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Before you judge me... (3 comments) The tide WILL turn! (1 comments) Take action! Let's stay loyal to our goals! (1 comments) How do you use your resources? I think it's time to start the brain up again! Give someone a healthy boost today! Just take 24 hours at a time. Let's eat more salad! (2 comments) Be careful who you hang around with, they may be tempting you with something you don't really want. (1 comments) Heading to Florida. Be back Thursday night. (1 comments) Don't stress. Put yourself in God's hands. (1 comments) I'm reading the Atkins diet... (2 comments) Is this your attitude? Hmmmm... (1 comments) Best weight loss plan...EVER! (2 comments) Poor Dory...can't keep her mind on her diet! (2 comments) Hurricane Katrina 10th anniversary. My house after Hurricane Katrina. Part of the living room and kitchen. 7 1/2 feet of water at the highest. There was water in the house for over 3 weeks. (3 comments) Veterinarian diet. (1 comments) You'll never... Can you see Friday yet? I run... (1 comments) Don't forget to reward yourself for every pound you lose! (4 comments) But...we can ALL be FIXED! Happy Labor Day! (2 comments) Nothing! (1 comments) Just one more... (4 comments) Never forget! (1 comments) If you found out (2 comments) Accept it! (1 comments) It's a lifestyle change...NOT a diet! (1 comments) How do you see yourself? (1 comments) It's Friday... Sometimes I feel like I have my life together... It doesn't matter... (1 comments) Leaving tomorrow for a Ladies Retreat. Wont be posting til Saturday night! Always a Fantastic time full of Bible study and FUN! (1 comments) Being real is what our ladies retreat is all about. We enjoy our time together- learning, sharing and being silly. The youngest ladies were in their 20s, the oldest in her 80s. We had a great time! (1 comments) Are you STRESSING? Or are you PASSIONATE about what you're doing? (1 comments) At my age... (1 comments) Go back to bed... It's Friday! Tried a recharge at Planet Beach today...the jury is still out. I'll tell you how I like it after my next 2 appointments. (3 comments) Keep on walking. It's the BEST! SSSHHH...I'm hiding Fall fun! Having fun with fall leaves (1 comments) It's Fall! (1 comments) I beat my own record! (1 comments) Beware...you'll eventually get caught cheating! Sometimes a change in perspective is needed. (1 comments) Common sense? (1 comments) Do you have 'stick-to-it-ivness'? (1 comments) The Friday countdown has started! (2 comments) When you get upset, ask yourself this question... We still have to do our part. Find the power within yourself to achieve your goals. That's about all I can do today...with my bursitis acting up! (1 comments) Enjoy life right where you are... Choose your way wisely... Being HAPPY is a state of mind. A good thing to remember... We had our celebrations a day early, because of the expected rain (80%, 90%, 100%,...they keep changing their minds...for Sat. and Sun.) but I'm wishing everyone else a Happy Great Pumpkin Day! (1 comments) I hope you didn't forget... (4 comments) To make you feel better this Monday! (6 comments) How old are you? (4 comments) Have you stumbled lately? Don't just lay there, get up and dance! (1 comments) How is your 'wont' working today? Keep your smile on. (1 comments) Sparkle on, my dear Spark friends! (1 comments) Everyone deserves some 'me time'. Take care of yourself! (1 comments) Don't you wish this was true for you? I do! Honor our Veterans today. Someday... Do you have some-timers, too? (1 comments) Are you poor, or rich in the important things? (2 comments) Have you been waiting for a sigh to let you know it is NOW time to get this done? Have you been waiting for a sign to let you know it is NOW time to get this done? Well, here it is! (1 comments) The exercise minutes I could get in if this were the case... (2 comments) Always look on the bright side. I think this speaks for me... Don't take life so seriously...have some fun along the way! (3 comments) Will you be my BFF? (2 comments) Remember this the next time you feel like giving up! Happy Thanksgiving, Spark Friends! (2 comments) How did your Holiday go? (1 comments) Don't sweat the small stuff, and don't worry about the things you can't change. Work on the things you CAN change! Are you a strong woman, or a woman of strength? How have you been using YOUR stress ball? (1 comments) Oh, yeah! (2 comments) Are you writing a story that's worth the telling? (1 comments) You know who you are... (2 comments) Just smile... (1 comments) (1 comments) Feeling lazy today? Well, GET UP AND DO SOMETHING! Now, isn't that better? How's you Spark doing? (1 comments) The last 3 nights I've only had 4-5 hours of sleep...but Monday I get to sleep in! WooHoo!!!!!!! (2 comments) Let's keep it simple... (2 comments) God is always there to listen, we just need to talk to Him. Shhhhhhhh... (1 comments) Exercise - DONE! Don't forget to take care of yourself, at this very busy time of the year! Be POSITIVE! I'm only 25 years old! If you don't know who Mattie Stepanek is, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2Rg9TTuoD
