a 48 min run. Green pic is the old treadmill, distance 2.35 miles, has not my vitals. Black pic is the POLAR watch strider, I wear it on my running shoe together with the HR chest-strap, it's calibrated and shows the double amount burnt calories. Also the in-depth-analysis is useful. I see when I burn fat or how many % from all burnt kcal. A nice toy! 😁 I did a fitness test with my new v800 POLAR watch. I'm surprised it considers my fitness being very good, my BMI is 34.4 obese. It doesn't know about my angina pain, I guess. Perhaps the pain disappears one day when I keep the exercise routine? Body-fat PROGRESS! 💪 One day ago I was 41.0% body-fat. In February I was 53.6%. (6 comments) Stationary cycling today, 30 minutes, 308 kcal, 9.9 miles, level 21, 22.4mph. Brunch: 54g smoked salmon, 3 slices Swiss cheese/pepper jack, rye, 2 WASA, almond-milk, espresso, red bell pepper, tomato, wasabi. Tuesday stats. (2 comments) PROGRESS: 41.0% body-fat (I started in 2/2017 with 53.6%) and 34.4 BMI now. 27 days ago my body-fat was 41.6%. I can do it!! (3 comments) 70 min cardio 🙃 Recumbent bike and treadmill plus resistance training, not bad. (3 comments) Ohh the full moon in our window just now.. I finished the workout and can't get enough of it..I meant - of this moon. lol (1 comments) Today: I think these kcal are BMR included..can't be so much. First time stats, I need to get familiar with the new Polar watch and its two apps. But I burnt in 86 min 768 kcal- says the other source (Cal Plus). 💪✌️ This is useful. Cardio Sunday: 53 min, 11.99 miles, 872 kcal (2 comments) Old from 1993 and 1994 and my new - POLAR watch 😁Happy Sunday everybody! (1 comments) Today I've overdone myself with the exercise! More than 2100 burnt calories. Not bad for a 60 y- old woman. 💪 Dinner: 96g steak, 116g rigatoni aglio e olio, 64 g shaved corn on cob, slice of a tomato, a bit white onion. (1 comments) Saturday cardio: 103 min, 1705 kcal, 23 miles (4 comments) I bought it all today, an early BD-present! All together 650$ - the best price. I thought: The best of the best for my weight loss journey and becoming an athlete after years of supporting my child and her family ☺️ The old Polar watches I've got 1993 1995 in Germany did a good job but now there is no replacement band anymore. My health is worth it/I'm worth it🙃 LOL (6 comments) Small Road Bicycle Ride Today: 24 min, 5.01 miles, 343 kcal Today cardio: 41 min, 404 kcal, 21.3 mph, level 21, 13.1 miles. PROGRESS: 41.2% body-fat 💪 (22 days ago it was 41.6%) Long way down to 24% - the normal value. (this shows the date 5th May) (1 comments) Cardio today: Swinn recumbent bike 19.2 miles, 579 kcal, 60:39 min, average speed 20.5 mph Cardio Swinn recumbent bike today: 60:55 min, 18.7 miles, 537 kcal. Plus weights earlier - 32 min, 218 kcal. 2 lbs. mussels with Italian sauce, 2 portions of Naan bread Too much sauce but delicious. HAPPY MAY DAY EVERYONE 🌸 Done: 90 min road bike, 1509 kcal, 19.54 miles Dinner: 112g steak marinated with lemon juice and red pepper flakes and some oil, cooked in the pan, cabbage, tomato, baby spinach, parsley, black olives, droplets of good olive oil, garlic, cucumber, 22g FETA. today cardio: 1149 kcal and 74 min, recumbent home Swinn bike and road cycling. Lunch today: Cornish hen with baked jalapÄ“no, carrots and onions, delicious gravy with white wine, basmati rice Here recipe:
