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My race on 12-17-16 day 4 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 3/9/2017 (1 comments) My latest group of Zebra Longwings - They are really beautiful when you see them fly! (4 comments) My little Sweetie Pie! Multiple Polydamas Swallowtail chrysalises (1 comments) Our new White Peacock butterfly - A new variety for me. (2 comments) Cyn and Vinand the RV (2 comments) Swanson swimming in the pond. (3 comments) Our first batch of 2016 monarchs (3 comments) Now that I have to wear glasses, I changed my hair color a little to match the frames (4 comments) Isn't she beautiful? Oops, I've heard that this is a he! (1 comments) The swan has returned to our little pond. (1 comments) Enjoying the sun and drinking my water! (6 comments) My Christmas Apron - I thought it was a hoot! (3 comments) Me and Jen, after walking in the rain. 2015 (2 comments) The sun came out for our visit! 2015 (4 comments) Jen and the Banyan tree (1 comments) Jen and me at the docks 2-9-2015 (2 comments) My First 1st Place - 2015 (2 comments) Vince completed his first 5K! (8 comments) Vince had this sweat shirt made for me. It is hard to see the real monarch, but she likes it too. (6 comments) How I use our picnic table! (1 comments) You can't see them all, but there are 20 pots along the drive (1 comments) is Thrilled to be at goal weight! 5-30-15 (8 comments) My Birthday Butterfly Bench (1 comments) My Birthday Butterfly Bench. Beautiful place to watch butterflies! 6-1-15 (3 comments) Starting my Christmas race! So thrilled to have finished the race. (2 comments) Spark Friend WATOGA17 - Pleasure To Meet You! 2012 (5 comments) Christmas 2014 - 144 Pounds - WooHoo! (5 comments) This shocked me into wanting to look better (8 comments) Cover of my Newest book - Available in Amazon (2 comments) The Updated Version of My Book in Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com (2 comments) The Cover of my book as it is listed in Amazon! (1 comments) Our First Giant Swallowtail! (2 comments) Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (1 comments) This is my gardening "get up" - Gardening and Butterflies Go Together! (3 comments) My Journey Is Finished - 4187.4 Miles in 2.5 Years - From Florida to Monterey Bay, California! (2 comments) Summer and I after winning. The smiles say it all. She became my running buddy....She is 24, I'm 62! (2 comments) Me (on the right) with my good friend Rose. She just completed her 1st timed 5K! (2 comments) Feeling Good, Ready To Race! (1 comments) My first 13.1 mile race! 11-17-09 (8 comments) I am thrilled, the race is over! (4 comments) My Gardening attire and my paint clothes are one and the same. Renovation is almost done! (2 comments) My Better Half! (4 comments) One of my obstacles when running in Florida! (1 comments) (1 comments) Me and my sweetie in Italy (6 comments) Just outside the front door! (6 comments) The view out our window, so relaxing to sit and watch the ocean. (7 comments)

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