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Having fun in Memphis (5/15/09) Back in the 180s (barely...lol) And yes the shirt is true :-) (5/15/09) (1 comments) I was laughing real hard at something...LOL ( side profile/grandpa's nose...whoa!!!) (10/16/09) At my friend's wedding (10/16/09) DC Caribbean Festival - Jamaica Represent!!! (June 2009) DC Caribbean Festival (June 2009) My Birthday Party - It was a 70s theme (7/8/09) This is me now starting over (May 2010) (1 comments) Biggest Loser Challenge -- Orange Tiger Team I won't let health issues defeat me. Uniformed to take this weight off. (December 2010) Time for a new profile pic :-) My Before Pic (January 20, 2007 - Right Before I Started) Another Before Pic (January 20, 2007) A Moment of Reflection I will upgrade my "Diva" status (Christmas 2006) Salsa Mama (Christmas 2006) The Agape Gala (February 9, 2007) Just having a little fun (March 31, 2007) Me and my fro (March 31, 2007) (1 comments) Striking a pose at Easter (April 8, 2007) My sister's prom...doesn't she look good? (May 3, 2007) My Anti-Diva Diva Pic...LOL The tabloids call this overweight??? This is my goal!!! Out in NC (June 5, 2007) DC Carnival 2007 (June 23, 2007) Strike a pose (always...lol) Everybody Sing "Jamaica Jamaica" (LOL) My New Years Eve Outfit (at goal weight) Keeping the order in Georgetown (October 31, 2007) A full body of law & order (don't mind the jeans in the background...LOL) My Best Friend & I - Our Ultimate Diva Shot (November 23, 2007) Prepping for our class reunion (November 23, 2007) Where Am I? (December 29, 2007) A Night on the Town (December 30, 2007) One Year Later (January 19, 2008) My Lowest Weight - 183 lbs (February 14, 2008) Y'all know that I'll get there again and pass it!!! Caribbean Sparks at Jamaican Sunday Market (August 3, 2008 - 200.2 lbs) Just me...lol (I was ready for a new profile pic) Time to change that profile pic :-)

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