Life is like an onion... With the BIG DAY coming, keep this in mind, and don't give up just because you overindulge. Tomorrow is a great day to start over! Sometimes I try to forget the aches and pains...and just get on with life! (1 comments) Merry Christmas! (1 comments) It speaks for itself! (2 comments) Wishing you all a wonderful day in preparation for Jesus' Birthday! (2 comments) MERRY CHRISTMAS! Don't set limits...reach for your wildest dreams! How did you do with your eating during the Christmas Season? (1 comments) Sometimes I wish this were true...I'd like just one day of doing NOTHING! YEP! (1 comments) Note to self: Just get it done! (1 comments) Happy 2016! Think about it... NEVER FORGET how AMAZING you are! Have a HAPPY day! (1 comments) No disguises, please... NEVER give up! It just can't be said too often...NEVER GIVE UP! Nothing can beat you IF YOU NEVER GIVE UP! My favorite exercise... ;0) Know that deep feeling you get sometimes...? We all need a little extra help sometimes. God is just waiting to pour out His Blessings on you... Stressing about what ALREADY happened is a lost cause. Just move on and LEARN from your 'slip-ups'. I am NOT a morning person...and this week I have to get up early two days in a row...so this is my protest! Sometimes, we have to get our priorities straight! (3 comments) Take a lesson from this little critter, and think before you eat! You might as well be HAPPY! Those "mistakes" can really sneak up on us. Beware! Don't forget to be on the lookout for the miracle that is just around the corner... Don't rush things. It will happen before you know it! I love you all...no matter what! May your cup runneth over... (1 comments) Dear God... When the journey ahead seems bleak, don't forget to look behind you and see all you have survived already. Be the Greatest YOU you can be...RIGHT NOW! It all takes time, but if you don't give up...you WILL get there. Don't lose your SPARKLE! We can't pause life. We can't go back and do it over. So, make every second count! YES! It is really up to us... (1 comments) It's okay to be a turtle...you'll still win in the end! Makes perfect sense to me... If you can't track your food right away, at least right it down...or you WILL forget something! Don't sweat the mistakes you make, it's all a part of learning. Ever have one of those days? Don't like the way your life is going lately? Find another story! BUT, who wants to live for 150 years? ;0) Lessons worth learning... Take that LEAP! After all, it is LEAP YEAR... Yep...I learn something new every day! (especially during election time) Laugh and the world laughs with you. Now, this is the very best reason to laugh! It's time for a Friday FUNNY! (2 comments) Will you be my Valentine? Happy Valentine's Day! If he can do it...so can we! Take a lesson from this kitty, and get your rest. It is very important for losing weight, and staying healthy. (1 comments) You never know what might be just around the next bend in the road... Just... My kind of therapy... (1 comments) Now, isn't that better? How about you? I'm already worn out... Can't a girl get a little privacy around here? WHAT? Doesn't that sound good? I'm just saying... (1 comments) To make yourself happy...make others happy! This is how I now feel about the dogs we watch... Thank you friends, for being here for me. I can always make do... It may be hard...but it's NOT impossible! Name it...and claim it! I hope you're having some FUN today! but then again...it's only Sunday afternoon... (1 comments) Bloom in your own garden. SMILE! I wish I didn't depend so much on the internet...but when it's acting up, like yesterday and today, I CAN'T DO ANYTHING! And, that's just sad. And, it's good exercise too! A weekend funny... I love this kind of medicine... Happy Easter! (1 comments) I'm a child of THE KING! (2 comments) Japanese Magnolia (3 comments) They may think it's