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Happy Easter ! Loving the beautiful weather here today Alcohol Free Day #13 Really enjoyed dinner at The German Restaurant with friends Love my bike. God Bless Everyone on this Independence Day ! Stay safe ! Happy to have AC again. Feeling cool and comfortable. My mom (84) still has the same big black rotary dialed phone on the wall since 1957 with the same phone number ! lol (1 comments) My son visited me yesterday. He is SO awesome ! (3 comments) Grateful to God for my wonderful LIFE ! Love makes the world go round. Have a Lovely Day ! is having a quiet weekend before payday on the 1st Making a rotisserie chicken for the first time. Can't wait until it's done ! (2 comments) (1 comments) FINALLY - we're cooling off a little down here in Florida. We've been in the upper 80's until now we're dropping into the 70's. Thank GOD ! HAPPY THANKSGIVING ! (2 comments) Spring 2015 Found out my sweetheart, Johnny, is going to be a grandfather (and he's 10 years younger than me !) Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas ! (1 comments) How is your New Year so far ? My New Year is starting out GREAT ! (1 comments) Found a new hobby: adult coloring books (2 comments) God Bless all those Veterans that have fought for our freedom ! My sweetheart's new grandson My old dog, Jasmine My son's pet fish (2 comments) Florida wildlife (1 comments) Our kitty cat My pet parakeet (2 comments) My pet cockatiel (1 comments) Zeppelin (1 comments) Pet lizard on the patio today Bird in the Backyard (4 comments) I bought produce today off the back of a truck from Farmer Dan ! Love it ! Wrote a blog today about "Sticking-To-It". Check it out. A visitor on our patio (2 comments) Nature's beauty (1 comments) Wrote a blog about "If I Should Die Before I Wake". Please check it out. Wrote a second blog of the day on "How Does Your Garden Grow?" Please check it out. (1 comments) My son's pet fish My son's pet fish (1 comments) My musical cat (1 comments) Dinner on Date Night: Flank steak with mozzarella cheese on a bed of argula and corn on the cob Dinner on Date Night: Flank Steak with mozzarella cheese on a bed of arugula with buttered corn-on-the-cob. Awesome! I like hot tea better than coffee. (1 comments) Bird on our dock (1 comments) Our pet cockatiel week 2 of my streak for "Stay Alcohol-free 6 times per week" earned 6/26/2016 My son's kitty-cat STERLING (2 comments) Made a new vision board and wrote a blog. Check it out. (1 comments) Hope everyone had a great (and safe) 4th of July weekend ! Making my tap water special with fresh lemons and limes. Cool and Refreshing ! (1 comments) Going to write a blog entitled, "The chicken, the scale, and the witchdoctor" Check it out a little later. My son babysitting for a 4 month old. Too bad he's not his son. Sweet baby. (1 comments) Eat fresh fruit and veggies ! Yummy ! Made Stuffed Green Peppers for dinner last night. Really good. (3 comments) Sorry I've been MIA. I'm Back ! Here is the jig saw puzzle I worked on until 3 am last night to keep me busy. (2 comments) I'm committing to 60 days of being alcohol-free before I see my new doctor. My blood work and weight should be GREAT. I CAN DO THIS ! (4 comments) Finished my first ROUND jig saw puzzle. It was tricky. (1 comments) Wrote a blog about my doggie, Jasmine. Please check it out. We lost our parakeet after 7 1/2 years so now we only have our Cockatiel, Cornell. He's doing well. (6 comments) Woke up at 5 am this morning and walked for 45 minutes - to the beach and back. Full moon was out. I've been doing jig saw puzzles to pass the time. Here's my latest. (1 comments) I enjoy adult coloring books. (1 comments) My sweetie and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary this month. Love him so much. (1 comments) Another picture from my adult coloring book. Contemplating deep thoughts (2 comments) My DIL having a virgin strawberry smoothie Our apartment flooded and the ceiling collapsed in the recent hurricane. We're settled now in a nice mobile home. Thank God we're ALIVE ! (8 comments) Lots of sandhill cranes in our new neighborhood. (2 comments) Horses grazing in our new neighborhood (2 comments) My kitty-cat (3 comments) My new hibiscus plant: a gift from a friend. Grazing by the lake. relaxing at our new mobile home park (2 comments) Falcon in my backyard (3 comments) My new puppy, Jackson (1 comments) Our rat terrier loves his pet rat (2 comments) My two sweeties (1 comments) Time for a dog treat Jackson is getting me to go outside. That's a really good thing. He gets me to go outside. That's a really good thing. (1 comments) becoming friends already