230 g ground turkey ragù, 135g jasmine rice, 60g steamed broccoli, 100 ml superb Sicilian wine Mario Ercolino 2015 yum 😍 Today cardio: Swinn recumbent bicycle 498 kcal, 1 hour, 17.9 miles, level 25. Whole food: Lunch is winter-wheat berry cinnamon-soaked salad with dried apricots, roasted almonds, carrot and cilantro, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon, cinnamon, mustard, maple syrup, salt and pepper. 1 P. 306 kcal. It's from 'greenevi BLOG'.Thanks for that! It's nutritious full of B-vitamins and magnesium which I need against muscle cramps. It's also healthy fruit-sugar and it makes full. Delicious. Well, Lunch/Dinner was a home-made Philly Sandwich with 232g sirloin beef and 3 slices of Swiss cheese, 1TBS mayonnaise. . The 1st time since February I have overeaten) ...means total of 1860 kcal intake today. I usually do maximum of 1500 kcals.. So what, methinks. Tomorrow I do better. (4 comments) Road cycling today: 923 kcal, 57 min, 11.81 miles (1 comments) Breakfast: had 2 of these, after yesterday's 71 min strength workout and 546 kcal burnt. (2 comments) Lunch: Risotto with mushrooms, veggies and cheddar cheese Road cycling this morning 1285 kcal, 16.56 miles, 74 min (1 comments) I am disappointed with these products. Thought I give it a try. (3 comments) Breakfast:106g FETA cheese, olive oil, garlic, crisp bread with tomato paste, on bed of iceberg and green hot peppers, fruits. LUNCH/DINNER: 1 chicken-breast no skin, brown rice with mushrooms, peppers and green olives. I first cooked the meat approx. 10 minutes so it keeps the moisture. Into an oven-proven dish with a lid I'd place the rice, added water approx. a finger above the rice, olives, cut 5 fresh mushrooms into it and 2 hot peppers, Olive oil, Italian seasoning, 163C, 65 min convect (1 comments) It was a good day! 40 lbs lost since 02/07. 1001 kcal burnt with cardio - cycling and treadmill and strength; today in 109 minutes WE DID IT! Today I met my accountability partner and Spark bud Cheri - this is a post gym-workout pic. (7 comments) Not so pretty but healthy breakfast/lunch: 490 g honeydew, 180g Chobani non-fat yogurt, 14g pecans, 2 bananas Tripple frozen berries tangerine Chobani non-fat yogurt and green tea smoothie ☺️ (3 comments) Swinn recumbent bike today: 222 kcal, 20 min, level 21, 6.8 mi Treadmill today. For my vitals (6", 263 lbs. ) 359 kcal 31 min Breakfast: 352g strawberries, 14g Brazil-nuts, 270g Chobani non-fat yogurt, 14g dried apricots, WASA crisp bread, rye bread, 2 eggs coffee with cocoa and 1% milk. (3 comments) Swinn recumbent bike today: 18.5 mi, 60 minutes, 534 kcal Salmon and Jasmine rice, wasabi, hot sauce (2 comments) Cardio today 1107 kcal 🙃 HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY! (3 comments) Dinner: 2 cups of Easter - sauerkraut - porcini - soup with sausage, green tea. (2 comments) Brunch: 185g ground chuck beef hamburgers, 1 TS sweet barbecue sauce, 2 cucumbers, 382 g strawberries, orange, tangelo, coffee with 1% fat- milk Lunch: Broiled portobello mushroom with my mother's potato salad and a hot pepper. (well she passed away when I was very young but I remember it.. kinda Easter food in Slovakia where I was born and raised before moving to Germany to spend 35 years ) (4 comments) Lunch: Cauliflower Cream Soup with pinto beans grated parmesan cheese butter-roasted cauliflower florets and dry-roasted cashews with 1/4 cup vermicelli (5 comments) of 0.3% body-fat.... in 8 days. hard hard slimming down to 24%. 