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I've been fizzling lately and saw this on a friend's page. Time to reignite my fire!! My current goal is to get to New Years day without gaining any weight. So, the ginormous cookie platter that was just gifted to me will be donated to the kids at the skate park tonight. Please remember to take other measurements (waist, hips, chest, legs, arms and more)and not just rely solely on the number on the scale. Weight can fluctuate with salt intake, time of the month, cycle of the moon and tides. Inches don't lie!! A pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle. But it sure does look and feel better. Be sure to measure more than just the scale!! I had a bad day yesterday and went off program. Today, I'm back!! Getting ready for a work trip and already planning where to have dinners on the road. #nevergiveup Many of us are struggling. A wise friend of mine once told me to never talk about myself as I would talk about others. Just a reminder to take your measurements!! Sometimes the scale doesn't move, but your waist, hips, legs etc. may be shrinking. If you are building muscle, you are burning even more fat. The weigh the same, (a poud = a pound no matter what you are weighing!!) but muscle takes up much less space and sure looks better!! I AM WORTHY. You are too!!! Read it. Live it. Share it. WE ARE NOT FAT! We HAVE fat. What I did for my 46th birthday... (3 comments) Read it! Believe it! Don't just weigh, measure!!! Don't let a few bad days ruin your progress!! Keep strong. Spark on!! Just happened to me this morning!! THIS STOPS NOW!!!! This cycle's Group Power is "Power up for Hope" (1 comments) I never get to see my arms from the back... DAMN this lifting stuff is working!!! (1 comments) My first Caber Turn!!! (3 comments) Kelso Highland Games Team Event ~ I was on Team Lassies (look for the "Wicked" socks) Throwing a 36 lb "Thunder Egg" rock (1 comments) Me and my 2nd place plaque from High Desert Highland Games!! (1 comments) I <3 this!! My first kilt practicing for Scottish Highland Games!! (2 comments) My beloved Fenway Park. 100 years of history!! Just a reminder... (3 comments) 'Before" pic from my gym's biggest loser competition. 2/3/2012 (3 comments) NEVER AGAIN!! (1 comments) "During" It may be the After for my contest... but I still have a long way to go! New England Patriots Hall of fame 12/31/11 (3 comments) I will quit whining, move more, work harder, clean and de-pack-rat. No more excuses!! (1 comments) (1 comments) I <3 My Patriots!!​tures
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Do or do not, there is no try!! (1 comments) Yep, that's me... (3 comments) Truck Day!!! (3 comments) Thought for EVERY day!! OSU's Benny and Me! David Ortiz bat used in playoffs 2004!! and I got to hold it!! Louisville Slugger Museum 10/27/10 (1 comments)

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