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Remember to run... (2 comments) Today's earth day 5k!! Wish me luck... (3 comments) Rock climbing at Devil's Lake! (5 comments) Official race photo from my third half marathon!! (3 comments) Backpacking in Door County! Check out my pack...I REALLY got a workout!! (3 comments) Rock climbing last weekend (2 comments) (1 comments) Today's exercise: stand-up paddle boarding! We rented them for 24 hours, went for a couple of hours this morning and then another hour and a half this evening! (5 comments) In honor of national dog with my roomie's dog. I've been missing this sweet little cuddle monster all summer! (4 comments) Hiking at parfrey's glen last week...managed to catch the PERFECT lighting!! (6 comments) Me posing and being goofy at the Bridal Veil falls! (2 comments) I just finished my 4th half marathon!! (6 comments) Someone wanted my attention...and didn't care that I was doing homework! (8 comments) Just finished the Haunted Hustle! What a fun race...I ran as Supergirl!! (3 comments) My super-scary costume! Happy Halloween! (1 comments) I took Miss Kitty for a walk tonight. It lasted 10 minutes and consisted of: 15% skulking and slinking, 15% falling over on her side and refusing to get back up, and70% me carrying her while she cried at the indignity of it all. (4 comments) Someone wants to work out tonight! (3 comments) Tonight's run! (2 comments) IT'S SNOWING!! (3 comments) Happy Thanksgiving!! Starting my holiday with a 10k...should help with all the delicious calories I'll be eating soon 🍽 (1 comments) Berbee derby 10K done...not too shabby! I had to walk the hills in the last mile, but otherwise the route was really nice! (1 comments) My vegan thanksgiving: maple seitan roast with carrots, mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, raw walnut stuffing, roasted acorn squash, garlic green beans, and cranberry-orange spiced sangria! YUM! New color and cut...loving the new hairstyle, and the red lipstick my stylist talked me into trying!! (13 comments) Getting ready for the Santa Run!! (2 comments) Gorgeous sunset at the Arboretum! (2 comments) Someone found her Christmas present early 😫 (1 comments) My personal favorite from Christmas in Arkansas... I nagged my family into a walk then ran circles around them - not easy to run in the Ozarks! (3 comments) Miss Kitty retaliates. (3 comments) Today's workout...including cool-down, 2.6 miles in under 40 minutes! Getting back to running! First time ice skating! I rented a kiddie guide, just to be safe...I ended up not needing it, but did I get some great pics with it! (3 comments) Cooking for the week...roasted butternut squash risotto, African sweet potato peanut stew, saag paneer, and baigan bharta. Yum!! (1 comments) Cooking for the week - prepped servings of potatoes and root veggies ready to be roasted, ratatouille, and a red lentil loaf! YUM! (3 comments) Tonight's run was mostly walking... Someone wants to play! (4 comments) Cooking for the week: garden rotini with leftover ratatouille, adzuki bean macro bowl with ginger-miso dressing, spicy peanut sauce for stir fries, baby kale chips, and salads for the week! Dinner = red lentil loaf and roasted root veggies. Yum! You have to love WI...Saturday and Sunday were in the 60s, yesterday it was 12 and we got 3 inches of snow. Sigh. (2 comments) And people wonder why I don't sleep! My bed buddies need constant cuddles! (2 comments) Cooking for the week: adzuki beans and rice with a ginger-miso sauce, pre-cut veggies for stir-fries, avocado dill potato salad, mock chicken salad with hempfu, and salads! (2 comments) First run outside since December! Felt soooo good! I don't often splurge on breakfast, but this morning I was in the mood for a little indulgence! Egg beater omelet with cheddar and salsa, and southwest hash browns. YUM! Ice skating with my friends! Tonight's run...pre- and post-cool down! Maintained a 12 min/mile average for an almost 5k! Just finished the Shamrock Shuffle 10K!! (6 comments) Cooking for the week...spicy peanut noodles stir-fry, sweet potato fries, salad, and mango custard! (1 comments) Tonight's run...still recovering from the 10K so I took it slow and easy! Cooking for our Ladies Night! Guacamole, vegan nacho "cheese", and a mushroom, lentils, and wild rice dip! Yum!! (2 comments) Worst. Hider. Ever. (4 comments) Cooking for the week...panang ginger curry, sweet potatoes in a spicy peanut sauce, rice pudding with pecans and medjool dates, and a big bowl of salad! (5 comments) Tonight's run!! (1 comments) Ten minutes. Pictures taken at 9:20, 9:25, and 9:30. It snowed this much in 10 minutes. Welcome to WI... (5 comments) Packaging leftovers for lunch...salad, cottage cheese, pineapple, panang ginger curry, and sweet potatoes in spicy peanut sauce! (2 comments) Food prep for the week! Packaged leftovers, Caribbean black beans and rice, enchiladas, and a southwestern breakfast casserole. YUM! (2 comments) Tonight's "run" - my ankle has been sore, so there was a lot of walking, but I still did it!! (2 comments) Tonight's run felt soooo good! Mile splits: under 12 min/mile pre-cool down! Woot!! I am now OFFICIALLY certified in wilderness first aid!! (4 comments) Not my best run...first time running in compression socks, and I started getting cramps about a mile in. Maybe they're a size too small??? Advice would be nice! (1 comments) Dinner=penne with roasted tomatoes and peppers and drizzled with a balsamic reduction. Yum!! (1 