😳 (2 comments) 2 eggs 1 Tbs olive oil and 1 cup of cooked beans spring onions cilantro frittata, lentil salad, red pepper strips, snap peas, (1/2 tomato not in the pic) (4 comments) 272 kcal, 9.3 miles, level 21, 47 RPM in 30 min stationary Swinn bike Chorizo/Pepperoni sausage veggies soup Spanish style, with porcini-filled ravioli (3 comments) Road cycling twice today: 1577 kcal, 94 min (3 comments) Lentils salad (5 comments) I had a refreshing-relaxing bicycle ride with my husband, then I've got the idea to stop for a breakfast. There was literally NOTHING less caloric than this dish (portobello mushroom with eggs, Rösti-potatoes, sausage pieces and cheddar, a bagel with Philadelphia-cheese. With coffee and 3 half 'n half it was 1,080 kcal! That was 74% fat (I lost these 33 lbs. by eating max 30% fat daily). It was not a wise decision but now I know... 🙄 (5 comments) Road cycling today - 1108 kcal, 71 min and 14.36 mi (2 comments) Friday stats: 40 min recumbent Swinn bike, 12.5 mi, 377 kcal. today: Swinn stationary bicycle 2 rides 11.7 mi, 364 kcal, total of 37 min. road cycling today 417 kcal, 34 min Wednesday cardio Swinn recumbent bike, 31 min, 9.5 mi, 278 kcal My fantastic dinner today 😍5 oz salmon (fresh) with green pepper, green veggies, green fresh-made salsa verde ala Ivana (that's me!) 75 ml nice Chardonnay Le Champ des Etoiles, 220 g Jasmine rice with self-made Napoli sauce from yesterday (2 comments) A small errands - road ride today. Breakfast simple: 37g Brie cheese, 1 rye crisp-bread, 1 rice cake, 1 tomato, 1 banana, buttermilk, coffee with soy milk and a 1/2 TS of heavy cream. Not in the pic: 130 g herrings in wine. (3 comments) These Florida mornings are the paradise. Abundance of sun 365 days, every year. (2 comments) 40 min treadmill today and kcal according my vitals road cycling errands today Brunch: Shrimps on veggies, fresh bamboo. sesame seeds. spices: garlic curry fresh spearmint, red pepper flakes salt black pepper. Avocado and orange. I have 2 slices WASA crisp bread with it What happened to the fat we lost? Today 1561 kcal burnt. Hope I last a while. Don't want another failure. and a mini ride but burnt kcal are kcal. Brunch: 54g smoked salmon, wasabi on rye bread, 2 WASA rye crisp bread, steamed zucchini, asparagus, cauliflower, mung bean sprouts, radishes, snap peas, drippy eggs, iceberg lettuce, 1 avocado (eaten not in the pic), espresso shot with 100 ml milk 2% fat. (4 comments) Done! Road bike ride. stats: LOL this is my personal record in burning kcal on a single day by exercise: 1614 kcal. happy. (2 comments) today: Bike ride to the gym and back. 488 kcal. Indoor cycling 20 min 178 kcal Just a small road cycling Breakfast today: just light. My neck nerve is 'killing' me. Didn't even exercise yesterday. Needs warmth. (5 comments) Dinner today: Split yellow peas soup, ala Mediterranean., I heated 3 TS olive oil, sautéed garlic, onion, jalapeño, poblano, fresh bamboo, carrot, celery, added veggies broth, 3 TB grated ginger, cumin, curcuma, coriander, dried cilantro, sea salt, black pepper and the rinsed, over night-soaked split yellow peas with a hint of baking soda. Cooked till soft approx. 45 min. Added a splash of a good chardonnay wine, juice of 1 lemon, a hint of stevia. I would place thin rice noodles in a bowl, 1 (4 comments) I got up around lunch time! I see how much I needed it. So here my breakfast and lunch: Mestermacher-rye bread with tomato paste, 67g smoked salmon, 372g tomato thinly sliced with dill, fresh spearmint, raw onion, drizzled with flaxseed oil, soft-boiled egg, pepper and salt, not in the picture are 89g=4 pc. stuffed vine leaves, and 2 cappuccinos, 250g Chobani non-fat yogurt and 50g strawberries, 3 TS raw home-made almond milk. Total 838 kcal. Wednesday: walk/run 40 min 3mph / with my vitals 288 kcal burnt ; total of 678 kcal burnt ..hooray. I did my first low plank! Only three, and holding only 20 sec but it's a start. lol 💪 (4 comments) Lunch 2nd course: al natura; I ate a third of the chicken breast as I had already 500 kcal of the self-made raw almond- milk.. (8 comments) Lunch 1st course: 3 ravioli with self made tomato sauce with fresh mushroom, celery and carrot, spices , a hint of fresh grated parmesan Breakfast/Lunch: 974g strawberries, 256g home-made raw almond-milk, 2 cappuccinos. Stats today: Never before I burnt so many kcals in a single day by exercise: 1441 kcal. 