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Start of 2006 School year 2007 School Year Beginning my dog Abby-she was with us 11 years-passed away in March 2008 (3 comments) 12/1/08...5 months & 50# later (5 comments) beginning of 2007 school year-I got the "Ripple Rock" fun fall dress 2008 New Year's Eve B/W number (3 comments) Royal blue for ending 2008 (3 comments) Personal Trainer Dan and me New Year's Eve 2008 (3 comments) can't have too many dresses (1 comments) December 2009...down 100# & from a size 22 to a 14! (2 comments) Personal training made all the difference! (1 comments) the journey is priceless athlete in training camel walk of stupidity (1 comments) life goes on (2 comments) at Spark Rally Castlewood State Park in STL, MO February 2010 (1 comments) me overlooking Meramec R in STL, MO at Spark Rally Feb 2010 (2 comments) Jamie at Feb 2010 SP Rally at Castlewood Meramec River Feb 2010 at SP rally (1 comments) daughter and Ginger daughter and son's girlfriend new cut and color March 2010 (4 comments) daughter and pit Ginger Age 25 & 140...told I could be a plus size model-wore a size 10 then! near my heaviest in 2007-over 300 # (1 comments) my dog Abby with her bear...Abby died shortly afterward-very sad-my best friend! (1 comments) 2007 - looks like a cornflake box photo...I'm a size 22/24 here & weighed over 300# (1 comments) hubby & I in our late 30's...I was a size 16-18 here-thought I looked pretty good! (1 comments) young & in love...25 & weighed 140 (1 comments) my son & his girlfriend taken the summer of 2009...holding steady at 200# here (1 comments) my daughter Anna & I both graduated in 2009-me with a Master's & Anna with Associates (2 comments) 1980 graduate...130# & very much an emotional eater even then (1 comments) July 25, 2010...just after 5 hours in 90+temps at the STL Zoo! (1 comments) I love tigers! (1 comments) just another lion up a tree! makeover 8/1/10 (2 comments) here's lookin' at you! (3 comments) panther power! my doggie Ginger using the chaise lounge! (1 comments) new cut & color-all I need is makeup & wardrobe!!! (4 comments) My 'old' dog Abby-midwest winter! (2 comments) Anna & newest 'pup' pit & 'bully' doggies! African Daisies Gerber daisies (5 comments)

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