discovered HE was a SHE when there was an egg in the bottom of the cage the other day (2 comments) My new puppy (2 comments) My puppy chased these cranes into the lake - but fortunately no one was hurt. Need to keep him on a leash from now on. (1 comments) My new puppy, Jackson moss in the trees where I live Took a little walk today and got a photo of these adorable Sandhill crane babies having lunch. Love my new neighborhood in Florida. This really lifted my mood today as I have been quite depressed, laying in bed most of the day. Feeling a little better now. Love to take wildlife photos. This blue heron reminds me to drink lots of WATER. Got new eyeglasses today FREE from the Lion's Club. So GRATEFUL and HAPPY ! (1 comments) Some people in the "alcohol recovery" world compare the urge to drink like a "wolfie howling". Proud of myself today to report I'm 7 days alcohol-free. Going to keep this streak going. There are hundreds of squirrels in the giant oak trees in my Florida neighborhood. Wish I had half of their ENERGY ! Remember to eat your "greens". My kitty-cat sure knows how to RELAX ! (1 comments) Cool and foggy this morning - but going to get up to 90 this afternoon. This is no April Fool's Joke. Dreading the LONG HOT Summer down here in Florida. Most of our neighbors are "Snow Birds" and are starting to head back up north. Won't see them again until November. Meanwhile - this bench by the lake is a great spot to rest and think. What are your plans for the summer ? Going to lose some weight? (1 comments) I feel like this guy. I started a 30 Day Challenge yesterday and messed up on DAY 1. Hopefully the rest of the month will be better. (1 comments) This new flower on my hibiscus bush cheered me up this morning. My mom in Wisconsin said the temperature got down to "freezing" today. Here in Florida it reached 93 degrees today. Who said there's no such thing as "climate change" ? If someone says something negative towards you - you need to have "armor" like this armadillo and "shrug it off". Just keep on doing your best, and you will succeed. Watched this mama turtle laying eggs in my yard near a lake. Reminded me that "slow and steady wins the race". Do you love WATER as much as this guy ? Feeling "bright and chipper" this morning like this squirrel. What are YOU having for breakfast ? Something healthy, I hope. (1 comments) day 10 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/5/2017 Miss the sunsets where we used to live on the Gulf. Went through a hurricane/flood and had to move inland. Still this place has a lot of wildlife. Have you seen my photos of squirrels, cranes, armadillos, turtles, etc. ? Check out my SparkPage. I'll be posting more. Love animal pictures. How are YOU doing this evening? with my sweetheart, Johnny (1 comments) Beautiful weather today in Florida - probably the last cool day until November. lol Some people actually need to GAIN weight as you can see from this picture of my sweetheart - as hard as that may be to believe. He's 6'1" and recently gained five pounds from 121 to 126. That was GREAT for him. No he's NOT anorexic and actually eats lots of fattening things. Some people are just genetically lucky I guess. I wish I had HIS problem. Anybody else out there need to GAIN weight ? Enjoy a tall cool glass of refreshing ice water with lime or lemon ! Eat a RAINBOW of colors ! I'm glad they're "best friends" ! Don't forget to drink WATER ! (2 comments) This lilly popped up in my yard today and really cheered up my mood. This is how I relax and watch Netflix Took a little walk today with this camouflaged puppy. Now he's down for a nap. Think I'll join him. Full moon on the rise tonight. Going to see my doctor tomorrow. Followed all her orders: PAP smear, mammogram, eye exam. Everything normal. She should be happy with me. Hoping to get something for sciatica pain. Found out "he" was a "she" today when we found 2 eggs in the cage ! Found out "he" was a "she" when we found two eggs in the cage. She's proud of herself. I'm happy with myself today also as I made it to the doctor's office and she was very helpful. Started taking Neurontin for sciatica nerve pain and Tylenol arthritis and it's really helping. Feeling good tonight. (1 comments) My doctor today suggested I find something to "go to" as a substitute whenever I get an urge to drink alcohol. My plan: ice water with lemon or lime AND sign on to SparkPeople to post a photo. I think that will work for me. Feeling good tonight. (1 comments) This is an old photo. Wish I had all this delicious produce in the house today ! My new pain medication is helping my sciatica and I'm feeling rather relaxed today. Yay ! A neighbor