😂 (3 comments) Dinner: 370g strawberries, Chobani non-fat yogurt, 17g oates, 89g buttermilk, 37g smoked salmon, dill, 1 WASA crisp bread, 130g stuffed vine leaves, lemon, cinnamon, green tea. Bought Citrus bergamot, it's lowering cholesterol and blood sugar. Clinically proven. I give it a try. Road cycling today: Done! 1005 kcal in 1h 19 min Smoothie! 🤗🤗 Just came home from doctors with a 'long tongue..' ..didn't eat anything yet, now a nice soy-protein smoothie with a pear, banana and celery, spirulina, chia seeds, strawberries. Book: The right food. Sunday's stats: 769 kcal burnt (2 comments) I really didn't want a cardio today after the yesterday's resting day. Glad I did it.. considering my vitals - 481 kcal burnt (3 comments) Lunch: Beef soup and ravioli filled with porcini with veggies, fresh bambus, curry leaves, dill and parsley, lemon water. Breakfast: Soy-Protein powder, pear, fresh strawberries, banana, Brazil nuts, chia seeds, buttermilk, water, ice-cubes (3 comments) Friday stats - for my vitals I burnt 481 kcals in 1 h, 5,220 m. 😂 procrastinated - but DONE I got this time ago from my German orthopedist, fantastic to support/restore healthy joints during the endurance exercise. Here the US equivalent product:
KG7EDU It really helps.
I just love Florida and their farmer's markets! This is the paradise. (2 comments) Breakfast: Hummus my style with garbanzo beans, 1 potato, fresh mushrooms, avocado, carrot, spring onions, white onion, garlic, parsley, fresh spearmint, lemon, cumin, coriander, extra virgin olive oil, green tea, cappuccino, rye bread, apple, Wasa rye crisp bread, pomegranate juice (not in pic) I was more active today, recumbent Swinn bike, 15 min 😅 Lunch: Bulgur-Tabbouleh with 100 g fresh shrimps grilled under broiler Cajún style; cucumber and romaine lettuce, I added 1 red bell pepper into the tabbouleh. Done! Treadmill today (for my vitals) 597 kcal, 3.14 miles, pace 15, 3.5 and 4mph. 😅 today stationary cycling on highest level. 😅 Lunch was rice with porcini-gravy, tofu, steamed asparagus and zucchini, cherry tomatoes. just strawberries, fat-burning low-kcal superfood. Removes inflammation from the body, like the mini-injuries happening when I lift weights. Breakfast no butter. buttermilk espresso with 1/2 TS heavy cream. Muenster cheese, 2 WASA rye crisp-bread. Garlic - my BP likes garlic. Red to red 🌶, cherry tomatoes. Today - 1 hour walk and run for my vitals -435 kcal burnt. Lunch 2nd dish - tilapia, basmati rice. Dried porcini, Sicilian red wine, tarragon, chives a bit fish sauce and heavy cream - sauce - I would put everything into food processor; I know.....the color is repulsive for someone! but.. It was delicious! (2 comments) Lunch - my wakame fresh mushroom, chives mung beans rice - soup today with coconut aminos-sauce Wakame soup - seeweed is removing heavy metals from the blood stream. Just 20 kcal! I added 134 g mung bean sprouts, 1 fresh mushroom and 1/2 TS white MISO paste. Finished with food for today, this day was 1485 kcal. Well, I had later 12g beef jerky. 