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(4 comments) (4 comments) Here I am at around 162 - ok i guess but i need to lose another 10- stand straight suck in gut and always side view -lol My favorite photo-me in the black bikini at 153 and 41 years old - i didnt realize how good i looked until the photo came out and people were commenting on how great i looked. Back into this little number come Feb.25th! (7 comments) Paris April 2008 - I am between 162-165 in this shot. Yeah look ok but notice the angle. I have mastered the side angle pose -lol note-never ever take a photo straight on and always lift a foot up slightly - model trick make you look elongated my friends and i call it the jennifer love hewitt pose -she always take side angle poses -lol (5 comments) Welcome to the Gun Shoe Ladies My guy Brad who did the ride for Cancer last year -not bad at 46 :) that is over 200 miles in 2 days (toronto to niagara falls) and he raised more than $3500 oh yeah -that was his first year of cycling amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it (1 comments) My Georgie - 10 years old and a sweetie :) (4 comments) Rambo aka Bat Cat The longest fangs anyone has ever seen on a cat He is a big suck and lovesss Brad (3 comments) Yeah me in Cuba Feb 2007 - in that black bikini gotta get into it again (1 comments) Me and my guy - New Years Eve 2008 Paris 2006 - October before I meet Brad I was there for a medical symposium Love that city -ahhh if only the lotto would come my way Yes poor Georgie had to endure the dreaded Christmas Atlers - see the look of glee on her face Afterward she was on a episode of when good pets go bad :) (2 comments) Malibu Barbie and Ken Love this photo - Brad reading "the girls guide to fishing and hunting"-lol Photo taken in Punta Cana in 2008 with my hunk of burning love -:) (1 comments) Punta Cana 2008- yes side angle again- note his scar - he was the liver donor for his mom (4 comments) Yes again modelling trick - leg up always so thighs look slimmer - trust me ladies i use to model many many many moons ago - never lie down and have photos taken with legs lying flat - ugh Playa Del Carmen -March 2009 - me and my #1 guy So cute they love each other - well for now :) (3 comments) My new yellow bikini - can't wait to have some serious guns to show off and abs!! (2 comments) I actually like this photo of me because Brad caught me off guard. (4 comments) My honey and me, he is the best :) (4 comments) Here with Cheryl -she is 32 - 5'11"- 150 lbs and doesnt have to work out - dont you just want to smack her -lol (3 comments) my fancy toe -lol (1 comments) Just hanging in the water - the 1 and only beer I had -got sick of the fruity drinks. I am using this as my before photo - by this September I will have abs (like my background shot and guns (pow pow). Hips be gone! (1 comments) You are amongst the very few to see a photo of me with absolutely no makeup. (3 comments) Before photos - lets see the change by September -front biceps Before photo March 13th side view Before photo tricep side view March 13 before back view Here is my new car - I LOVE IT!! Can't wait for the hot weather to have the top down (2 comments) Living Room/dining room - fireplace removed, carpeting removed and preparing to paint After - painted, hardwood down and furniture rearranged. Finally feels like my home now. (1 comments) With my guy at Adults only restaurant in our hotel - tasting menu I was stuffed very quickly even though small portion. Meal took 2 1/2 hours to finish. I love this dress but hate this photo - shows the weight i put on. :( This staircase is very pretty and lights up at night. Recent photo - September 2014 My first race medal - 1/2 marathon Scotiabank Toronto Half Marathon With my hubby and BFF after my half marathon race :) loving this medal :)

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