gratifying, but it wont do them any good in long run! WOW...I didn't realize how clean my house was! (1 comments) Don't let your imagination atrophy. Use it to conjure up the person you want to be! Been there...done that. How about you? (2 comments) Be strong... (2 comments) Coffee lovers UNITE! (1 comments) Be careful what you reach for. You might just get a sloth, instead of a chocolate croissant! (2 comments) Take charge of your own HAPPINESS! Warning: There's a very infectious virus going around! Awesome feeling... Wake that kitty up and get moving! Feeling older today...;0) (1 comments) Why don't they make pizza scented candles? (1 comments) Happy Resurrection Day! Jesus died on the cross and rose again, so we could have eternal life. He didn't give up on you, so you should NEVER give up on yourself... (1 comments) Thank you for being my good friend! (1 comments) Just being there... (1 comments) When you take a STAND on the things that REALLY MATTER, don't let anyone sway your thinking! Yep, it's been quite a week! (1 comments) Persistence is the key to good health, and not losing your tennis ball! Just a thought... Making the right decision is half the goal... We all need help occasionally. Remember that your teammates are here for you! (1 comments) Leaving Tuesday for Florida! WooHoo!!! (3 comments) Happy Friday! (1 comments) I'm a good teacher... ;0) (1 comments) Allow yourself to be Happy... Self explanatory... (1 comments) Gone to Florida...but I'll be checking in once in a while! (1 comments) All in all, a successful trip. Heading home tomorrow. Will reach New Orleans late on Tuesday. (1 comments) We met some nice 'people' while on vacation...but this shark was not one of them! We did however see some dolphins, pelicans, terns and seagulls. Here's one of my new friends. He just stood there and let me take his picture. The next day, he was still there, and a guy was fishing right by him...I guess he was willing to share his fish. What can I say? Oh, yeah! ;D Need I say more... ;0) (1 comments) Please pray for the U.S. today, during our National Day of Prayer. It's gonna be a good day! I love you, Spark Friend. Happy Mother's Day...to everyone! Happy Mother's Day! (1 comments) It's so hot, my Mother's Day rose wilted before I got home from Church! (1 comments) Thank you! Couldn't sleep last night, due to bursitis in my hip...AGAIN! Going for a shot on Thursday. (2 comments) Do you like my self portrait? Does this sound familiar? Saturday's funny! Food for thought... No one can live THAT long! (1 comments) You know what I mean? It's the same with husbands and the TV... My dad's philosophy on steak...Rare as a Jewel! My DH on the other hand likes his ruined! I'm a medium rare kind of girl. (1 comments) There is ALWAYS hope! Saturday is on it's way! It was a scorcher today, 90*, and it's still May! (1 comments) Ever wonder why your post disappears...right before you get it posted? (2 comments) Heading back to Florida for a few days. Visiting my DH's younger brother and SIL who are down here meeting their new granddaughter! (2 comments) That's me in a nutshell... (1 comments) It's just a matter of time... Lean on God's strength when you can't find your own. Remembering those who died to keep us free... NO HIPSTERS!!! Sometimes we need the help of someone else, to help us see our addictions... (1 comments) DUH...no wonder I can't sleep! ;0) (2 comments) Search for the good in all things... We can try, but we can't hide from those extra calories... :-( Couldn't sleep last night with back and hip pain, so heading off for a long nap... (1 comments) Feeling better after my 13 hour 'nap'! (2 comments) Sad...Found out today that my neck pain is caused by arthritis, flattened disks and bone rubbing on bone, but it's not bad enough for surgery...so I just have to live with the pain. (2 comments) Should I? (1 comments) I've sent for reinforcements! (1 comments) Expand your horizons! Saturday's funny...OR NOT! Amen! (1 comments) Need coffee? (1 comments) How our dogs view us... Soooooooo, never get bogged down in what may go wrong today! Have faith. YEP! (2 comments) Just wondering... Can't even fathom that! (2 comments) Always be prepared. Maybe we shouldn't take things too literally? (1 comments) Pass your HAPPY on to someone else! Vacation Bible School 2016 is complete! We had fun being SUBMERGED in God's Word all week. I taught 4 and 5 year olds. So much FUN! (2 comments) This is how I've been feeling lately. Heat exhaustion! - Under a heat advisory all day. 91*, but feels like 104* with the 65% humidity. (1 comments) What can I say...it's been another long, busy week! (1 comments) Me (1 comments) My Family (7 comments) Virtual me at 272. I wouldn't be caught dead in a swimsuit! What I will look like at 130 lbs (3 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) 1980 at my thinnest - 132 pounds. That's our dog Sobaka, and my dad. 1981 at 132 pounds with my sister's dogs Heidi and Smokey. How my hair looks before I cut it. (3 comments) Down 66 pounds 11/14/12 to 9/7/13 (3 comments) 66 pounds gone forever! 