🙃 I had a good bike-ride today with baby. now green and chamonile tea.. (2 comments) Today Eating the leftovers, 2 vegetable soups, rye bread and salmon, hint of green curry paste, chives, soft-boiled eggs, pomegranate juice, 56g cherry tomatoes, 394g strawberries, 2 mushrooms, espresso with milk -1302 kcals. I only eat in 4 h from 24, kind of fasting. It works for me, trying to stay under 1500 kcal. Today though Sunday, I ate simple food. Vegetable soup, rye bread with green curry paste and 46g brie cheese, chives, tomato with white onion, no oil, WASA crisp bread with 57g salmon and wasabi, and 3 portions of strawberries, chobani yogurt non-fat, 18g almonds, unripe banana, 2 dried apricots. (2 comments) Could have been better. I panicked and fell from bike; didn't break bones. lol (8 comments) dinner today 108 g beef curry 198 kcal, 4 sushi 145 kcal. All together 1256 kcal and not hungry at all. I'm happy. My meniscus hurts from yesterday... but the Swinn bike is another weight bearing. Glad I got it done! Lunch today - vegetarian sushi, cherry tomatoes, 35g beef jerky. Breakfast - 210g Chobani non fat, 2 dried apricots, 15g Brazil nuts, 1 orange, 375g strawberries, double espresso with milk. 835 kcal today 🤣😅 ufff! done! 1 h .. another good day for me. lunch today - rich vegetable soup with meatballs and home-made butter-dumplings (2 comments) breakfast today - 89g mozzarella, basil, cilantro, olive oil, WASA rye-Knaeckebrot, hot pepper Done. 60 minutes, my personal longest run. 435 kcal. It only can become better 😅 Dinner: Full grain rye bread with smoked salmon, red curry paste, dill, cucumber, red bell pepper. Pomegranate juice 100%. My MISO soup TODAY - with tuna and meat balls made of sirloin beef, fresh herbs, oyster mushrooms soy sauce and Sriracha. (2 comments) MISO-soup, I would add soy sauce, fresh herbs, fresh mushroom, TOFU, spirulina powder or a sheet of sea grass which I use for sushi - cut it into the bowl before you add the boiling water. Sometimes I also add a can of tuna, fresh onion or meat balls. Healthy and delicious. We bought it on Amazon. (2 comments) 646 kcal burnt - stationary bike today, all together, 1450 kcal intake. I like it 🤗 Papaya helps my digestion Lunch: MISO soup with oyster mushrooms, Sriracha and soy sauce, ground chuck beef, dill and chives, Loretta's beef jerky, snap peas and bell pepper. My favorite bodybuilder Miss Ernestine, 79 years old wrote the book on our table. She started to work out in the age of 56. She really inspires older women like myself! (2 comments) Breakfast: Rich. Chobani yogurt non fat, walnuts, dried apricots, oats, banana, maple syrup, strawberries, cinnamon, milk - with coffee =605 kcal (5 comments) Swinn Recumbent Bike Level 19 a small windy ride. it was getting dark skies 57g steak,veggies, 1sl. rye bread, strawberries Swinn recumbent bicycle today 287g Salmon, 2 mushrooms sautéed, sushi vegetarian style, mung beans sprouts, 49g snap peas, soft boiled egg, wasabi, Sriracha, pomegranate juice. (6 comments) ..I finished today with a small indoor cycling... It was another good day; I did cardio and ate under 1500 kcal. but!! ..almost ate my husband's Schnitzel ( German/Austrian breadcrumbed pork scallop). ..resisting such temptation feels good. ..Small progress everyday. 50 min today! My best till now..