gave us a new cage for Shania. She's a little freaked out right now, but it will be a lot more room for her. Missing my home before the hurricane. This was a great place to take a walk. Do you have a beautiful view for your walk this morning ? (1 comments) Need to take a break and calm down. They're cutting down trees in our mobile home park and it makes me sad. My favorite tree where I go to sit and think. Are you going to take a walk today ? Are you having a SUNNY day ? ! Have a HAPPY EASTER ! ! (1 comments) day 7 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/16/2017 My new rose bush bloomed for the first time this morning on Easter. It smells beautifully ! This really was a wonderful surprise. Hope you have a Happy Easter as well ! Remember to drink WATER today ! (1 comments) Haven't ridden my bicycle since we were in a hurricane last September and moved inland to a hilly area in Florida. Now I've been diagnosed with "Lumbar Spinal Stenosis" and have been in a lot of pain in my thighs. Doesn't look like I'll be riding my bike any time soon. Sigh. Does anybody else do adult coloring books to relieve stress ? Learn to love WATER ! Anybody else do adult coloring books to relieve stress ? I enjoy it. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13 Are you relaxing tonight after a good day ? day 10 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/19/2017 Have a GREAT DAY ! Good Morning! Have a lovely day ! (1 comments) Did you take time today to smell the flowers ? Find some time today to stop and smell the flowers. Did you drink WATER today ? My kitty likes to climb trees. Did you get any exercise today ? Try to get some exercise this weekend ! Do something special for EARTH DAY. Breakfast today was a hard boiled egg. Less than 100 calories and packed with protein and other good things like choline and B Vitamins. The Incredible Edible Egg Lunch today was breaded and BAKED eggplant dipped in homemade salsa (gift from a neighbor). day 14 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/23/2017 Good Morning ! Have a lovely day ! Donated blood today. Quick and painless. My sweetheart got me a "foot massager bath" today. I feel pampered. Did you have a good weekend? Are you going to make this a great week? Eat right, drink water, and try to get some exercise. You can do it ! Just got a copy of my blood work results from my wonderful doctor and everything was "normal": no diabetes, no anemia, no leukemia, liver and kidneys working fine, etc. Very happy about that ! My dinner tonight: stir-fried veggies. (green pepper, onions, carrots, eggplant, & tomatoes). All those anti-oxidants ! (1 comments) What did you do today ? Eat healthy ? Get any exercise? Drink water ? My visitor this cool morning here in Florida. Looks like it's going to be a lovely day. What are your plans for today ? My neighbor is a "thorn in my side". She always makes the same offensive comment. I've got to learn to ignore her and "let it go". How is YOUR day going ? Do other people encourage you? or make snide remarks? Our dinner tonight: stuffed green peppers made with ground turkey. They were so big we split one in half and shared it. Really yummy and peppers are so good for you - lots of Vitamin C. Bon Appetite ! Good Morning Everybody ! Are you eating healthy today ? My breakfast was a hard-boiled egg and a 1/2 piece of rye toast. Perfect. (1 comments) Are you relaxing tonight after a good day? Have a lovely Spring day ! My dinner tonight: stir-fried veggies (eggplant, zucchini, carrots, celery, onions, and tomato) Love my Veggies ! Lost 30 Pounds ! WooHoo ! (3 comments) One Year Sparkiversary ! (2 comments) Alcohol-free and Sugar-free (2 comments) Johnny - The Love of my Life (1 comments) End of 2013 Mother's Day 2014 (1 comments) My new glasses (1 comments) June 2014 (1 comments) my backyard remember to drink water I'm watching you . . . my younger son This was the sunset last night. We went down into the 30's last night. But we'll be back into the 70's by tomorrow ! Nice to live in FL this time of year ! My best birthday gift: my sweetheart, Johnny (with his beautiful blue eyes) (1 comments) My son gave me a WONDERFUL birthday (1 comments) I love Jesus I love my backyard ! (2 comments) my husband is a singer/songwriter (1 comments) I've lost 27 pounds! WooHoo! (3 comments) Me - Valerie (3 comments) Me and my two fantastic sons (3 comments) Johnny, the love of my life (3 comments) Me and my puppy, Jasmine (6 comments) Looking out my back door (5 comments) My son, Charles, and his wife Nancy (1 comments) My Mom (1 comments) My son, David (2 comments)

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