11/14/12 to 9/7/13 (4 comments) 66 pounds down 11/14/12 to 9/7/13 (2 comments) Nov. 2012 (272 pounds) to Feb. 2014 (175 pounds) (4 comments) Nov. 2012 (272 pounds) to Feb. 2014 (175 pounds) (4 comments) 272 pounds, 11/14/12 149.4 pounds, 8/23/14 (8 comments) 272 pounds, 11/14/12 to 149.4 pounds, 8/23/14 (10 comments) 10-24-14 139 pounds (7 comments) I WEIGH 136 lbs, I'VE LOST 136 lbs. 11/15/14 (9 comments) Size 6 Skinny Jeans 11/15/14 (4 comments) Haircut, 11/20/14 (6 comments) (2 comments) DH and Me 1983, when we were dating (5 comments) DH, Me, his mom and her father 1985 (3 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) Feel like whistling yet? (1 comments) Spring fever (1 comments) I brought back a cool 3D bumper sticker from Florida! (2 comments) Doing nothing is hard, you never know when you're done. ~Anonymous Is that too much to ask? (3 comments) One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning. ~James Russell Lowell You were given this life, because you are strong enough to live it. ~Robin Sharma TODAY I'm doing NOTHING! Cuz I started doing it yesterday, but I haven't finished it yet! (1 comments) If we are serious about reaching our goals then we must also make the daily choice to do something, anything, to get us one step closer to the finish line. Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching? (1 comments) I haven't failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. ~Thomas Edison (1 comments) I didn't make it to the gym today. ------------------------------------------
----------------------------------That makes 5 years in a row.
Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. ~Jim Rohn (1 comments) I do 5 sit-ups every morning. May not sound like much, but there's only so many times you can hit the snooze button. (1 comments) INSTANT ANTIDEPRESSANT A whim Stop worrying about what you have to lose, and start focusing on what you have to gain. "Whaddaya mean, diet?!" (1 comments) Make each day count, cause you can't get it back. Never underestimate the power of persistence. Hip replacement? Maybe NOT! (2 comments) Happy Mother's Day! The most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children. (1 comments) Happy Monday! (1 comments) Greatness! Don't worry (1 comments) Salad (2 comments) What do your wrinkles show? Process Patience Remember our military members who are away from their families, fighting to keep the US a free nation. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE HONOR OUR FALLEN. I don't know when this was first posted, but the numbers have increased since then... Celebrating 31st Anniversary today! (7 comments) Will we be miserable or strong? Lost electricity AGAIN. This time they said it was an "equipment failure". Out just a little over 3 hours... (3 comments) I tried to work outside for a little while today, but the mosquitoes won! (2 comments) Well...yes, but let's not dwell on that. Have a great Sunday! Has this ever happened to you? YOU! Sweet (1 comments) The struggle... VBS is going well. 9 kids in my class the first night, 12 kids tonight. (pre K 4 and Kindergarten) Never happens to a cat! I don't imbibe, but this was too funny to pass up. I don't imbibe, but this was too funny to pass up. (1 comments) Do I have to? (3 comments) I'm gonna! (1 comments) We can all be Patriotic...in our own way! (3 comments) Keeping in shape! (2 comments) Live in the present. (1 comments) Love yourself (1 comments) Did you miss an opportunity? Don't worry what people think, they don't do it very often. ~ (2 comments) My nephew's wedding (4 comments) SURPRISE! Have a secret? (3 comments) Treat everyone nicely... (1 comments) I've got the POWER! (1 comments) You never know... (1 comments) Wisdom... (1 comments) Love me! (1 comments) Never look back... Oh what we could be if we stopped carrying the remains of who we were. ~Tyler Knott Gregson The GOOD kind! Addictions (1 comments)

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