😁 ( the treadmil doesn't know my vitals. So I use an kcal-app) Vegetarian Sushi today 1065 kcal... it feels good. Dinner: steak-hamburger 89g, roasted veggies 165g, tangelo, 10g almonds. (I try to eat just in 4 certain hours from 24. ) I try to reduce meat but felt weak, time to replenish iron. ) Green and chamomile tea. (2 comments) Road cycling - was good.. I run off energy for a moment but didn't stop. after a bicycle ride, I made us fresh ravioli filled with mushrooms, and marinara sauce, 26g parmesan cheese, and 70g chilled prosecco! Yum! Garbanzos with kale, spinach, garlic, peas with a bit mozzarella done in oven. Pomegranate 100% juice. Tangelo. Dinner: 74g steak 1 poached egg on mixed salad with cranberries 1 date sun- dried tomatoes sesame seeds cabbage romaine lettuce balsamico oil. I also had 1 slice rye bread Mestermacher with hummus green curry and greens. Lunch: 2 different pieces of fish, onion and cucumber with dill, WASA Knaeckebrot Coconut Chai - this one only with green tea! mmmmmh This is for yesterday. It's okay; I just needed a rest. Happy International women's day to all my Spark-ladies!🌷😍 (2 comments) Just 1 plate. LOL Vegetarian sushi and salmon, dill, cucumber, wasabi and soy sauce. Afterwards I'll have 385 g strawberries. . (1 comments) 280 kcal burnt today and under 1500 kcal intake. Good enough.. It's proven: article from nature dot com : SUGAR AND OBESITY CAUSE ALZHEIMER DISEASE. Shock therapy. Reason enough not to consume it anymore. (find it on (4 comments) Rich breakfast - cucumber spring inion chili 🌶 32g brie cheese 1 slice Swiss cheese 172g hummus lots of fresh basil full grain rye bread and 1 TS of virgin olive oil cappuccino with a hint of stevia / Later within 4 hours I had eggwhites, WASA knäckebrot, banana and a small orange, coffee with milk and a bit cocoa powder. That's it for today. 💪✌️done. chobani non fat strawberries sesame seeds cinnamon my 2nd part of breakfast. I only eat in certain, 4 hours during the day. It's a form of fasting. It allegedly burns more visceral fat. But ladies, it only works bcs I'm not having a job, not having stress and can sleep whenever I like. It did not ever work before.. I tried hundred times. And so I admire EVERYONE WHO IS HARD-working and loosing weight. (1 comments) ..cappuccino, on the bed of baby spinach scrambled 3 egg-whites 1 egg-yolk 60g mozzarella and fresh basil WASA-Knaeckebrot. I was hungry for the greens. ✌️💪I lost 22 lbs.. tomorrow will be one month. I couldn't believe it. My reward, I'm going to bake strawberries/heavy cream biscuit - roulade from my German cooking book! This is my first REAL DETERMINATED weight loss month. LOL (3 comments) Salmon with green curry paste, anis, pepper, lemon juice sautéd 2.5 min from each side as it is a thin piece, served with brown rice-risotto, 1 sautéd mushroom on bed of fresh dill. I love dill, am hungry for it. I guess, my body needs it.. We picked them up in Plant City FL. Heaven! Delicious. It's strawberries fasting now, I guess. You see, I eat quite a bit strawberries. The good thing: It protects - like all berries - against cancer. (5 comments) and under 1500 kcal today! ..happy about it. (3 comments) Smoothie today: Soy protein, Brazil nuts, tangelo, banana. ..and hubs made sushi with smoked salmon, good for me. Already burnt 855 kcal. 😝 Sushi vegetarian style: Egg, carrot, cucumber, scallion, pepper, radish, wasabi, pickled ginger. Centenarians in Asia eat sushi, why not me? lol The whole meal for 2 was less than $1.00 (1 comments) 306 kcal burnt by walk/run in 41 min. This old treadmill doesn't know my parameters. But the Kcal Plus-application does. Glad! And I soooo procrastinated. IS this hard! 