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Starting weight 252 lbs w/ a goofy face lol ... Xmas morning '08, exactly 31 days before I found SP! Me a few years before loosing weight. I think I was on a diet here lol (1 comments) Me and my fiancé (1 comments) Jade decided JT had slept enough JT and me at Seaworld, starting weight 250 ish My sister Kate and I My fiancé and I at 250ish lbs... my god, I look pregnant lol (2 comments) Me at 230 lbs. 13 lbs lost with SparkPeople, 22 lbs lost total 230 lbs Me at 215 lbs... Unfortunately I look the same :( 215 lbs My honey and I at disney! 40 ish lbs lost... not that you can tell cause its a head shot lol me at 200 lbs. Starting to see minor improvement! 200 lbs About 50 lbs lost, new bathing suit! Awful cellulite on my thighs, but better than it was! (1 comments) My way thinner sister and I... 197 lbs. Going out in just a bathing suit for the first time!!! (1 comments) JT and I at seaworld, 191 lbs Me at seaworld, 191 lbs, and very sweaty from the heat lol (1 comments) Me at the St. Augustine alligator farm. 189 lbs (1 comments) Tina snuck a pic of me. not a flattering pose, but its a side pic none the less lol. 189 lbs me at 185 lbs, 58 lbs lost with SparkPeople, 67 lbs total (1 comments) 185 lbs At mini golf. I'm starting to look... almost normal... maybe lol. 183 lbs (1 comments) This is what 176 lbs in a size 14 looks like! (4 comments) 176 lbs I was a pirate lady for halloween! 174 lbs... ARR AVAST!!! lol me at 170 lbs yay!!! 170 lbs (1 comments) 163 lbs in a size 12... I cured my obesity! :) (4 comments) me at 160 lbs, 83 lbs lost w/ SP, 92 lbs total woohoo! (1 comments) 160 lbs (2 comments) One year after joining SparkPeople! 155 lbs, 88 lbs lost with SP, 97 lbs total lost! (5 comments) (1 comments) All time goal: 150 lbs, 93 lbs lost with Sparkpeople, 102 lbs lost total!! 150 lbs (1 comments) At Bike Week 2010, Daytona Beach. 150 lbs (1 comments) At Bike Week 2010, Daytona Beach. 150 lbs In Daytona Beach with my love :) 150 lbs (3 comments) Doesnt this swimsuit look like a dress lol? I love it (1 comments) 150 ish Me in a 2 piece swim suit! Never in a million years did I think I'd see the day... Crazy! (4 comments) I'm amazed! My 3 year anniversary on SP passed, and I didnt even notice! Officially lost 100 lbs since joining SparkPeople!!!! 143 lbs!! 100 lbs lost with SparkPeople! Yeah baby :D (10 comments)

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