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At wife's Xmass party.....I ate wayyyyyyy too much here, bad bad me (3 comments) 5.5 hours of ink done 3 weeks ago (1-5-2010). I hate how bloated I look! (2 comments) My sleeve, I cannt wait until its done! (2 comments) Bored in class + cell phone = random pictures of me lol (2 comments) My wife has become a gym rat and has lost a good deal of weight. I had better get on the ball too lo (1 comments) Guess where? (3 comments) My new Ipod and my new hair wax (3 comments) Me and cheese (1 comments) 3 years ago I had long hair....i sure do miss it lol (1 comments) He is now one year old, here he is one day old with mommy (1 comments) Wife at old apt. (1 comments) Free water is always the best!8 glasses a day is for wimps! Go for a whole gallon! This is what happens when yuo give someone who is shorter than you the spray on sun screen. (1 comments) family pic august 2007 QXT nj goth club Few months old and life has scared the crap out of him! Me and my winch, Rum now woman!........please Halloween party 1- And yes i am wearing make-up, i was too white ha! Halloween party 3- Yoda and his pacifier (4 comments) Its a little fuzzy but this is my christmass present....new ink, and yes that is my wife's name. (3 comments) This is my 2008 motto! I told the him a medium skin fade and I think he thought I said medium skin head! Chuck Norris would be proud! (1 comments) I love applebees! At QTX on 5/3/2008 for wife's 30th birthday Me in Florida at DownTown Disney, picking the pocket of the lego man Me in wildwood Hey Mandy eyes got one too! Me, my oldest and my brother in law Funny....I said this very thing 3 weeks ago and I have not had a drink since..... (1 comments) The Blender! The smoothie! Picture taken at this awesome resturant in VA, guess what was on the menu? (2 comments) He is now 2! The family on the farm..... The red wagon did not clime Mount Hay My job is always at odds with my eating habits! (1 comments) I will have a gold tooth in 2 weeks! me 2 weeks ago trying...and I stress trying...to teach him how to ride with the training wheels off. Fresh ink, the beginning of my first sleeve. (3 comments) Progression on ink....this is 3 days old now.... (1 comments) 4 hours in the chair of pain/happiness and we are well on our way to having my sleeve done! (2 comments) At the pool with little man Lucas 2009 Putting something in my mouth I know I shouldnt! ha! (2 comments) Why does it look like my head has been photoshopped on hahaha! (1 comments)

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