💪 Smoothie: Soy protein, endive, banana, cocoa, chia, poppy seeds, pecans, ice cubes. (2 comments) Sour Potato Soup: With fresh dill turkey-kielbasa (in Germany I'd use Kabanosi-sausage but I didn't find anywhere to buy here in the US) ..a bit of heavy cream... a bit plain vinegar..mhhh yummy! (2 comments) 🤙😍515 kcal burnt / intake under 1500 kcal Swinn recumbent bicycle and I took 85 g hummus on my plate... Fantastic... hummus with tahini paste I have it so beautiful and easy in great America.. I'm thankful every single day.. Just forcing myself to drink my smoothie (30.5g soy protein, baby spinach and arugula, tripple berries, green apple, 30g walnuts. Then weights.. Good morning nice ladies 😊 543 kcal burnt. Done. I ate less than 1500 kcal and yet more weight on the scale. Funny device. (2 comments) Dinner: 1/2 avocado, 75 g TOFU, lemon juice, cilantro (not in the pic 43g plain cooked brown rice, baby spinach, 34g Brie cheese) lemon water (4 comments) Tangelo... I should fix a protein drink but I almost p...e just thinking of it, it's too sweet. ..Swinn indoor bike, not 1 hour but better than nothing. Juice of beets, cucumber, jalapeño, carrots, apple. Chobani non fat, banana, strawberries, Brazil nuts, 1 date, cappuccino. Pomegranate juice. Later beets juice.. (7 comments) I'm glad I did it again: Workout and staying under 1500 kcal.. I so wish that this time I won't give up... It requires my constant determination...I get appetite for smtg - and almost would forget the watching of kcals.. As though the brain wants to trick me! Then I remember and say, 'no!' (2 comments) Lunch - I made a lovely Thai Coconut Shrimps TOFU Veggies Soup (the rice noodles aren't in the pic) breakfast - yogurt, fruits just a small Abendbrot, as we say in Germany: 1 slice of rye bread, 1 egg, 90g cooked plain rice, dill, 1 pepper, lemon, radish, 1/2 TS olive oil, 39g strawberries. (2 comments) I made this big green smoothie for breakfast/lunch: Soy protein, frozen kale, fresh baby spinach and baby arugula, banana, orange, almonds, chia seeds, milk, iced water. I deserve it.. lost 16 lbs. since 7 Feb 😍 771 kcal burnt. My personal record this year. 💪 Done! 987 kcal breakfast/lunch: 1/2 of a cold steak, Sriracha, kale-brown rice, spring onions, 1 egg, WASA Knaeckebrot, tomelo, red pepper, radishes, 1 sl of Muenster cheese, strawberries, few cashews, cappuccino. (oh I realize... have to downsize the kcal intake!)😌 (skinny) Anniversary with sushi ( this table cloth remembers stories; it was made by my mother in 1935 when she got married. It was in Slovakia, then I got it out of there 1989 after the peaceful revolution and then it was with me 35 years in Germany - and now it is here in Tampa; still looks like new. 😁 (9 comments) Avocado with cilantro lemon chili jalapeño on Mestermacher rye full grain bread with few droplets of olive oil, pomegranate juice cappuccino. (late breakfast) my protein - with strawberries, MACA and raw spirulina. I'm done with food for today. Lunch - my great veggies soup with Austrian self-made nutmeg-dumplings...yummy! ohh aren't they wonderful? Fresh from market. nice veggies soup for later, with fresh dill beans und mushrooms mmmhh My 252kcal breakfast - 1 espresso shot, milk, strawberries, radish, beets-juice I procrastinated but then I started. I'm glad... 655 kcal burnt. I even did the crunches twice 😜 Lunch: Ravioli filled with mushrooms, sautéed eggplant, onion, TOFU, fresh mushrooms, bell-pepper w. 1 spoon heavy cream and a bit crumbled mozzarella. 