comments) Today's run... Slower than usual because I ran at the arboretum and stopped for pics! Crabapple trees blooming at the arboretum! (2 comments) Some of the blooms at the arboretum! (2 comments) Dinner = strawberry, pear and Brie flatbread, drizzled with balsamic reduction. Super delicious and decadent...but only 475 calories!! YUM! Tonight's run! Today's 20K!!! Did really well for the first half, had to walk a lot of the second half...but I still finished!!! (5 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) Yesterday I graduated!! (13 comments) Playing with focusing and angles! Work today = planting sedges and native grasses to stabilize a creek bed that used to be reed canary grass! (2 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) First bike ride of 2016...and I KILLED it!! Hiking at red rocks! (7 comments) Dream Lake, hiking at Rocky Mountain National Park! (3 comments) At Crater Lake!! (5 comments) The view at Wy'East winery! We sat outside for our tasting, and soaked up the scenery! (3 comments) Rocky Mountains National Park! (2 comments) Starting to run again, after 6 weeks away! Tonight's run (1 comments) Tonight's run...I was sore from ST yesterday, so I took it a bit slower! Tonight's bike ride! 8 miles altogether...though I stopped at a park to rest and refuel! (1 comments) My fellowship cohort during orientation! View from Angel's Rest trail...hiking in the Columbia River gorge! (2 comments) Along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon! (3 comments) At Columbia River gorge! (4 comments) Yosemite vistas! (5 comments) Treadmill run! Tonight's treadmill run! (1 comments) View from the Astoria Column! Tonight's run! Ran laps on a track near my house... Trying to get better about running in the morning. I'm much slower when there's no caffeine in my system 😿 At Odswald State Park, on the Oregon coast! So beautiful! (4 comments) Tonight's run! Ran along the waterfront was beautiful!! Loving my hike near the old historic Columbia highway! Waiting at stoplights and for the bridge to lower slowed me down, but I more than hit my 5-mile goal for today's run! (1 comments) Tonight's roller blading workout! (2 comments) Tonight's run! (1 comments) Tonight's long run! At the Japanese garden, Washington Park. (4 comments) At the Columbia River Gorge with my brother! So glad he came to visit!! (3 comments) Tonight's walk Tonight's run! (2 comments) Mount Rainier! (3 comments) Olympic National Forest! (4 comments) Glacier National Park! Loving my road trip home! (2 comments) Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, overlooking the falls! (4 comments) Old Faithful! (3 comments) Back in Madison, and back on my bike! I forgot how rough some of these hills legs will be sore tomorrow! I finally had to give up on The Spark and upgrade to a Fitbit before I left Portland. Still getting the hang of it...but I just finished she's my first challenge! (1 comments) Biking to my friends house! (1 comments) (4 comments) (1 comments) What a great day! Biked to campus and then to downtown, did a Tough Mudder training session...AND won a free entry to the Plymouth Tough Mudder! It'll be my first!! (4 comments) Today! Today... (2 comments) My sweet new kitten, so curious and playful! I may die of a cuteness overdose before the night is over! (6 comments) I can't get over how cute she is...but Miss Kitty is very unhappy with the situation! I wish I could post videos, I've gotten some really cute footage! (5 comments) So snuggly!! (2 comments) They're starting to interact!! Hopefully soon they'll actually be able to see each other without growling and hissing! (5 comments) Sort of getting along... (3 comments) Soooo freaking cute!!! (3 comments) Just finished my first Tough Mudder!! (1 comments) (1 comments) Little Savvy wanted to help with the laundry! (1 comments) (2 comments) Savina has developed a bad habit of attacking Miss Kitty's tail! (3 comments) So distracting while I'm trying to nap!! Volunteering! We spent 3 hours digging out invasive grapevine, honeysuckle and bittersweet at the Arboretum! Ready for bed...but there doesn't seem to be much room! (1 comments) Helping me knit! (1 comments) (4 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments) (4 comments) (3 comments) It's a brunch kind of morning... Weigh-in shows I'm down 2+ pounds!! Top photo from last week, bottom this morning!! (3 comments) Happy holidays! Christmas Day 2014 (7 comments) New Year's Day Dash, 01.01.2015 - 53:06 (3 comments) Playing with my parent's dog, Christmas 2014 (6 comments) Cuddling with my roomie's dog! (4 comments) @ Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone Lake (1 comments) (5 comments) (6 comments) Crossing the finish line at the Wabash Riverfest 5K! Overlooking Madison River. June 2011 (2 comments) Food co-op annual meeting, 2013 (1 comments) 2013 Paddler's Rendezvous. Wishing for warmer weather! (2 comments) With my finisher medal, 2014 Indy mini (5 comments) Sea Kayaking on Mendota Lake Sept. 28, 2014 (1 comments) Rock Climbing at Devil's Lake, WI Oct.2014 (1 comments) Rock Climbing at Devil's Lake, WI Oct.2014 (1 comments) Rock Climbing at Devil's Lake, WI Oct.2014 (5 comments) (1 comments) Madison Half Marathon, November 9 2014 (4 comments) 2014 Santa Run - 28:03!! (6 comments) On the Batteries to the Bluffs trail, San Francisco, June 2011. (2 comments) @ the Gorges, Stanislaus National Forest (3 comments)

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