1/2 tomato with balsamico. My morning moment of happiness... Chobani non-fat, Brazil nuts, blueberries, orange, cappuccino. Wasn't able to do 300 kcal; 205 kcal better than nothing.. (2 comments) Dinner today: 75g basmati rice, 35 g shrimps with onion, garlic, tamarind paste, yellow and green curry, 5-6 spoons of coconut milk, 1.5 spoons olive oil, tahini paste, curry leaves, cilantro. my BMI is 39.4 I didn't have a breakfast. It's 14:30. (Brazil nuts, chia, non-fat jogurt, blueberries, dried apricots, mango.) ...650 kcal burnt. The algorithm of my 'Cal Plus - app' won't lie... I didn't believe it! jogurt, blueberries, chia seeds, pecans, banana my post-workout protein drink with milk, spirulina and MACA 💪😅 Tuscan vegetable soup after a small workout - a small (1 cup) bowl of rice, kale, spinach, mushrooms, peas, cucumber salad with vinegar, spices, olive oil. 1/2slice Rye full grain bread, 21g double Brie cheese, 1 egg, splash of Chobani plain non fat yogurt, 16g cashews, 1 mushroom, slice of tomato, 20 g strawberries, all drizzled with olive oil, 50ml pure pomegranate juice, cappuccino. ..this is great for weak Achilles tendon and ankles. Helped me to recover after a bad ankle sprain. One year took it till I was able to run again.. Brunch, looks big but isn't LOL 1/2slice MEISTERMACHER rye bread, 1 slice Muenster cheese / plain non fat yogurt, dried apricots, Brazil-nuts, strawberries / kale-rice, steamed cauliflower, cappuccino. my 30 min recumbent bike, after 28 min weights resistance workout Baked in oven: Eggplant roasted, tomato sauce, mozzarella, ciabatta parmesan cheese but white bread with garlic is yummy, too. This a Mediterranean dish. The parmesan grater is new, such a cute device. (2 comments) Love my tomato sauce with onion carrot celery stick red hot pepper crushed tomatoes from the can, tomato paste, water fresh cilantro parsley mint seasoned with oregano sage basil salt garlic black pepper a bit stevia later a hint heavy cream 2 h slowly simmering. I will have it with roasted eggplant and mozzarella cheese -all baked in the oven and ciabatta...(I use food processor for the veggies and sauté it this way) (4 comments) Greek chicken with mint, recipe see my BLOG. 400-450 kcal p. portion (3 comments) 225g Chobani non-fat y., 26g walnuts, 27g blueberries, 39g strawberries, 18g oats, 1TS maple syrup, cinnamon, 1 pear, 50ml pure pomegranate juice, cappuccino. and brunch - 2 eggs, 1 spoon olive oil, 100 g cooked beans, 1 red pepper, 3 mushrooms, onion, 1 slice Swiss cheese, 200 g soy bean sprouts, 100 ml pure pomegranate juice, that's it for today ( I try!) (1 comments) a whole pineapple today (6 comments) Thai chicken veggies green curry rice noodles mushrooms soup (1 comments) ..on a bed of lettuce Chobani non-fat yogurt, cooked Borlotti-beans, avocado, garlic cloves, parsley, cilantro, 1 WASA Knaeckebrot, lemon juice. (1 comments) 15 min - 128 kcal. ..full grain rolls with yeast and walnuts. I freeze them and take as needed. (1 comments) Breakfast: cappuccino, 3 WASA-Knäckebrot, 3 Muenster-cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, 2soft-boiled eggs, spring onion, cucumber, celery, parsley/cilantro, no butter..My morning blood pressure is killing me.. (1 comments) squash soup with coconut 🌴 -milk squash seeds and almonds mung bean sprouts, 100ml of my nice Italian white wine... I know I know... got a delivery and had! to try it. 😏 fresh ravioli with porcini in tomato cilantro parsnip celeriac sauce parmesan and spring onion (1 comments) salad, simple oil/vinegar, all fresh from the farmers market (2 comments) The Super Bowl Cake for my hubby (chocolate walnuts heavy cream and cayenne pepper, like in Vienna 😉) (3 comments) Dried apricots, Chobani non-fat yogurt, strawberries, banana, pecans, cinnamon. (1 comments) ravioli con gorgonzola (1 comments) hubby made a cherry pie Potato Salad (Slovakian, with mayo, boiled eggs, carrot, peas, mushrooms, mustard, pickles) my Italian Salad (eggs, ham, mushrooms, cheese, veggies, mustard dressing) (1 comments)

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